Best Anime Gaming Chairs (2021 Review)

Are you looking for the best anime gaming chairs?

Gamers often want their area to construe their interests, favorite games, and the characters they enjoy. 

While some gamers are content with just having a color or aesthetic to match the rest of the room, others want more specific designs. 

This article includes:

  • The top 5 Best Anime Gaming Chairs and Their Pros and Cons
  • What they are and how they work
  • What to consider before buying one

Let’s get going!

Best Anime Gaming Chairs

What are Anime Gaming Chairs?

Anime gaming chairs can vary a lot and the term is used to describe a wide range of related types of gaming chairs.

They have design elements to depict various characters, games, superheroes, and more.

While the term anime is often used to describe Japanese animation, there are many more options for anime gaming chairs. 

A solid gaming chair can transform your gaming experience. It will  be more comfortable so you do not have to worry about adjusting and can, instead, just focus on the game.

This may help to make you more competitive and can also reduce back, neck, and shoulder pain.

Still, though, a lot of regular gaming chairs are not individualized and appear more generic than many gamers would like. If that sounds like you, then some kind of anime gaming chair may be best.

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What are the Different Types of Anime Gaming Chairs?

There are a ton of different types of anime gaming chairs. In addition to standard generic options, there are specific character options as well.

There are reclining, floor, ergonomic products, and covers as well.

Let’s look at the features and benefits of each one of these types that you can choose from. 


This type is not designed with a specific character, show, game, or movie in mind. Instead, they match certain aesthetics and still have a design that incorporates traditional anime artwork.

There are tons of options to choose from as well. There are some that go better with superheroes while others are better suited for people who love Japanese mangas. 

With the wide range in different designs, this is an affordable way to tie your whole room together without having to pick a single character that you adore.

Specific Character

This type is probably the most popular. They focus on a specific character or at the very least a specific game, movie, show, or brand.

There are ones that feature Pokemon, Superheroes, Dragon Ball Z, Looney Toons, and more.

This is great for someone who is looking for an option from their favorite character, show, or form of media. 


This is an anime gaming chair that you can relax in.

While this is not good for competitive gaming sessions, it can help you relax during breaks, in-between matches, or while playing a less intense game.

Many options also include a retractable footrest and other features like a tension control or recline lock mechanism. 


This type, unlike the other options, rests directly on the floor.

They usually rock back and forth on the base of the chair and can be very comfortable. They are also easier to move out of the way during the day. 


Ergonomic anime gaming chairs are a great choice for anyone who games for a prolonged period of time each and every day.

They have better lumbar support, higher backrest, comfy headrest, and a plethora of features for your comfort and adjustability.

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This ensures that you are comfortable no matter how long you remain in the gaming chair. 


If you already have a gaming chair that you love, but you also want one with an anime style, you can choose an anime gaming chair cover like this one.

This way you do not have to spend a ton of money on a new chair, but you can still get the style that you prefer.

There may also be a bigger selection to choose from depending on the type of characters and designs that you are looking for. 

How Do Anime Gaming Chairs Work?

Anime gaming chairs are usually made out of leather or a leather substitute. Then, the anime design will be engraved or embroidered on the upholstery.

This ensures that it stays visible and artsy for the foreseeable future. Some have the designs on the backrest, while others have it over the entire chair or only on the  headrest.

Some of them have elements that make it look like the user has bunny ears or that they are sitting on a specific character.

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Gaming chairs also offer more comfort than the typical office chair.

This is because they are specifically designed for gamers, which provides elbow room for keyboard or controller use, comfort for long-term sitting, and more. 

Many are made as bucket seats, which is great for promoting an immersive gaming experience. 

Best Anime Gaming Chairs

What to Look for in the Best Anime Gaming Chairs?

There are some things to keep in mind when you are looking for the best anime gaming chair. Let’s look at some of the things that you should look for. 


First, make sure that you purchase a chair from a reputable brand that is known for quality products. There are a couple reasons for this. 

It will be a better chair that will last longer and be more comfortable. 

Some small or off-brands may try to use characters or designs that they do not have the rights or contract to use legally. 

If you want to support the artist and creators of the character or show, then purchase from a licensed brand. 


The design itself should also be taken into consideration. If you want the design to last, make sure that you do not buy one that has the design painted on cheaply. 

Location of Character:

You should also take the location of the design into account because some want the character to show while they are sitting in the chair while others are okay with it only showing when not in use. 


With any gaming chair there are some other considerations. First, you want to make sure that it is comfortable and suitable for the games that you play. 

This means it needs to offer you the room to use a controller, keyboard, or other gaming device. The chair itself also needs to be big enough to be comfortable without providing too much excess room. 


Finally, you should consider the materials. Some bad upholsteries will come off within a year of daily use, while quality materials can last up to a decade without significant damage. 

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The mechanisms for adjustment will also work better if the chair is high-quality. 

Best Anime Gaming Chairs

 #1  Symino Gaming Chair Racing Chair

symino Gaming Chair Racing Style Ergonomic PC...
  • 【For Professional Events & Teams】: Designed according to the professional gaming chair structure with an integrated all-steel frame, which is ergonomic and supports sedentary games or office work. The cool PU leather and graffiti design are deeply loved by trendy youths.
  • 【Adjustable Gaming Chair】: The backrest of the chair can be adjusted from 90°-150°, which allows you to find work, game, and rest more quickly. The class 3 gas lift cylinder can realize height adjustment, so you don’t have to worry about the chair not suitable for your height.

