Top 5 Best White Desks with a Hutch (2022 Review)

A desk with a hutch can be functional and elegant because it offers storage and creates a more defined workspace. There are many different types of the best white desks with a hutch to choose from, and it can get pretty confusing. 

This article covers:

  • The top 5 best white desks with a hutch and their pros and cons
  • What they are and how they work
  • The different types to choose from and how to pick

Let’s get started!

Top 5 Best White Desks with a Hutch

What are White Desks with a Hutch?

Desks with a hutch have a vertically extended portion of the area that offers storage shelves, cabinets, drawers, and more. They are available in many unique designs, styles, shapes, and sizes depending on your preferences. While they are often associated with traditional office desks, there are more modern styles that use them as well. 

Most office desks in general, including ones with hutches, come in black, wood grain, and white. White may not be as popular as the other choices, but they can be very nice and convey a different mood than the others. White can go well with various styles and color schemes. It also works really well with house plants, which can actually be great for your mental health when kept in the office! 

Check out this awesome video if you want to know how to build your own desk hutch! 

What are the Different Types of White Desks with a Hutch?

There are tons of desks that come with hutches and choosing can be confusing and complex at times. Good thing there are different types that you can pick from to make it easier to eliminate some of the options you encounter. In addition to standard office desks, there are executive, l-shaped, removable hutch, and open hutch. So what are these types anyways? 


This is just a standard desk with a hutch. Usually, with this type, the hutch will go along the entire length at the back, but sometimes there are sections so that one portion of the desk is open behind the computer area. They may or may not have other storage areas like underneath drawers, keyboard trays, and more. 

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Many of the desks with hutches that you will find are executive-style desks. The cabinet can look fancy and elegant while also providing storage areas for all sorts of materials. These types are usually made of higher quality materials as well and are built to last, which can make up for the higher price tag as well. 


This style of desk is made to fit into a corner and can make it easier to spread out and reach more work materials with comfort. The hutch portion is usually only on one side or the other, which leaves the adjacent side open for other uses. The other features are styles either like a regular office desk or an executive desk depending on the l-shaped option you choose. 

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Removable Hutch

This type has the option of taking the hutch off or putting it on, which can be useful for certain purposes like shared desks, moving, or combining multiple desks. Sometimes the removable portion is not actually attached to the desk at all and is more like an entire hutch that matches and slides into the desk portion, but can serve as a bookshelf or free-standing hutch option otherwise. 

Open Hutch

Most hutches have a backing so that you cannot see through, which can give you a distinct workspace, but open hutches do not have that and can create a feeling of spaciousness and attract coworkers to come converse. It is also good if you want a window behind the area where a hutch would be. 

How Do White Desks with a Hutch Work?

A  hutch can be a stylish organizational tool, which means staying free of clutter. Research indicates that clutter can impact your mental health and productivity at work or at home. A hutch also blocks out distractions and keeps you in a focused area that may also correspond with better output and concentration. 

A hutch gives you even more room to decorate as well and many even have display cabinets or cabinets with glass covering to use as you please. You may find that you are creating a better work area just by utilizing a hutch instead of an open desktop surface. 

White is known as a color for purity and starting over, which is great for a new desk. White can also brighten a room and dictate a new color scheme that still uses all of the old colors you used previously. In many cases, it is seen as a new take on a modern, fancy style. 

Best White Desks with a Hutch

What to Look for in the Best White Desks with a Hutch

There are so many desks to choose from even once you narrow it down to white with a hutch, but there are some ways to ensure you do not get a poor quality desk that can also help you make sure that the features themselves will suit your purposes and preferences. 

Let’s start with the hutch itself. The first thing you need to make sure of is the side the hutch is on (if it isn’t reversible). You also want to consider the height of the hutch and whether it adds too much weight, width, or any other factors to an otherwise normal desk. This will help you remove options from the consideration that don’t work for you and the space you have available. 

Two good ways to tell quality are to check the weight capacity of both the desk itself and the hutch. Higher weight limits suggest higher quality materials and construction. Another place to look is the areas where the hutch and desk meet. For any high-quality desk, this area will look even, secure, and detailed. 

You want to consider storage as well because some hutches are great for holding tons of stuff, but not all of them. The desk may also have drawers, a keyboard tray, file cabinets, and more. A hutch can also take up some desktop surface area that you want to keep in mind before deciding on a certain product. 

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Finally, the color of white is something you must take into account. This is because not all whites are truly white. Some will be eggshell-colored or other versions of off-white, which may not work for everybody. Just make sure that it will fit your color scheme. 

Best White Desks with a Hutch

#1   Inval America Computer Work Center With Hutch

Inval America Computer Work Center With With...
  • [Space-saving & Stylish Design] - Features ample workspace and a space-saving hutch with three (3) storage compartments for office supplies, books, and more; Modern styling and beautiful Laricina-white finish elevate any space.Assembly Required.Material:Woodno.Item Dimensions:19.5" L x 48.6" W x 53.5" H
  • [Quality Construction] - Manufactured using high-quality engineered wood products and durable melamine laminate; All materials come from well managed forests and comply with the strictest international emission standards

This desk with an open hutch provides plenty of space and it has three additional storage compartments as well. The style is modern with a Laricina-white finish and comes with a keyboard tray, open cubby areas, a pair of drawers, and a cabinet with a door. It also comes with a 5-year warranty.


