Here’s What Your Office Chair Says About You

In many cases, the style and function of your office chair can say a lot about what you value and hint at personality traits. 

A person’s unique identity intrudes upon all their choices from their favorite television shows and books, to the type of food they enjoy and where they like to go on vacation.

While these are by no means conclusive, it is nice to keep in mind what others may also think about your office chair. 

Here’s What Your Office Chair Says About You

What Different Types of Office Chairs Say About You

There are lots of different types of office chairs to choose from, but have you ever wondered why you picked the one you decided on?

Probably not much because you simply just like the way it looks and feels.

However, there may be more subconscious thoughts, behaviors, and personalities that contribute to the final office chair buying decision. 

Standard Office Chair:

While we are starting with the standard office chair, this one may not essay as much about your characteristics as other, more unique chairs do.

Still, using the most generic type of office chair can say a lot about your personality. 

Someone who isn’t trying to carve out an identity in the office may see work as merely work and not a place to socialize.

This is especially true when the chairs at home are more unique, innovative, or personal. They value a work/life balance but are productive and non-social at work. 

A standard office chair may also be someone new to their career because they weren’t going to spend too much money on their first office chair.

The same goes for someone who doesn’t plan on staying in the position for very long. 

Finally, it may simply signify that the employer provided you with a chair and it is comfortable enough so you don’t even think about changing to something that suits your taste. 

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Ergonomic Chair:

An ergonomic chair allows you to make adjustments to fit your body and they are also very good for posture, back pain, relaxation, and extreme comfort.

So what does this say about someone?

First, you may want to choose an ergonomic chair if you spend a lot of time sitting during the day.

This type of chair will keep you comfortable for longer so that your bottom, back, and shoulders are less likely to get sore. 

Ergonomics chairs may also represent a desire to be in complete control.

They are controllable with lumbar support, height, depth, and many other features, allowing you to customize them to fit your exact specifications.

If you choose an ergonomic chair, you may also like standing out in a crowd with noticeable features because you get to set the chair exactly how you want it, but it may not work well for anybody else. 

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Gaming Chair:

A gaming chair is made for gaming, but what if you use it for a home office or work office?

It shows that you have a playful side because they are generally more colorful with bucket seat designs and modernist features. 

It makes sense that it would show that the user is more playful, but it may also imply that the person is a hyper-focused type of worker.

Gaming chairs are sometimes designed to help you engage with a gaming session but can do that for someone at work as well. 

Finally, a gaming chair may also show that you are young at heart.

They are more common for millennials than they would be for any older generation, but they may also indicate that you stay with the times, even as you get older.

This doesn't necessarily mean you are immature but just playful, witty, and fun. You probably try to make the most out of the work day and socialize with your colleagues. 

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Here’s What Your Office Chair Says About You

Reclining Chair:

With a reclining office chair, you want to relax.

However, doesn't everybody like to relax?

Having a reclining office chair may mean you like to get things done and make the most out of every day. You may take short relaxing breaks in between hard-working hours. 

A reclining chair may indicate that you are a laid-back person, unlikely to get stressed. Reclining often suggests types of jobs that do not require you to constantly be at your keyboard.

Jobs like security guards or teachers may prefer this type of chair. 

Furthermore, this is a chair that may also say that the user works extremely long hours so they need to take very relaxing breaks during the day.

It could also be someone with a very stressful job like a position  in the financial industry or 

Executive Chair:

Executive chairs often show class, elegance, and money. You may like showing off your status or that you have plenty of money.

However, you probably like comfort too because there are a lot of other ways to spend money, but not all of them can be a comfortable resting place for your body. 

Professions that use this type of chair are often executives (of course), c-level officers, lawyers, judges, and presidents of corporations.

However, some lower-level employees may also prefer them because they have dreams of moving up with promotions to get to those executive levels. 

Armless Office Chair:

An armless chair signifies that you like your space and freedom.

This doesn’t always just mean physical space either, but it may indicate that you like to be free to do the things you want with your life.

However, it can also signify openness if you want to welcome people to visit with you and talk to you while you are sitting in your armless office chair. 

These chairs are also good for certain professions that require a lot of arm movement.

Playing a musical instrument, sitting close to other employees, and using multiple keyboards and monitors are all reasons someone may select an armless chair. 

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Swivel Stool:

Swivel stools are often associated with professions and careers that require a lot of movement, standing, and changing rooms.

Because of this, it indicates a profession with lots of going from one thing to the next rapidly like nurses, doctors, and teachers must do regularly.

They may also indicate that you are fidgety and on edge. These chairs make it easy to switch leg positions, tap your toes, twiddle your thumbs, or spin back and forth.

Other office chairs don’t make it so essay on those of us who like to tinker and fidget. 

Kneeling Chair:

A kneeling chair is often used by people to get onto the latest trend or those who suffer from existing back issues.

Professions that use this are often the ones filled with younger employees like entry-level tech startups or warehouse management jobs. 

However, they may also show that you care about your health and want to do everything you can to live your best life.

You value your body and want to do everything to live a long time. You may also value status and your personal qualities. 

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Stack of Boxes:

If you are using a stack of boxes as your office chair, then you are probably the type of person who cares only about work, relationships, and things in your life.

You may not care about material things or may simply be too lazy to get a new option.

It may also show that you are creative and resourceful, making the most out of every situation. 

However, we urge you to get a better chair because, in the long run, DIY options like this may cause some pain and tense muscles before too long. 

What Does the Color of Your Office Chair Say About You?

According to color psychology, the color of your office chair may say a lot about you as well.

Let’s look at some of the most common colors for office chairs and what they may mean! 


Black is the most common color for office chairs and furniture and there may be a reason for this as well as a reason for why you naturally gravitate toward black office furniture.

It is a powerful color that offers a balance between luxury and control. It is described as sexy, powerful, mysterious, and ominous. 


White is another good office chair color.

It feels fresh, clean, youthful, and modern. Someone who gets a white office chair may be indicating a fresh start or a personality that values ethics and morality. 


Silver and Gray on office chairs often show that the person values modernity and innovation. 

People in IT and other tech-related fields may like silver because it is often associated with new cutting-edge advancements.

However, dull gray is more likely to indicate that you don’t want to stand out among your peers. 

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Red, found on many gaming chairs particularly, is often chosen by someone who likes attention. It can also indicate passion, power, confidence, and activity. 

People with red office chairs may be passionate about work or relationships, but they are usually confident go-getters in some way. 


Blue feels safe, stable, and relaxing. This may be good for people who are anxious but can also coincide with a calm and tranquil personality. 


Green offers similar benefits and often the people who prefer one will also be okay with the other cool color. 

Choosing an Office Chair for You?

Don’t think too much about it when it comes to the type and color.

Sure, you want something that goes with your identity, but you also need to make sure it works with your comfort levels, amount of sitting time, and other factors. 

Good luck finding the perfect chair with characteristics that match your personality!

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Hi, I'm Darryl. I made this site to help share information & reviews about ergonomic desks, chairs & accessories to help others who want to work more comfortably. Learn more about my journey by reading my bio here. Enjoy!

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