Are Office Chairs Good for Gaming?

Are Office Chairs Good For Gaming?

Office chairs can be alright for gaming because of their functionality. 

Still, their lack of lumbar support prevents them from being the top choice for gaming.

If you want to use an office chair for gaming, invest in an expensive office chair.

Expensive office chairs are high quality and use materials that will not wear prematurely. Unlike cheap office chairs, they do not require cushions to bring you comfort.

Are office chairs good for gaming

However, office chairs are not the best for gaming since they provide less support than gaming chairs.

Office chairs are also less comfortable than gaming chairs. You are supposed to sit in office chairs for short intervals before taking breaks.

Unlike gaming chairs, you can sit in for a long time without getting uncomfortable. Sitting in uncomfortable office chairs can leave you with a sore back which is another problem!

Frequent video gamers should invest in a gaming chair over an office chair to avoid getting a sore back.

There are many more adjustments in gaming chairs than office chairs that can accommodate your sitting or playing style.

Plus, gaming chairs consider the chair's design, like the color and stitching. Office chairs typically only have a few designs, with shorter backs than gaming chairs and flat seats.

Are office chairs good for gaming?

Office chairs can be good for gaming.

However, they can sometimes cause mild back discomfort after a long day of gaming if you get a low-quality or cheap office chair.

Office chairs do not offer the same lower back support as a gaming chair, meaning you might have a sore back by the end of a long gaming session.

Still, they are more reliable than the average chair.

If you can use a desk chair over nothing, you should use the office chair. When buying an office chair, you should consider the price and the quality.

There is a major difference between a cheap office chair and an expensive, high-quality office chair.

Cheap office chairs

Cheap office chairs are bad for gaming. They are uncomfortable and do not support sitting for a long time.

There are many short-term solutions like seat covers, pillows, or cushions. Any temporary solutions will wear down or be too uncomfortable to play games. Eventually, the costs will outweigh the hassle.

Gaming in a cheap office chair will get uncomfortable quickly, but it is significantly more affordable.

They can be several hundred dollars less expensive than expensive office chairs or basic gaming chairs.

However, they are more comfortable in the long run and much higher quality than chairs from your local retailer.

Expensive office chair

Expensive office chairs can be a good option for gaming. Many expensive office chairs have adjustable settings, including lumbar support and more.

Finding an office chair that has the same features as a good gaming chair will cost the same price as the average gaming chair or more. 

The main difference between investing in an expensive office chair versus a cheap office chair is the quality of the product. The materials and manufacturing process are high quality.

Be advised that not all expensive chairs are good chairs. Use your discretion when purchasing chairs, and do not fall for false promises!

Read reviews, ask for sales advice, and look into the product information to learn specifics about the chair before purchasing. 

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What is the difference between office chairs and gaming chairs?

The main difference between office and gaming chairs is the lumbar support you get from the chair. Gaming chairs have a lot more support than office chairs.

The average office chair accommodates someone for only half an hour at a time.

A gaming chair will seat you much longer than office chairs because the bucket seats are designed for comfort.

The lumbar support of office and gaming chairs are drastically different. Lumbar support is built-in to the office chair, which is unadjustable.

Sitting for long durations can be extremely uncomfortable if you do not have spinal support.

Someone who wants a good gaming experience should invest in a chair made for gaming. Gaming chairs are the same price as a high-quality office chair.

The materials and manufacturing of these chairs are top quality, lasting years without wear or tear. Furthermore, most gaming chairs have a lifelong warranty. 

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Are office chairs good for gaming

Why are gaming chairs better for gaming?

The number one reason gaming chairs are better for gaming is the lumbar support. Gaming chairs have precise, ergonomic designs that influence how your body sits.

That is why you can stay in the chair for a long time without getting uncomfortable. 

In addition to comfort, the appearance of gaming chairs is generally better too. Most gaming chairs are colorful and have unique designs on them.

The bucket-seat design of gaming chairs gives the chair a fierce and expensive aesthetic.


Gaming chairs are better for gaming because they have more support options.

They have ergonomic designs with lumbar support and adjustable heights. That means you can adjust your back support before, after, or as you play.

A comfortable gaming experience means you will have a good gaming experience. 

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Longevity is important for gaming chairs, which is why all the leading gaming chair brands prioritize making chairs from high-quality materials.

As a result, the chairs they produce are far more durable than office chairs. Gaming chairs are more capable of long gaming sessions.


Gaming chairs come in various colorful designs and custom styles, which unfortunately office chairs do not offer.

Embroidery and custom color are common for gaming chairs, emphasizing expression and team representation.

The bucket seats are inspired by exotic cars, which gives these chairs a regal and expensive feel. They are sleek and elegant, without having too much cushion or give.


Gaming chairs have many more adjustments than office chairs. The settings of your gaming chair are designed so you can adjust them to fit your gaming posture.

Whether you sit straight up or back on a slight decline, you can adjust your gaming chair exactly for your posture.

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Darryl Higgins

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Darryl Higgins

Darryl Higgins

Hi, I'm Darryl. I made this site to help share information & reviews about ergonomic desks, chairs & accessories to help others who want to work more comfortably. Learn more about my journey by reading my bio here. Enjoy!

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