Best Office Chairs for Sitting Crossed Legged?

Are you looking for office chairs for sitting crossed legged comfortably? Well, you have come to the right place. In this review, we are going to share:

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  • What Are Office Chairs for Sitting Crossed Legged?
  • What Are The Different Types of Office Chairs for Sitting Crossed Legged?
  • How Do Office Chairs for Sitting Crossed Legged Work?
  • What to Look For In The Best Office Chairs for Sitting Crossed Legged??

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Best Office Chairs for sitting crossed legged

Our Top 5 Office Chairs You Can Sit Cross Legged In  

  1. Pipersong (Our Top Pick)

What Are Office Chairs for Sitting Crossed Legged in?

The crossed-legged office chair is a new chair design that allows you to sit in the cross-legged style position comfortably while still supporting your back and neck. 

The specific chairs are made with no arms or back and are higher off the ground than most.

The crossed leg chairs are beneficial for opening the hips and increasing alertness and focus.

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What Are The Different Types of Office Chairs for Sitting Cross-Legged in?

There are a few different types of chairs you can purchase for the office that would be ideal for crossed-legged sitting.

Crossed-legged Specific:

First, you can purchase those specifically made for sitting crossed-legged like the ones mentioned above. 

Office Chair:

Second, you can purchase any office chair that doesn’t have a back or arms. Although these do not have multiple layers for the ideal sitting position, they still do the trick.

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Adjustable Office Chair:

Lastly, you can always purchase a comfortable, well-constructed office chair that easily changes sizes, making it easy to fit your knees and legs under the desk while sitting in the crossed-legged position.

However, for the best support and comfort, we highly recommend you purchase a chair that was specially designed for this sitting style.

Chairs made specifically for sitting crossed-legged come in different forms as well.

Swivel Chair:

You can purchase a swivel chair that provides a small upper seat, with a platform a few inches lower, making it easy to cross your legs while you work.

Kneeling Chair:

You can also purchase a “kneeling” crossed-legged chair that gives you the option of sitting in the Kneeling position while still having the ability to sit high enough to see the screen and support your neck and spine.

Floor crossed-legged chairs:

Finally, there are crossed-legged chair options that are made for the floor.

These can also be used for meditation and yoga and allow you to sit in your favorite position comfortably, with just the right amount of support.

When you purchase an office chair for sitting crossed-legged-in, you are buying a multi-level “stool-type” chair. 

Under the main seat, there is a platform where you can rest your legs in order to sit comfortably in a crossed-legged position, helping you stay comfortable and focused while you work.

Although, there are some studies that show sitting for long periods with your legs crossed can be bad for you, especially with blood circulation and posture.

Many other studies provide great arguments explaining why this position can be very beneficial when doing it correctly.

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Best Office Chairs for Sitting Crossed Legged

What to Look For In The Best Office Chairs for Sitting Crossed Legged in?

While doing our research, we were looking for a few different features we felt were really important in an office chair that allowed for crossed-legged seating. 

First and foremost, we wanted something with the right amount of comfort and support. 

Although, we all love a little extra padding when sitting for long periods of time, sitting on something with too much cushioning isn’t beneficial to our body.

Second, we looked for a product that was versatile and adjustable. We liked the office chairs that could be adjusted for comfort and height and could fit easily in any workspace.

Finally, we wanted to provide you with a great list of options that were made with high-quality materials and were able to hold up to long periods of daily use.

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Best Crossed-Legged Office Chairs Reviewed

We took the time to scour the internet in search of the best crossed-legged chairs on the market.

We looked through customer reviews and ratings, price, and performance. Then we put together a compilation of what we found, just for you. 

Here is a list of our favorite five crossed-legged office chairs we recommend you try out if you love sitting crossed-legged while working.

#1  Pipersong (Our Top Pick)

Pipersong Meditation Chair, Home Office Desk...
  • ACTIVATE YOUR SIT: Created by ergonomic engineer and designers, it provides an active flexible seating outlet that promotes constant movement and stimulation of your body. Change positions from time to time and sit in your most comfortable way. Long-duration sitting will no longer be boring.
  • COMFORT & PAINLESS: Padded with the high resilience, high density foam, the 3.7-inch extra thick seat cushion plus the 1.5-inch thick footstool provide comfort support for your hip, feet, knees and ankles while switching positions. The crescent-shaped ergonomic backrest gives perfect lower back support.

This office chair made the top of our list because it is by far the best option we found out there.

The crescent-shaped, swivel stool makes position transition a breeze, which is ideal for switching up your seating position after long periods of time. 

