Top 5 Best Desks With Bikes? (2022 Review)

Interested in learning about the best desks with bikes? In this product review guide, I will go over... 

  • My pick for the best possible desk with the bike for your needs
  • Why a desk with a bike may be your ideal choice for exercising while you work
  • What to look for in the best desk with the bike for your needs

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Top Five Best Desks With Bikes

Overall #1 Rated Pick

  • Portable & practical
  • Great size
  • Large work surface

What Are Desks With Bikes?

An exercise bike with a desk attached is a great low-impact way to get the exercise that you need while you're working. They may also improve your focus and make your workday more pleasant. 

Desk exercise bikes typically include a stationary bike that is either permanently or removably attached to a desk surface.

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Desks with bikes may be used for serious exercise or they may just be a way to get your body moving while you work. Either way, these desks are an inexpensive and easily stored option for improving your health and for aiding in weight loss.

What Are The Different Types of Bike Desks?

There are two primary types of desk exercise bikes. The first type is designed for sitting use only and typically does not have a highly adjustable desk surface.

The second type is designed for dual purpose use as a desk bicycle and as a standing desk.

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How Do Bike Desks Work?

Desk pedal bikes work by keeping you at an ergonomic angle and good position for typing, writing, or doing other office work while at the same time you are pedaling.

Having an exercise bike under your desk makes it easy to get your workout in while you're working in your office environment. 

They work by providing either mechanical or magnetic resistance to the pedal so that you can choose how hard you have to work.

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A desk with a bike is a great way to avoid the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle while still being in a seated position. 

What to Look For In The Best Desks With Bikes?

To find the best stationary bike with a desk, you will need to consider your needs.

Some of these desk bikes work well as serious exercise machines, while others are only meant to provide some movement while you're working.

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Here are a few things to look for in an under-desk exercise bike to meet your needs.

Height accommodation:

Choose an under-desk exercise bike and pedal exerciser that works for your height.

Some bikes work for people as short as four and a half feet, while others can work for people over 6ft, but most don't work for all height ranges.

Weight limits:

The average workout bike desk works for people up to 300 pounds, but some will only work for lighter people, so make sure that it is a good fit for your weight.


Some below desk bikes are designed for serious workouts and to keep working for years at a time, while others seem better fit for brief uses over a couple of months.

Make sure that the desk with a bike that you choose will last as long as you need it to, but don't overpay for a more durable product than is necessary.

Best Desks With Bikes Reviewed

 #1  FitDesk Standing Adjustable Desk Bike

FitDesk Desk Bike 3.0 - Folding Workout...
  • EXERCISE WHILE WORKING: FitDesk Bike Desk 3.0 is equipped with a high-quality gearbox, quiet twin belt drive, and high-velocity flywheel to provide reliable operation with resistance bands just underneath its seat. A built-in tablet holder and storage tray are included for comfortable exercise while working.
  • ADJUSTABLE ARM SUPPORT: The FitDesk Table Top features adjustable forearm supports that act as arm massage rollers that prevent arms from becoming weary.

This desk is designed to provide a full-body workout while you work at your computer.

It offers adjustable arm support that doubles as massagea  roller to keep your arms from tired while you cycle and type, a feature not offered by many bikes. 

A sturdy steel frame can support up to 300 pounds of weight and it's easy to assemble.

You can always see your speed, time, distance in a sitting and lifetime distance, as well as how many calories you're burning on the digital display. 


  • Non-slip table service makes it easy for your tablet or laptop to stay in place and includes a tilt-top for your tablet or cell phone.
  • Folds up for easy storage and includes wheels to make it easy to roll to where you need it to be
  •  Storage space within the desk to keep everything conveniently located


  • Pedal action becomes rougher when intensity is increased
  • Some users found that when it is used significantly, up to 90 minutes a day, it breaks down within about eight months

#2  pooboo Folding Exercise Bike

pooboo Folding Desk Bike for Home Office...
  • 【Multifunctional Non-Slip Desk】Equipped with anti-slip 19.9” x 14.6”large desktop and a PC safe belt which ensures the safety of the laptops or tablets. It comes with a tilt-top tablet holder, which can adjust the angle of the laptop, helping you to relax when you're tired. And a bottle holder is also included to keep you hydrated while working or exercising.
  • 【pooboo Desk Bike While Working】The upright posture of this bike provides you with high-intensity exercise and helps you burn more calories. The semi-recumbent posture with a low impact and more comfortable riding experience.

This affordable desk works well as a cycling desk or standalone standing desk. It's quiet enough for office or living room use.

Equipped with an anti-slip 19.9” x 14.6” large desktop and a PC safe belt which ensures the safety of the laptops or tablets. 

