Top 5 Best Office Chairs for Runners (2022 Review)

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  • Some of the main functions and features to look out for in office chairs for runners

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Best Office Chairs For Runners

What are office chairs for runners?

There is no single style of office chair suitable for all runners.

Each individual runner will have their own needs and preferences in seating and there’s a wide variety of office chair styles and sizes on the market to choose from.

At the same time, there are some common physical issues and injuries which runners may be particularly prone to, including iliotibial (IT) band syndrome, hamstring strains and ‘runner’s knee’.

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Certain styles of chair might aggravate or ease these conditions.

What are the different types of office chair for runners?

The best office chair for runners and most other people is likely to be one which promotes more active sitting and keeps you moving throughout the day.

Ergonomic chairs in a traditional office style, saddle seats, kneeling chairs, and stability exercise balls are all options which you might want to consider or experiment with.

The more adjustable an office chair is, the more suitable it is for different activities and different sizes and shapes of user.

Chairs may have a split seat design, backrests, armrests, footrests, and other variations.

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How does an office chair for runners work?

Whatever style of seat you choose, a good office chair for runners should promote good posture and sitter comfort. There will be different ways of sitting on a regular office chair, a kneeling chair, a saddle stool, or a stability ball.

Reliable expert guidance on ergonomic set-up should be followed when setting up your workstation with any type of office chair.  Correct adjustment is very important and ergonomic chairs are generally preferable to less adjustable varieties.

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Traditional Office Chairs:

In a traditional office chair your lower back should be properly supported when seated, knees slightly lower than hips, and feet set comfortably on the floor, using a footrest if necessary.

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The height of the seat should allow use of the keyboard with straight wrists and forearms parallel to the ground. Elbows should be at your sides, forming an L-shape at the elbow joint.

Kneeling Chairs:

If using a kneeling chair, begin by sitting down on the seat like with a standard chair. Then, move gently into a kneeling position with your legs supported by the chair’s pads, and the majority of your weight still on your bottom.

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Your core muscles should be engaged and your upper body and hips balanced, without any sense of strain.

Saddle Chair:

When you sit on a saddle chair or stool, you should be in the same posture as when riding a horse,  with legs on either side of the saddle, buttocks resting towards the back of the seat, and a bend of around 45 degrees at the knee, compared to the 90 degree angle found with conventional chairs.

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Exercise Ball:

Stability or exercise balls require careful use to avoid accident and injury and may be better suited to shorter periods of seated working. Modern ball/chair combinations can be a safer and simpler office chair choice.

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Best Office Chairs For Runners

What to look for in the best office chair for runners?

When choosing an office chair for runners, remember to factor in your weight, height, physical injuries, normal sitting activities and any personal preferences.

Most importantly, make sure that your chair is comfortable and encourages active sitting and regular movement.

Tight hip flexors, weak leg and glutei muscles, and a strained back may all be caused or exacerbated by long periods of sitting.

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Developing these issues could all put runners at greater risk of injury from their sport.

Best Office Chairs for Runners Reviewed

#1  Best all-round option: HAG Capisco Puls Adjustable Standing Desk Chair

HAG Capisco Puls Adjustable Standing Desk...
  • PERFECT FOR: Shifting between sitting and standing at an adjustable or standing height desk – seat height 21.5" – 30" with 15.75" backrest
  • ALL DAY COMFORT: Award winning design, Capisco Puls Plus fully cushioned and narrow saddle seat promotes healthy blood flow and encourages movement to sit forwards, backwards or sideways

The HAG Capisco Puls saddle chair has a fully adjustable and award-winning design, which encourages movement throughout the day.

With a seat height ranging from 21.5" – 30”, the seat depth, back height and back tilt can also be adjusted to provide ergonomic support and comfort.


  • Multiple seating position options - forward, reverse, or side-on
  • Tilting seat for ease of shifting to stand
  • Environmentally friendly construction - 50% recycled materials, and 90% recyclable materials


  • The maximum weight limit is only 250lb, and the chair has a narrower seat than others in the HAG Capisco range, making it unsuited to bigger and heavier users.

#2  Best budget option: PharMeDoc Exercise Ball Chair with Back Support

Pharmedoc Exercise Ball Chair with Back...
  • Reduce back pain and improve the way you sit with our efficient balance ball chair
  • Multifunctional chair has a removable back and compact size stores easily

This exercise ball chair is an excellent low-cost option for those who want to practice more active sitting without breaking the bank.


  • Low price - well under $100
  • Lockable wheels for extra security at your desk
  • Removable back for even greater core engagement


  • Although it claims to be suitable for all heights, some reviewers find this chair too small for taller adults

#3  Best high end option: Salli Swing Fit Saddle Seat

Salli Swing Fit Saddle Seat
  • Patented split-seat saddle design cools and relieves pressures for improved genital health in both women and men. Seat split size is adjustable.
  • Heavy duty 3mm steel seat plate covered with high quality contouring foam and your choice of upholstery color.

An innovative and quality-focused Finnish company which handcrafts its chairs in Europe, Salli’s SwingFit saddle chair is one of the most adjustable on the market.

Height, seat tilt, and saddle width can all be changed. 

A swing mechanism enables easy tilting of the seat in all directions for more core and back muscle activation and overall active sitting.


  • Unique swing mechanism builds extra core strength
  • Salli offers high levels of customization, including for different heights, and has an excellent range of additional chair accessories
  • Comes with a ten year warranty for the seat and a five year component warranty


  • Significantly higher price than most other comparable ergonomic and/or saddle chairs

#4  Best fixed sitting option: Varier Move Tilting Saddle Stool 

Varier Move Tilting Saddle Stool (Dark Grey...
  • The original Tilting Saddle Stool designed by Per Die in 1985
  • Perfect match for a height-adjustable table

Designed in Norway and produced in Europe, Varier’s flat-based saddle stool can be used for standing, leaning or sitting.

NEAT certified, with use raising the sitter’s resting heart rate by +10%.


  • Strengthens core muscles while promoting more active sitting
  • Height can be adjusted over a generous range of over 10 inches from 22” - 32.25”
  • Very simple and tool-free assembly from only three parts


  • Not suitable for those want to wheel their chair around
  • A tilting saddle stool isn’t comfortable for everyone

#5  Best kneeling chair: Varier Variable Balans Original Kneeling Chair

Varier Variable Balans Original Kneeling...
  • The ONLY original kneeling chair designed by Peter Opsvik in 1979
  • Now includes FREE soft tape ($50 value) for floor protection! Avoid scratches on hard floors

The Variable Balans Original Kneeling Chair from Varier offers high comfort and ergonomic benefits for a mid-range price.

Check out this short YouTube video from Varier, demonstrating the different ways you can use this kneeling chair:


  • Solid and sustainable wooden construction
  • Classic Norwegian design from Peter Opsvik in 1979
  • Rocking motion good for active sitting and soothing fidgets
  • Some smaller reviewers, especially women, found the chair too large to be comfortable
  • Some reports of chairs arriving with defects or missing parts (rectified by customer service)
  • Can be squeaky when rocking

Final thoughts on office chairs for runners

We hope you enjoyed our guide to five very different but equally great active-sitting chairs.

Good luck in now choosing the best office chair for your needs, whether you’re an occasional jogger, a regular runner, or a professional athlete.

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Darryl Higgins

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Darryl Higgins

Darryl Higgins

Hi, I'm Darryl. I made this site to help share information & reviews about ergonomic desks, chairs & accessories to help others who want to work more comfortably. Learn more about my journey by reading my bio here. Enjoy!

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