  • Tons of storage with cubbies, drawers, and a cabinet
  • Beautiful white finish
  • High-quality materials


  • Difficult assembly 
  • Poor quality control
  • Not very large compared to some alternatives

#2   Tangkula White Corner Desk with Hutch

Tangkula White Corner Desk with Hutch, 90...
  • 【90 Degrees Triangle Corner Design】Different from the rectangular computer desk, our desk fits nicely in a corner and maximizes the space utilization in your room. The compact size makes full use of home office workspace while providing enough space for writing, working, making up and other activities.
  • 【Attached Storage Hutch & Shelf】The corner desk features an open hutch for storing daily supplies and displaying decorative items. The protective fence on the edge of the hutch prevents your stuffs from falling down. Moreover, the bottom shelf offers enough space for your books and CPU stand.

This corner desk is attractive and cute with an open hutch that has small shelves above the desktop surface. The desk also has a keyboard tray that slides in and out on metal slide tracks. The legs are made of solid wood for stability and you can mount the hutch on a wall for additional sturdiness. 


  • Stable with solid wood legs and wall-mounted hutch
  • Compact triangle corner design
  • Shelves underneath desk and keyboard tray 


  • Too small for many uses
  • Desktop isn’t the best quality
  • Hard to understand instructions

#3   Bush Furniture Somerset 60W L Shaped Desk with Hutch

Bush Furniture Somerset 60W L Shaped Desk...
  • Bundle includes: 60W L Shaped Desk with Storage, 60W Desk Hutch
  • 60W surface with wire management provides plenty of room for a computer, phone, printer and more

This large l-shaped desk is gorgeous and offers plenty of space for all your work materials. The desk has a pullout keyboard tray and elegant finish as well as contemporary hardware. The hutch has two clear cabinets and shelves. The desk also has cabinets and drawers, leg accents, and other elegant features.


  • Sturdy with the best material usage
  • Storage cabinets, drawers, and shelves
  • Elegant features and executive style 


  • More expensive than most other options
  • Scratches easier than you’d think
  • Not the best option for tall people

#4   Sedeta L Shaped Desk with Hutch and Storage

SEDETA L Shaped Desk, Reversible 94.5 Inches...
  • 【L shaped Desk or Extra Long Desk】 94.5 inch long two person desk OR 67"(long side) x 47.2" (short side) L shaped desk. This computer desk with storage can easily hold your computer, monitor, keyboard, files, books or CPU stand for home office. 94.5” two person desk can hold two-person studying or writing no interference. This l shaped desk can help you maximize study and writing efficiency.
  • 【Large Work Space】This computer desk comes with double desk, storage bag, tower shelf, headphone hook.Double tables desk design for two-person seat and no interference.Top hutch can place small printer, files, plants, leaving spacious space for writing, paperwork and other home office activities. This l shaped desk with hutch provides enough room to study, work or other office activities.

This large office desk has a hutch great storage shelves and additional shelves underneath the other side of the l-shape. It can convert into a two-person desk as well and the detachable hutch can be installed on either side of the l-shaped version. The design has crossbars for stability and it also comes with a hanging storage bag.


  • Sturdy with crossbars and shelves that add stability
  • Reversible and can move around to please your purposes
  • Spacious 


  • Cubbies are kind of short
  • No cable management
  • Time-consuming assembly

#5   HOMCOM Computer Desk with Hutch

HOMCOM Computer Desk with Hutch, Home Office...
  • Home Office Workstation: This computer table has a large tabletop and built-in cable management to keep your desk clutter-free and clean! The compact design with vertical storage room can integrate into your home office, dorm, and more.
  • Ample Storage Space: Maximize your space with this writing desk! Includes cabinets, drawers and open storage shelves to store your books, office supplies, and more. Each cabinet has an adjustable inner shelf which fits different item heights.

This small, but elaborate desk is fantastic and organized and even comes with cable management solutions built-in. It has shelves, cabinets, and drawers for all sorts of items and planning. It can hold 44 pounds on the desktop and shelves can hold 17.6 pounds each and it fits many styles from traditional to contemporary. 


  • Storage options in many forms
  • Compact, but attractive
  • Reputable company with great customer service


  • Assembly may take two people
  • Weight capacity is lower than some
  • Hutch is topheavy and safest when secured to a wall

Final Thoughts on White Desks with a Hutch

White desks that include a hutch can be a great addition to a hobby or work area and can match almost any color scheme. The hutch can keep you organized with a  combination of cabinets, shelves, and drawers. Just make sure that you check the measurements and signs of good, or poor, quality before deciding on which purhcase you want to make. 

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Darryl Higgins

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Darryl Higgins

Darryl Higgins

Hi, I'm Darryl. I made this site to help share information & reviews about ergonomic desks, chairs & accessories to help others who want to work more comfortably. Learn more about my journey by reading my bio here. Enjoy!

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