Best Kneeling Chairs for Back Pain (2021 Review)

Kneeling chairs have been around for a while now, but only recently have been getting more and more popular. The increase in popularity is due to the health benefits of a kneeling chair which include a reduction in back pain. 

This article will look at:

  • The top 5 kneeling chairs for back pain and their features
  • How they work and whether they help with sciatica
  • What to look for in the best options available

Let’s get started!

best kneeling chairs for back pain

Best Kneeling Chairs for Back Pain

  1. Varier Variable Balans Original Kneeling Chair (Our Top Pick)
  2. Defy Desk Ergonomic Kneeling Chair (Best Budget)
  3. Sleekform Kneeling Posture Chair (Best High End)
  4. Solace Plus kneeling chair 
  5. DRAGONN by VIVO Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

What are Kneeling Chairs for Back Pain?

Kneeling chairs can help to reduce the negative impact that sitting can have on our overall health. But are they really more beneficial for reducing back pain? When we sit in a traditional office chair, our spine rarely rests in its natural shape. Instead, it becomes tense and compressed which can lead to back pain. 

A kneeling chair allows the user to move their hips forward and helps to distribute their weight around the entire body. This takes pressure off the joints and the back. This will alleviate, prevent, or reduce back pain

Additionally, a kneeling chair can encourage active sitting. It also allows you to utilize your back and core muscles. Strengthening the muscles around your back can help to prevent pain in the future and reduce the chance that you will strain your back. 

However, it is important to note that you will only achieve these beneficial results if you use the kneeling chair correctly. Watch this video to learn how! 

What are the Different Types of Kneeling Chairs for Back Pain?

The best types of kneeling chairs for back pain are the ergonomic, rocking, back supported, double knee padded, and saddle seat options.  


This type is great for back pain because they are adjustable to fit your specific body type. This means that you can have the support that your back needs as well. This type usually has an x-shaped design and a single knee pad across. They can help to balance your weight evenly around your body and reduce compression and tension in the back.

Rocking Kneeling Chairs

Rocking kneeling chairs encourage active sitting more than the other options. This can help you strengthen your body which is great for aches and pains. The subtle movement can help you move which can also be beneficial to your overall health. 

Back Supported

Some kneeling chair options come with a backrest and on many options the backrest is removable. It is important to note that you should not use the backrest for prolonged periods if you want the health benefits associated with a kneeling chair. However, it can be good for resting and those who suffer from back pain and need occasional support. 

Double Knee Padded

These have separate knee pads for each leg. This is great for the back because it can allow you to open up your core and allow you to sit comfortably for your body. The knee pads may not fit every body type, but if you get one that fits you then it may help to reduce back pain more than an option that has a single knee padding. 

Saddle Seat

A saddle seat is designed to fit our body shape and can help to retain the natural curvature of the spine. It also compressed the spine less which can help with back pain as well as shoulder pain, neck pain, and any pain associated with sitting in an uncomfortable, traditional office chair. 

best kneeling chairs for back pain

How Do Kneeling Chairs for Back Pain Work?

A kneeling chair allows you to sit with a 110 degree bottom to thigh ratio and a 60 to 70 degree angle from thigh to calf. This is drastically different from the 90 degree angles that a traditional chair provides. The result is good, natural posture. It is almost impossible to slouch while you are sitting in a kneeling chair. 

The good posture and prevention of slouching can help to reduce the compression in the back and neck. In turn, this will help to alleviate back and neck pain. Furthermore, the position of the body in a kneeling chair allows weight to be evenly distributed around the body which can take pressure and tension out of painful areas including the back. 

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Does a Kneeling Chair Help Sciatica?

Prolonged sitting time can contribute to sciatica pain. A kneeling chair provides an open-angled posture that reduces pressure on the lumbar and other areas. When the hips open up it reduces the pressure on the sciatic nerve. Additionally, a kneeling chair can help to increase blood circulation throughout the body and into your legs which are often affected by sciatica.