This gaming chair is incredibly comfortable and has a graffiti cartoon design that many people will love.

It has an adjustable reclining feature and height adjustment using pneumatics. The armrests can be adjusted and it comes with a lumbar pillow.

It is also made with a sturdy and durable design with quality materials. 


  • Good upholstery
  • Great lumbar support
  • Sturdy steel frame


  • No customized style options
  • Poor quality caster wheels
  • Not as padded as some other options

#2  Neo Marvel Avengers Captain America Gaming Chair

Marvel Gaming Chair Desk Office Computer...
  • 🎯[UPGRADE YOUR GAMING SETUP] - Designed to be your go-to gaming chair. We guarantee 3 things: first-rate materials, top-notch quality, and exceptional customer service.
  • 🎯[FEEL THE DIFFERENCE] - What goes inside the seat? High-density molded foam guarantees never-failing comfort and peace.

This Captain America chair has a deep blue design and is very affordable for those not looking to empty their bank accounts.

It is made with high-density mold foam for comfort and coated steel frame for durability and support.

The upholstery is great and stain and scratch resistant. It also reclines up to 180 degrees with lumbar and neck pillows.


  • Lumbar support and neck pillow
  • Affordable 
  • Very stylish Marvel design


  • Not great for heavier people
  • Poor caster wheels
  • Difficulty assembly compared with other options

#3  AutoFull Pink Gaming Chair

AutoFull Pink Gaming Chair PU Leather High...
  • ❤ MULTI-FUNCTION: 360 Degree Swivel, chair back can be locked at any angle between 90-155 degree, height adjustable seat and armrest, adjustable lumbar pillow and head pillow, all for finding your most comfort position.
  • ❤ HIGH QUALITY&SAFE MATERIAL: Premium construction with high quality materials, PU leather, and memory foam guarantees you will enjoy our chair for years! The integrated metal frame, explosion-proof gas spring of international standards (SGS4) and heavy duty metal base with smooth-rolling caster wheels provide a sturdy foundation to the chair able to withstand up to 330lbs.

This pink gaming chair has a cool brand emblem in the backrest and bunny ears on the top. It can recline and lock at any degree from 90 to 155.

Also has an adjustable lumbar pillow and a head pillow. Made with memory foam and has a design to maintain the natural curvature of the spine.

It is strong and can hold up to 330 pounds. Even comes with a 3 year warranty. 


  • Strong with 330 pound weight limit
  • Recline ability from 90 to 155 degrees
  • Good upholstery


  • More expensive than some other options
  • Very pink with bunny ears, which may not suit as many people’s interests
  • May squeak some, especially right after purchase

#4  Neo Marvel Avengers Spiderman Gaming Chair

Marvel Avengers Gaming Chair Desk Office...
  • 🕸[ RELAX] - Your back deserves MVP treatment after long hours of sitting. Plug in the USB to feel the lumbar cushion's dual vibration.
  • 🕸[SUPERCHARGE YOUR SETUP] - Designed to be your go-to gaming chair. We guarantee 3 things: first-rate materials, top-notch quality, and exceptional customer service.

This Spideman gaming chair has a vibrating lumbar support pillow and is made out of  high-quality materials.

It is made with high-density molded foam and coated steel frame. IT reclines up to 180 degrees. The upholstery is stain and scratch resistant as well.

It even has a retractable footrest. 


  • Strong and durable
  • Good stain and scratch resistant upholstery
  • Vibrating lumbar support pillow


  • Difficult assembly
  • Not for big or tall people
  • Pillow may lose its shape over time

#5  CIMOO White Panda Gaming Chair

White Gaming Chair Computer PU Leather Racing...
  • ☪[Cute Design]-This racing-style chair uses a smooth faux leather fabric, comfy, and easy to clean. The classic black and white color are combined with a panda headrest so that anyone can not reject it! Oh, look! There is also a super cute panda embroidery design on the back of the chair.
  • ☪ [Headrest & lumbar support & Armrest] comfortable gaming chair designed with human-oriented ergonomic construction for providing comfort sitting experience. 90~180°reclining; 360°swivel; Flexible multiple rotating 2D armrests.

This white and black anime gaming chair has a panda for the footrest pillow and bamboo on the lumbar support pillow.

It is strong and can support up to 300 pounds and is easy-to-clean with adjustable armrests.

It also has a thick padded seat and a 90 to 180 degree reclining feature. Finally, it comes with a 12 month limited warranty. 


  • Strong with 300 pound weight limit
  • Cute attractive design (since it is black and white it fits most aesthetics )
  • Very easy to clean


  • May squeak 
  • May scratch easier than some other options
  • Poor quality control

Final Thoughts on Anime Gaming Chairs

There are tons of anime gaming chairs that will offer virtually anyone a design, color, and character that they like.

There are tons of varying options as far as comfort, support, and durability go as well.

You should not have too much trouble finding the perfect anime gaming chair for you. 

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Darryl Higgins

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