Top 5 Best Under Desk Bike for Weight Loss (2021 Review)

Interested in learning about the best Under Desk Bike for Weight Loss?

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  • Are under the desk bikes effective for weight loss? I'll explain what under desk bikes are good for and when they may not be as effective.
  • What to look for to choose the best under desk bike for weight loss
  • Things to be careful about when choosing an under desk bike that is safe, sturdy, and likely to help you meet your weight loss goals.

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Top five best under desk bike for weight loss

What Are Under Desk Bikes for Weight Loss?

Under desk bikes for weight loss are stationary compact cycling machines designed to let you pedal while you sit at your desk, couch, chair, or anywhere else.

Machines designed for weight loss often have a function to track calories so that you know how effective your workout is.

What Are The Different Types of Under Desk Bike That Help with Weight Loss?

There are two primary different types of under desk bikes for weight loss. The first type is solely for leg workouts and does not have an arm workout component.

The second type can be used for both arms and legs by placing under or on a desk, depending on whether you’re working your arms or legs. 

How Do Under Desk Bikes Help You Lose Weight?

You'd like to lose some weight, but you spend most of your day working at a computer. Wouldn't it be nice if instead of having to carve out time from your after-work activities you could get your exercise in while you were working at your desk?

Exercising while you work may even improve your concentration while working. 

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As you do your research for ways to work out while working at a desk, you may be wondering how under desk bikes work for burning calories.

Under desk bikes work by providing resistance that you pedal against. Typically, this resistance is provided magnetically.

Most people find that they work very well for helping them to lose weight without having to do a high-impact workout.

What to Look For In The Best Under Desk Bike for Weight Loss?

There are a wide variety of options available in under desk bikes for weight loss, so you are doubtless wondering what to look for to choose the best one for your needs.

Here are a few key features to keep in mind as you are shopping:

Will it work underneath your desk?

Just because these bikes are designed for use under desks doesn't mean they are effective for every desk.

If there is not sufficient distance between your knees and the bottom of the desk, you'll find that you hit your legs on the desk while you're peddling.

Check the stats and make sure that a given bike will work under your desk.

How much resistance is provided?

Some under desk bikes are mostly designed to get your blood pumping but don't provide a significant muscle workout, while others offer a significant amount of resistance to seriously burn calories.

Be sure that you know what level of resistance you can expect from a bike before you buy.

Useful for arms as well? 

Some under desk bikes also can be set on top of a desk to work out your arms. If you want one machine to give you a full-body workout conveniently wherever you are, this will be a valuable asset for you.

Of course, if you really just want to use it under the desk while you're working, having arm workout capacity won't matter for you.

How stable is it?

Not every under desk bike is equally stable.

You may find that you need to put something heavy in front of some to keep them in place.

Others come with straps that you can tether to your chair to keep them in place.

If you have carpet, it may be easier to stabilize your under desk bike, but if you don't, be sure to look for a model that is very stable.

Top Five Best Under Desk Bike for Weight Loss Did You Know

Best Under Desk Bike for Weight Loss Reviewed

#1  Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser

Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser - FlexCycle...
  • FLEX MIND & BODY: Clear your mind, build stamina & tighten muscles with at least 75 minutes of foot pedal exerciser weekly. FlexCycle stationary bikes are easy on joints, yet incredibly effective.
  • DOUBLE RODUCTIVITY: Recumbent bike quiet motor & compact dimensions, this exercise peddler slips beneath your desk or in front of your couch, making it the best pedal exerciser for movies or work! . At just 20.9”L x 17.5”W x 13.2H, this mini desk peddler slips easily beneath your desk.

This is a highly efficient little machine that provides some serious exercise.

Textured steps and straps to hold your feet in place let you get going fast without worrying about slipping.

Optional resistance bands are included to increase the intensity of your workout if you like. 

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It is very quiet in motion, making it suitable for office work or while watching TV.

You can download an app for free to track the progress of your workout and see statistics.

Stabilizers are included to keep the desk bike from moving around while you pedal, but there is also a strap you can use to tether it to your chair to make absolutely certain that it won't move around.


  • Optional resistance bands to provide an additional workout
  • Sturdy no-slip pedals
  • Lifetime guarantee with support and a built-in lifetime warranty


  • No LCD screen, requires a smartphone to see statistics 
  • Doesn't work well with shorter desks, as you may hit your knees

#2  GOREDI Pedal Exerciser

GOREDI Pedal Exerciser, Fitness Folding...
  • 【MULTIFUNCTIONAL LCD DISPLAY】GOREDI stationary pedal exerciser is equipped with a large and easy-to-read multi-functional digital LCD display, which can track time, count, RPM and calories burned. Each data can be automatically displayed alternately by scanning function.
  • 【ADJUSTABLE RESISTANCE】Features a tension knob, the floor pedal exerciser allows you to adjust the intensity level to meet all your needs. Ideal for beginners, the elderly and rehabilitation after surgery or injury. No need to leave home, exercise anytime and anywhere.