If you suffer from sciatica then a kneeling chair may be a good solution. However, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, it can take a while to get used to a new sitting posture and going from sitting all day in a traditional chair to sitting all day in a kneeling chair is not healthy and can lead to an increase in pain. 

Try to gradually adjust to the kneeling chair. You should also try to move around as much as possible and alternate between sitting in the chair and standing at a standing desk. This will be more beneficial for your pain and overall health in the long run. 

What to Look for in the Best Kneeling Chairs for Back Pain?

If back pain is your main concern, then there are some things  you should look for before deciding on which kneeling chair to purchase. First is a chair that actually fits your body. When using a kneeling chair  you should be able to comfortably sit slightly forward with good posture. If you are able to slouch or lean back then it will not do its job and can even increase your back pain. 

Another consideration is a seat that is tilted forward because it can allow the spine to rest in its natural position. This can help to alleviate back pain. A seat with at least 20 degrees of incline is best. This allows the spine to obtain its natural curvature. 

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You should also look for a chair that has sufficient adjustability. You want it to be comfortable and adjustability is an easy way to achieve that. When it comes to backrests, it is best to get one without or with a removable back support system so that you are not tempted to use the backrest too much. You want to have good posture and you also want to strengthen the muscles in your core and back and a backrest can prevent this. 

Best Kneeling Chairs for Back Pain

Varier Variable Balans Original Kneeling Chair

This chair utilizes the original kneeling chair design by Peter Opsvik back in 1979. It is high quality and durable with a 240 pound weight limit. It has a double knee pad system which can help you open up your hips to reduce back pain. It is also made out of high-quality materials including flexible wood that can promote active sitting that can strengthen the muscles around the back area. Finally, it comes in 8 different colors to fit your style. 


  • Durable Wood and upholstery
  • Double knee padding
  • Slight rocking motion


  • Not suitable for people who are very short
  • Difficult assembly
  • May wobble some during rocking

Defy Desk Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

This is an affordable option designed specifically for neck and back pain. It has an angle designed to distribute your weight evenly around the body. It also has a 3 inch thick foam padding to provide comfort and support. It has 4 caster wheels and the chair can support up to 250 pounds. It is height adjustable from 21 to 28 inches and comes with a money back guarantee. 


  • 3 inch thick foam padding
  • Money back guarantee and great customer service
  • Beneficial angle


  • Poor caster wheels
  • Cushion may not last as long as the rest of the chair
  • Single knee padding design

Sleekform Kneeling Posture Chair

This chair is comfortable and has caster wheels for mobility. The cushion is made to provide support and comfort and to alleviate back pain. The chair is also adjustable to fit your size and shape and the height can be changed from 21 to 28 inches. . It is made out of durable high-quality materials and can support up to 250 pounds. 


  • High-quality materials
  • Soft, but supportive cushion
  • Caster wheels


  • Low angle on the seat
  • Single padding for the knees
  • Difficult Assembly

Solace Plus kneeling chair 

This height adjustable option is great for the price and is more comfortable than a lot of other options. It also has a modern design and caster wheels so you can move around easily. The upholstery is good and durable while remaining easy to clean


  • Upholstery
  • Caster wheels
  • Comfortable


  • Inadequate seat tilt
  • Not as sturdy as other options
  • Not suitable for taller people

DRAGONN by VIVO Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

This is the only option on this list that has a back rest, but the design is great regardless. It has a tilted design that supports good posture and a mesh cushion for support and breathability. It is made out of strong materials that can support up to 250 pounds and it also has caster wheels that are higher quality than other options. 


  • Caster wheels
  • Adjustability
  • 250 pound weight limit


  • Backrest may be tempting to use to try to slouch
  • Bad instructions for assembly and use
  • Not great for very short people

Final Thoughts on Kneeling Chairs for Back Pain

If you suffer from back pain, then a kneeling chair may be a good option. This is especially true if the back pain is caused or worsened by sitting in a traditional office chair. Kneeling chairs can help to alleviate or prevent back pain and can even help with sciatica. There are tons of options to fit every lifestyle and budget, but be sure to look at the size, adjustability, and price carefully before deciding on which one to buy.

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