As well as a tilt-top tablet holder, which can adjust the laptop's angle, helping you relax when you're tired. And a bottle holder is also included to keep you hydrated while working or exercising.

The folding exercise bike desk is extremely suitable for the small living room because it doesn't take up too much space.

And it can be fully folded up to occupy minimal space for storage when not in use. It comes with transport wheels for you to move this exercise bike easily from room to room at your home gym.

This foldable fitness stationary bike is made of thicker, higher-quality steel, with a maximum load of 300 pounds. The suitable height of this bike is from 4'11" to 6'3".


  • Works for shorter people than most other exercise bikes
  •  Wheels attached to make it easy to move around your home
  •  Pedals designed to be easy to grip and comfortable


  • Assembly could be hard for some people

#3  Famous TikTok Desk Bike

FLEXISPOT Home Workstation Desk Bike Stand up...
  • TIKTOK DESK BIKE. Part exercise bike, part standing desk. with a desk surface large enough to accommodate a laptop, notebooks, and your mobile phone. ATTENTION: the battery is not included.
  • BOOST YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM: An ideal machine to help safeguard your health and stay in shape when working from home.

This convenient desk doubles as an exercise bike and standing desk. It has a roomy desktop surface to accommodate notebooks, a phone, and a laptop.

This bike is designed to be very quiet so that you can enjoy it while you're watching TV or in an office. 

It is designed to be suitable for people as short as 5.1 ft up to 6 ft. A weight limit of up to 300 lbs means it will work with most people. Height is easily adjustable with a pneumonic lever.


  • Works well even for shorter people
  • The very quiet design is excellent for office or living room use
  • The desk can flip around to make it double as a standing desk or by the sofa platform


  • Some people find that the pedals make noise, even after going through an original and replacement bike
  • The comfort of the seat leaves something to be desired

#4  Exerpeutic ExerWorK 1000 Fully Adjustable Desk Folding Exercise Bike

Exerpeutic ExerWorK 1000 Fully Adjustable...
  • Sliding Desktop: large fully adjustable desktop with tilt, forward, back, up, and down adjustability for sitting or standing positions. 3 angle adjustments (0, 16, and 33 degrees), 5 height adjustments 41" up to 45". Storage Drawer. Armrest. LCD Computer
  • Patented XBike Desk and Exercise Semi-Recumbent Bicycle. 2.5" Thick large AirSoft seat with extra comfort. Adjustable to fit 5’1” to 6’3” user height

This desk features a big adjustable desktop that can tilt and move forward, back, up, and down.

This adjustability provides great versatility whether you want to sit or stand. Choose from three different angle adjustments and five height adjustments. 

The patented design features large seats that are more comfortable than most of the competition. It can be adjusted to fit heights from 51 to 63 in. You'll love how easy this bike is to fold up for storage.


  • Choose from 8 different magnetic tension controls so that you can provide yourself with an easier or harder workout
  • Highly adjustable and folds up easily for storage


  • Does not work well for shorter people since they'll have to scoot to the edge of the seat and have reduced back support 
  • Some people experience knee pain after using it, perhaps because of the distance the pedals are set apart

#5  FLEXISPOT Home Office Standing Desk Exercise Bike

FLEXISPOT Home Office Workstation Upright...
  • All-in-one desk bike. Part exercise bike, part standing desk. ATTENTION: the battery is not included.
  • Boost your Immune system: An ideal machine to help safeguard your health and stay in shape when working from home.

This convenient little desk works well for pedaling or as a standing desk. It's quiet and a good fit for office or home use.

This desk is effective for people as short as 5.1 or as tall as 6.2, so it works well for most people in your family. 

Convenient wheels on all four legs make it very easy for you to move the desk around when you want to without worrying about tilting or collapsing it.

A cover keeps it from being turned on by children or pets. Choose from 8 resistance levels.


  • Arrives mostly assembled and is small and compact enough to move easily
  • Smooth pedaling action
  • Typically very quiet


  • Does not achieve a high enough workout to be effective for the serious cyclist
  • The seat is too wide for many people to be comfortable.
  • The desk does not tilt, which makes ergonomic posturing more challenging

Here is the FlexiSpot in action: 

Final Thoughts On the Best Desks With Bikes

Biking while you do your office work can be a superb solution for anyone who wants to reduce their sedentary time without taking time out of the work day to exercise.

Because it offers low impact resistance, biking while you work is a great option for the physically fit as well as people who may have some physical limitations.

Make sure that you choose a bike that is the right fit for your height and weight, and you will likely find this a valuable addition to your exercise regimen.

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