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standing desks

Learn About Standing Desks

Find the perfect standing desk and discover how these adjustable ergonomic desks help keep you healthy.

Learn About Bicycle Desks

Discover how bike desks are a great way to increase physical activity and burn calories while still getting work done.

treadmill desks

Learn About Treadmill Desks

Walk while working and get twice as much done. Treadmill walking desks let you stand up and walk while working.

Elliptical Desks

Learn About Elliptical Desks

Find the perfect elliptical standing desk or under desk accessory so you can step or pedal while you work.

Chairs and Stools

Learn About Chairs

Everything related to chairs, stools and ergonomic seating. Get comfortable while working.

Standing Desk Converters

Learn About Desk Converters

Converters, toppers, extenders and ways to convert your normal desk into something more.


After many years of working in an office and working from home, I got tired of my work space becoming uncomfortable and sedentary.

I knew there had to be a better way to a have a healthier, more comfortable and productive work space. 

After 10 years of research on ergonomics and reviewing desks, chairs and other office furniture for a better way to live, I created this website. 

Now I can share what I have learned that made me a better and happier worker. Learn more about me.

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