Top 5 Best Rolling Standing Desks (2022 Review)

Are you weighing options for new desks and curious about rolling standing desks?

This product review guide can help you learn enough about them to make the right buying decision.

This guide will cover:

  • The top 5 rolling standing desks including the best budget and best high end options.
  • The benefits and types of different standing desks on wheels.
  • How rolling standing desks work and how to choose the best one for you.

Let’s dive in!

Rolling Standing Desk with Caster Wheels

Overall #1 Rated Pick

  • Durable
  • Great size
  • Wheels allow for easy rolling on any surface

Our top pick for rolling standing desks is the Tangkula standing desk.

It has a strong iron construction and is durable while still offering the flexibility and portability you want from a standing desk with wheels.

Easily roll it around the house or office and turn any room into your home office instantly.

What Are Rolling Standing Desks?

Many of us sit all day while we work and we work 5, or more, days of the week. That’s a lot of sitting! Especially when you know how terrible sitting can be for our health.

In fact, research has shown a connection between sitting and a plethora of health problems. 

Rolling standing desks are even better than stationary standing desks because they offer us the chance to move around and make your work area totally mobile, portable and flexible.

There are many ways to move more during an otherwise sedentary day, and rolling standing desks that have wheels on the bottom of their legs can make it easier to implement them.

If you ever rearrange your furniture, need a more quiet space to work in, have to attend a virtual work from home meeting or want a change of scenery, it will be much easier with a rolling standing desk.

Check out this video about how to stay healthy even if you work at a desk!

What Are the Different Types of Rolling Standing Desks?

There are three different types of rolling standing desks that may be the best option for you depending on your budget and needs. 

  1. Non-Adjustable Rolling Standing Desks

These desks have a set height that cannot be changed. This means you will not have the ability to change to a sitting position and it may not fit everyone’s height equally.

Because of this, they are typically a lot cheaper than adjustable rolling standing desks.

If this is the route you want to go, make sure that you double check the height to ensure that it is comfortable for your specific size.

  1. Manually Adjustable Rolling Standing Desks

Adjustable standing desks may be the best choice since a combination between sitting and standing is healthiest.

These desks will usually be adjusted with a level or crank. It will take longer to move it to the height you desire and some are harder to adjust than others.

However, they are also quite a bit cheaper than electronically controlled rolling standing desks.  

  1. Electronically Adjustable Rolling Standing Desks

This is the most popular type of rolling standing desk because of its functionality and ease of use.

It takes less time and effort to adjust because you just have to push a button.

In fact, some desks have programmable buttons so that you can set your specific height needs for both standing and sitting.

How Do Rolling Standing Desks Work?

Sure, a rolling standing desk can be good for your heart because it can help you stand and move more, but how do they work?

Rolling standing desks get their mobility from caster wheels attached to the bottom of the desk legs.

This makes them easier to move without compromising the stability. This can be useful regardless of whether you work a stationary or a mobile job.

Many options are adjustable, either manually or electronically, so that you can set the height to your specifications.

This gives you the ability to sit or stand when you want to and to easily move the desk around your home or office.

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Portable Mobile Rolling Desks On Wheels

What to Look for in the Best Rolling Standing Desks?

When looking at your options while shopping for a rolling standing desk, you should consider the same things you would for a normal stationary standing desk as well as some other things related to the wheels and mobility.

You need to look at desks according to your budget, the style of desk, and the size (both height and depth).

If you plan on adjusting your desk at all, make sure you don’t purchase one that doesn’t adjust. Also, if you plan on adjusting it often, you may want to focus on the electronically adjusting options. 

You also want to find one that is stable enough to adequately hold the materials you place on top of it. All types of rolling standing desks have weight limits that you need to be sure not to exceed.

Since you want a rolling standing desk, the weight of the table itself is something to consider so that you can move it easily without compromising the sturdiness. 

Rolling desks need to be stable when you are moving them and a cross bar can make sure that the legs are sturdy, even if you push the desk across cracks or bumps.

If you plan on moving the desk often, or far, it is good to check if there is a cross bar. 

Another consideration is the size of the feet. The larger the feet, the less likely the desk will easily tip over, especially while rolling.

The wheels are the most important part in regards to the rolling ability of the standing desk. It is important to ensure that the wheels are lockable so that the desk doesn’t move when you don’t want it to.

In addition, be sure to look at the caster size. Caster wheels are the wheels that are usually on the bottom of the desk and often times resemble a small round dual-wheel design.

If you are planning on moving the desk over rough or bumpy ground, larger wheels will likely suit you better.

Smaller wheels can be effective, but often have a hard time going over some surfaces. This may also be true for carpet.

