Is a Gaming Chair Worth It?

Want to know if a gaming chair is worth it? Gaming chairs have become extremely popular and are increasingly used for functions other than gaming, like work or watching television.

In this article I'll go over...

  • Are gaming chairs worth it?
  • Is it a good idea to use a gaming chair for other activities than gaming?
  • How to know if a gaming chair is worth it for you.

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Is a Gaming Chair Worth It

What are the Benefits of a Gaming Chair?

To know if a gaming chair is worth it for you, it is best to begin with the benefits of one. A gaming chair is a chair that is designed specifically for gaming, but what does that mean in terms of features and possible advantages?

First, gaming chairs usually have a unique stylish and modern design that can be enticing for a lot of people. They also have an ergonomic shape that encourages better use of controllers, keyboards, mouses, and more. In fact, a lot of them have adjustable armrests to give you even more room while gaming.

Gaming chairs also come in a large variety of types and styles. There are regular gaming chairs, but there are also floor and rocking gaming chairs, ergonomic products, and more. This gives you a wide variety of options to choose from so that you can ensure that it offers exactly what you want. 

Most gaming chairs are strong and durable and utilize a steel frame. This means that they will have a high weight limit and last longer than cheaper office chair options. They often use a bucket seat with a curved front lip to reduce the tension and pressure on the back of the legs, which is great for long term sitting. 

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Gaming chairs, since they are designed for those who are gaming for prolonged periods, often offer a balance between comfort and support. If the chair you sit in is too soft, then it will not maintain proper spine curvature, but if it is too firm then it will be uncomfortable and maybe even cause pain. A lot of gaming chairs offer the perfect balance between these extremes. 

You can also use a gaming chair for other purposes so that you do not have to use separate chairs for work in an office, watching television, reading, or any other activities. This means that buying just a single chair can take care of all your sitting needs. 

Finally, gaming chairs can come with various features. While not every gaming chair has every feature, there are some that create a more immersive gaming experience.

Plus, the recline and other options can suit the type of game you prefer, even if you want to go from an intense competitive session to a relaxing single player game, most chairs offer the ability to easily get that done. Some even have speakers or lights for better immersion and attractiveness. 

Gaming Chair Is Worth It

What are the Downsides to Gaming Chairs?

While there are lots of great benefits to gaming chairs, there are also some downsides to be aware of before deciding whether a gaming chair is worth it for you.

Let’s check out some of the most common complaints to identify disadvantages in the features of a typical gaming chair product. 

Some gaming chairs are more expensive because of stylish elements that do not add any comfort, ergonomics, or functionality. Therefore, you may be paying for things that are not truly important.

Not only that, but some of these are not created ergonomically and can be uncomfortable, especially when being used for hours at a time. 

The bucket seat designs on many gaming chairs may also be uncomfortable for some people (however, a lot of people also love this aspect). This is because the bucket seat can constrict hips and thighs, which for some is not preferable. 

Due to the increased popularity of gaming chairs, there are also plenty of brands that are just jumping on the bandwagon without making high-quality products.

If you choose a well-known and proven brand, this is unlikely to be a disadvantage, but do keep in mind that some are just rapidly released to make a quick buck. 

Finally, the style of gaming chairs may not speak to everybody. Sure, there are some that look really cool, but this can restrict its use because it is obviously a chair for leisure and play, not work. 

How Much Does a Gaming Chair Cost?

To properly determine whether a gaming chair is actually worth it, you will need to compare both the advantages and disadvantages in relation to cost. Let’s look at how much you can expect to pay for a gaming chair. 

On average, a gaming chair will cost somewhere between $150 and $400. This may seem like a large gap and that is because it is. This price encompasses the more affordable of decent quality chairs and goes up to right before you start getting to the higher end options. 

Some of the cheapest gaming chairs are under $100. While this may seem great, you are more likely to find a poor quality gaming chair at that price than to find one that seems like a good deal. There are some, though, that can be made well, durable, and functional for around $100 to $150. 

The options that have a lot of adjustability, ergonomic features, and durable materials are generally over $250. Once you get above $400, you may be paying extra for brands, specific features that you may prefer, and other options.

Knowing how much you can spend while keeping the purchase worth it is a good idea because it can help you limit your options to those that fit your budget.

Then you can look at features that you do and don’t want to see if you can find one that is worthwhile to buy. 

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What to Consider in a Gaming Chair?

There are some other considerations to keep in mind before deciding whether a gaming chair is actually worth it. While we can’t answer exactly if a gaming chair is worth it, we can certainly provide you with the information to make your own educated decision. 

The first consideration is how much you will actually use the gaming chair. It will only be worth it if you spend enough time to make the price reasonable.

If you plan on using it for gaming only one hour a week, then you can probably get a cheaper chair, whether it is a gaming chair or not. 

However, if you spend hours every day gaming, then you will benefit greatly from a good quality chair that is supportive and comfortable. 

The type of games that you play is another thing to keep in mind. If you like to play relaxing games where you can lean back and get comfortable, then a gaming chair can be good but an office chair may be just as useful.

However, if you play intense and competitive games more often, then a gaming chair can be extraordinarily beneficial by keeping you comfortable, alert, and active. 

The aesthetics may also be important and match the use of the chair as well. A lot of people like having the ability to buy colorful chairs that match their gaming system or  computer in color and modern style.

If you are doubling the use of the gaming chair for work and other purposes then it may be advantageous to get one that uses less pronounced or more neutral color schemes. 

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One final consideration is the type of gaming chair. Since there are several types, choosing the wrong one may make the entire purchase not worth it.

In addition to standard options, ergonomic, speaker, rocking, floor, and reclining options may be helpful and some may be worth it to you while others are not worth the cost at all. 

How Long Should a Gaming Chair Last?

The lifespan of a gaming chair is a crucial component for deciding if buying one will actually be worth it.

If you have to buy a new one every year, then it surely would not be worth it to spend $100 or more on the chair itself, but if they lasted for much longer then it will be more likely that you will get enough out of the chair to make the price reasonable. 

Any quality gaming chair should easily last 2 years even with heavy use and poor cleaning and maintenance habits. If you are rough with the chair by leaning back quickly, imbalancing weight, rolling, and doing other things, then you may not get a lot more than 2 years out of it. 

Generally though, with daily use that is not harsh on the materials, you should be able to make it much longer than 3 years and it could last 5 or even more years without deteriorating or losing color, functionality, and smooth operation.

For occasional use, they can last 10 years and even longer, especially the ones made out of high quality materials that are constructed for stability, sturdiness, and durability. 

So Is A Gaming Chair Worth It?

I guess the answer is that it depends. If you are planning on using it daily for hours on end, especially if a regular office chair is uncomfortable or even causes pain, then there is no doubt that buying a gaming chair may be a good decision. Then, you just need to decide which one.

However, if you do not plan on using it much or do fine in a simple office chair, then you may not want to buy in the hype unless you decide to get an affordable, yet well-made, gaming chair option.

Good luck on your search and you can find more information about the best gaming chairs in other articles on this site to help you even more! 

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Darryl Higgins

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Darryl Higgins

Darryl Higgins

Hi, I'm Darryl. I made this site to help share information & reviews about ergonomic desks, chairs & accessories to help others who want to work more comfortably. Learn more about my journey by reading my bio here. Enjoy!

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