This affordable pedal exerciser comes at a much lower price than the competition but offers a lot of great functions.

An LCD display can track time and calories burned, along with other information, which makes it a great choice for weight loss. 

Adjust resistance using a tension knob to provide exactly as much of a workout as you need.

The foot pedals are adjustable so that any sized feet will be comfortable. This exerciser can fold up, making it very easy to carry and store. 


  • Affordable, compact under desk bike is easy to transport and store
  • Free returns and a year free warranty
  • LCD display for relevant statistics


  • Tends to slip a bit when used for more intense workouts
  • Doesn't provide as much resistance as some other options 

#3  DeskCycle Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser

DeskCycle Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser -...
  • SMALL & SMART : Our quality under desk exercise machine keeps you focused, improves productivity and burns far more calories than a standing desk. Home exercise equipment that can fit under desks as low as 27inches.
  • ADVANCED DESIGN: With more than twice the resistance range of other foot pedal exercisers, our desk elliptical has 8 calibrated resistance settings so that you're the one in control. The pedals have adjustable straps to keep feet secure and comfortable.

This convenient little under desk peddler works with a wide variety of desks as low as 27 in.

It utilizes a patented magnetic resistance that keeps it quiet enough for office use while providing a smooth pedal motion that is gentle on the joints. 

There are eight resistance settings to choose from so you can pick exactly the right difficulty for your needs.

An LCD display makes it easy to see how fast you’re going, the distance you’re traveling, and how long you have been biking.

It can even calculate how many calories you have burned, which makes it ideal for weight loss.


  • Calculates the calories that you burn, along with other information like speed and distance
  • Patented magnetic resistant makes it very quiet


  • Goes from very little to resistance at setting 3 to quite a lot of resistance at setting 4
  • Doesn't work as well for taller people under the desk 

#4  Vaunn Medical Folding Pedal Exerciser

Vaunn Medical Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser...
  • SAFE & STABLE WITH LOWER HEIGHT- New model with wider base and heavy duty frame for increased stability and support during cycle. Designed with a lower height to better fit under desks and tables.
  • ENJOYMENT IN EXERCISE - Combine your favorite activities with your workout routine. Place your pedaler under your desk while you work. Play an online game, read a book, watch a movie or chat with a friend while doing your workout. Exercise can be enjoyable. Note: Not for strenuous exercise or workout.

This under desk bike is designed to provide low-impact exercise ideal for physiotherapy.

It works well for arm and leg exercises to improve blood circulation and tone muscles.

It is not designed for strenuous workouts but is ideal to keep you moving and get your blood flowing while you are sitting. 

The LCD monitor displays the time you’ve spent working out, revolution count, and revolutions per minute, as well as calories burned, which makes it a good option for weight loss.

A strap is included to attach it to your chair to provide added stability.


  • Superb choice for low-impact physiotherapy exercise
  • LCD monitor provides important information to help you monitor your workout and calorie-burning


  • Tends to slide forward, so the anchoring band is necessary
  • Pedal foot pads are a bit too narrow, making it uncomfortable for some people 

#5  Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Mini Exercise Bike

Sunny Health & Fitness Under Desk Bike Pedal...
  • LOW IMPACT: This under desk elliptical is a great way to incorporate lower body movement without putting pressure on joints. Enjoy a 7-inch stride while you're seated at work.
  • SMOOTH OPERATION: The Belt-drive mechanism and the 3.52lbs flywheel makes each stride simple.

This little exercise bike is designed to give you a serious workout right at your desk, whether you want to work your arms or legs.

The belt drive mechanism creates a very smooth motion no matter what resistance level you choose. 

There are eight levels of magnetic tension, enabling you to have a light blood pumping session or a serious workout.

An integrated handgrip makes it easy to carry this sleek little machine around. A digital monitor keeps track of your activity and calories burned.


  • Compact design is easy to store and move, thanks to the integrated handle
  • Works well for both hand and feet workouts
  • Quiet eight levels of resistance to tailor your workout to what you need


  • Tends to move on the table when exercising with your hands
  • Statistics are lost when the battery in the LCD display dies 

Final Thoughts On Under Desk Bike for Weight Loss

Under desk bikes can go a long way to provide you with superb exercise while you work.

Because they allow you to work out while sitting and are low impact, they can be ideal for anyone who wants to lose weight while they're working.

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