Best Rolling Standing Desks Reviewed

 #1  Tangkula Standing Desk

Tangkula Mobile Computer Desk with Steel...
  • 【Ergonomic Adjustable Design】 Equipped with dual high quality gas rods, the computer desk can be adjusted within the range from 27.5” to 42”. Thus, you can lift it up and down to fulfill your sitting or standing requirement. No wonder, such ergonomic design extremely relieves your fatigue throughout a long workday.
  • 【Smooth Rolling Casters for Convenient Mobility】 There are 4 universal casters on the feet, intended to help you move the laptop desk from room to room effortlessly. And 2 of caters are lockable, so that you can keep it in position. More, wear-resistant caters can roll on different surface silently, while causing no damage to your floor.

This choice is the perfect combination of durability, functionality, and affordability. Iron makes this desk strong and durable.

The wheels are fantastic, even on rough surfaces. The size and shape make it perfect for small spaces and multiple purposes. 


  • Durable
  • Smooth manual adjustment
  • Height range 27.5” to 42”


  • Small desktop size
  • Difficult assembly
  • May not be tall enough for those over 6’

#2  SIDUCAL Mobile Stand Up Desk

SIDUCAL Mobile Stand Up Desk, Adjustable...
  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT & EASY MOVE - The height of the portable laptop desk can be adjusted from 27.2"-45.3" as you wish, to sit or stand. 4 high-quality rubber wheels with lock make mobile stand up desk move smoothly and stop wherever you want
  • ERGONOMICS COMPUTER OFFICE DESK - Changing between sitting and standing avoids the health problems of a long time sitting. Standing up rolling computer desk promotes better posture, reduces back and neck pain, a more healthy working position for you

This desk is a steal for $89.99 considering all of its features. It has three separate desktops, two of which can be adjusted to tilt or create a larger flat surface area.

By tilting the surfaces you can create a perfect place for your keyboard. It is also manually adjustable and has a slick modern look that can match a lot of different styles. 


  • Adjustable height range of 26.3” and 45.3”
  • Adjustable surfaces to create an optimal workspace
  • Extra storage located on the bottom


  • Manual adjustment
  • Small desktop surface
  • Low quality wheels

#3  S Stand Up Crank Adjustable Height Standing Desk

Stand Up Desk Store Crank Adjustable Height...
  • Spacious and versatile desktop; leave it flat for a simplicity, or accessorize with ergonomic add-ons like a monitor shelf, keyboard tray, pencil drawer, and more
  • Hand crank height adjustment is simple, strong, and durable; crank can be positioned on front or either side of desk

This is our high end top pick, but considering how well it is made it should be more expensive.

This model is manually adjustable, but S Stand Up Desk Store also offers an electronically adjustable version.

The height range is great, it is sturdy, and there are tons of color options to choose from. Plus you can choose between a 48” and a 60” desktop. 


  • 154 lb weight limit
  • Color and size options
  • Large height range between 32.5” and 48.5”


  • Manual Adjustment (although electronic adjustment is available)
  • Difficult Assembly
  • High sitting position

#4  VIVO Electric Mobile Height Adjustable Dual Platform Standing Desk

VIVO Black Electric Mobile Height Adjustable...
  • Ergonomic Standing Desk - Elevate your monitors, keyboard, mouse, and other equipment to a comfortable viewing height with this versatile workstation on wheels. Perfect for small office spaces, apartments, classrooms, and more! --Patented--
  • Electric Height Adjustment - Enjoy a 25.7" to 51.2" height adjustment range with a powerful motor making transitions fast and easy. Go from sitting to standing in one smooth motion with just the press of a button.

This desk is fantastic for a small desk or an addition to an existing office space. Electronic adjustment makes it easy to swiftly alter the height.

The height range is large and quality caster wheels make it simple to roll. It also comes with a 3-year warranty from the manufacturer. Nice!


  • Electronic Adjustment 
  • Keyboard Tray
  • Height range of 23.2” to 49”


  • Small desktop
  • Long assembly time
  • Only available in one size and one color (black)

Mount-It! Mobile Standing Desk Cart, Height...
  • Height-Adjustable Convenience: Experience the ergonomic advantages of the Mount-It! Mobile Standing Desk Cart, easily adjustable from a low 37.4" up to a towering 54.7". Transition from sitting to standing with a smooth height adjustment mechanism, ensuring your workstation matches your comfort zone at every level.
  • Rolling Flexibility: Embrace mobility with this workspace cart with wheels. Ideal not just as a dynamic office desk but also as an effective speaker's podium, it brings adaptability to your work or presentation environment with its smooth-gliding locking wheels. The two top shelves are both 27.5" inches wide.

This is a great product with strong 1.5” caster wheels and a sturdy design. It has two storage shelves that double as cross bars that give it balance and strength. A keyboard tray and unique design give this functionality without compromising style. 


  • 1.5" caster wheels for easy, smooth rolling
  • Storage space to store desk accessories
  • 132lb weight capacity, heavy duty support


  • Relatively small desktop space
  • Manaul height adjustment
  • Height doesn't adjust low enough for some

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Hi, I'm Darryl. I made this site to help share information & reviews about ergonomic desks, chairs & accessories to help others who want to work more comfortably. Learn more about my journey by reading my bio here. Enjoy!

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