This chair is comfortable, supportive, and versatile. It comes in a few different color options and is ideal for any space or office design. This chair is durable, safe to use, and easy to clean, making it an excellent product for anyone to use. 


  • Flexible and versatile for easy position transitions
  • Equal amounts of comfort and support
  • Quality product with ergonomic design


  • It comes with a high price tag than other options
  • Suggested weight is under 200lbs

#2  Medi-Chair Cross-Legged Posture Chair (Best Budget)

This Medi-chair is an ideal budget-friendly crossed-legged office chair, perfect for comfortably working all day long while still having the ability to change your seating, giving your great back and hip support.

This chair is made with sleek black leather that is extremely simple to put together and easily fits under your desk.

The weight capacity is 250lbs or less and includes a posture corrector to help support your spine.


  • Affordable for most budgets
  • Weight capacity supports up to 250lbs
  • Easy to assemble


  • Doesn’t provide much area space for seating

#3  Alexia crossed-legged yoga chair (Best High End)

Alexia Meditation Seat Ergonimically Correct...
  • Body Supports: Lower Back Column - Ischial Junction Node - knees - instep - feet
  • Seat Support: Internal Metallic Skeleton Structured

This crossed-legged chair isn’t technically an office chair. It was designed for meditation, making it a great option for comfortable and correct seating for a prolonged time.

This is ideal for anyone who has the ability to work from a laptop and adjustable “floor desk.” This product puts you into the best position for crossed-legged working, helping you sit with plenty of back, hip, and neck support.

The Alexia crossed-legged yoga chair may be pricy, but it is definitely worth the money for all of the benefits it provides. 


  • Comfortable and extremely supportive
  • Great for working on the floor
  • Easy to clean


  • Expensive (but that is why it was nominated as best high-end)
  • It cannot be used at an office desk

#4  H&A Cross-Legged kneeling Chair

H&A Cross-Legged kneeing Chair for Office or...
  • 【Change Sng Posure】:Our medaon char allows you o s n a varey of dfferen posons such as cross-legged, squang, kneelng, and counless ohersI can keep your spne n an ergonomcally comforable poson Super comforable for compuer work, ypng or gamng
  • 【Hegh Adjusable】:You can adjus he posure char o he hegh ha sus you The hegh ranges from 225" o 26", allowng you o fnd he perfec posonThe kneelng syle char posons you wh an open hp angle ha encourages an uprgh, sragh posure Ths gves you naural, correc algnmen n your back, shoulders and neck whle sng

The H&A crossed-legged office chair has a 360° swivel for convenience and an easily adjustable height that ranges from 22.5" to 26".

These features make it perfect for desk work, allowing you to move from one position to the next with ease.

This chair comes in a few different color options, and the price is average for this specific product. It is made from faux leather material and a sturdy, durable metal frame. 


  • Versatile and adjustable
  • 360° swivel for quick movement and position change
  • Holds up to 300lbs of weight


  • The faux leather material has a tendency to start breaking down

#5  Topay Cross-Legged Kneeling chair

Topay Cross-Legged kneeing Chair for Yoga...
  • 2-level design allows you to sit on the knees, cross-legged, or with folded legs, you can alter your posture to feel more relaxed while working for long hours
  • Both platforms are height adjustable, the lower platform is adjustable from 16″ to 20″ high, while the upper platform can be raised an additional 6″ from the lower one

This Topay Cross-Legged kneeing Chair allows you to sit in three different positions, on your knees, crossed-legged, or folded legs.

It is convenient and allows the user to sit for long periods of time with the ability to change your seating whenever you start to feel stiff or uncomfortable.

The platform is easily adjustable, and this chair can hold up to 350lbs of weight, making it one of the highest weight baring chairs we have found so far, giving people of all shapes and sizes a supportive, comfortable seat.


  • Supports up to 350lbs of weight
  • 360 ° swivel for adjustable positions
  • Comfortable and durable


  • It can be too high to fit underneath a desk

Final Thoughts On Crossed-Legged Office Chairs

These crossed-legged office chairs are still a relatively new product that has just started to become more prevalent at the office or in “home office” workspaces.

These chairs provide comfort and support you may not get from sitting crossed-legged in the average office chair.

If you enjoy sitting “criss-cross apple sauce,” you should consider purchasing one of the amazing products listed above.

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Darryl Higgins

Darryl Higgins

Hi, I'm Darryl. I made this site to help share information & reviews about ergonomic desks, chairs & accessories to help others who want to work more comfortably. Learn more about my journey by reading my bio here. Enjoy!

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