Top 5 Best Large Desks (2021 Review)

If you are looking for a desk that can hold a lot of materials or that would be good to share with another person, then you need one of our best large desks. But how do you know which options are good? 

This article includes:

  • The Top 5 best large desks and their pros and cons
  • How they work and the different types
  • What to look for to make sure you get a good one

Let’s get started.

Top 5 Best Large Desks

What are Large Desks?

A lot of desk options are 40 inches or less. This can be good for some tasks, but a lot of people struggle to fit their work materials comfortably on top of it.

This can lead to poor ergonomics and cause problems such as back and neck pain or frustration.

If the desk is too small, you may even compromise your productivity by cluttering up your entire work area. 

Large desks are those that are at least 50 inches long. Some are over 70 inches long.

These are great for people who use two or more monitors or have a lot of large materials that they work with every day.

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Some of these desks are even large enough to share with another person without losing your elbow room. 

Check out this cool video about a DIY desk that is much larger than average!

What are the Different Types of Large Desks?

There are some different types of large desks to be aware of.

In addition to a standard rectangular large desk, there are l-shaped, standing, gaming, two tiered, industrial, and storage options to keep in mind. 


This is just like any other desk, but it is just much larger. This usually means that it has some additional support components to keep it sturdy and strong.

They are made of wood most commonly, but sometimes other materials are used. Typically, a large one is at least 50 inches in length. They may also have some extra depth when compared to other desks. 


These are large desks that have an l-shape that makes them perfect for a corner desk. Usually, both sides combined have a length of at least 50 inches, but some are much larger than that.

They can be made as a one piece desktop, but two piece options are a little more common. 


Standing large desks are either fixed at a standing height or, even better, they adjust from sitting to standing and back.

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Some of the adjustable options use a manual crank or lever mechanism or pneumatics while others are electric and adjust by pushing a button and may even have memory preset buttons. 


This type  usually has a more modern style. They often have more cable management than other options or other features that help with gaming.

A lot of them have a desktop surface that works with a mouse as well. They are also made to be sturdy and stable even when vigorously gaming on the surface. 


These desks have two different tiers. This allows you to put the monitor or monitors on top of the higher tier, which leaves additional room on the lower tier.

This is great for those who want even more space than the other types offer. 


This type is built for taking more abuse than the others on here.

They are usually made of stronger materials and also have other features like scratch and dent resistance. Many of them are easy to clean.

They may not have the style elements that other options have. 


This type offers shelves or drawers. Sometimes the shelves will be built into the legs or the frame. The desktop may have a drawer built into it as well. Other options will come with separate storage like an extra table or file cabinet. 

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How Do Large Desks Work?

Large desks offer much more surface area than the smaller types. This means that more materials will be placed on top of the desk.

Because of this, the frames are often more reinforced with strong cross bars or a sturdier construction. This ensures that the desk will be able to support all of your materials. 

Adjustable large desks also have stronger mechanisms so that they do not break down from the excess weight. This is a great option regardless of how much material you put on top because it is well-made and likely to last longer.

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Top 5 Best Large Desks

What to Look for in the Best Large Desks?

Well, there are certainly some things to keep in mind when shopping for a large desk.


First, the size itself. You do not want a desk that is too big and it has to fit in the space that you have available.

Plus, some are very long, over 50 inches or even over 60 inches, but that does not mean that they will necessarily have the depth that your work materials need to fit comfortably on top of the desktop. 


You also do not want to compromise your comfort or ability to reach the materials that you need. Make sure that you can reach all of your materials even when the desktop monitor and other necessities are placed on top of the desktop surface. 


If you plan on moving the desk often, weight is a major consideration. Since these desk are much bigger than others, they are also much heavier. If this is a concern for you, be sure to check and double check. 

Weight Limit:

Weight limit is a factor for any desk, but especially large desks because the bigger the surface area, the more materials will be placed on top.

Therefore, the weight limit must be higher to accommodate for the increase in surface area. 

If you are planning on sharing the desk with someone else, which is common among huge desks, then you should make sure that not only your own materials will fit, but that it will work for the materials that the other person needs as well. 

Best Large Desks

 #1  Tribesigns 63 Inch Modern Computer Desk

Tribesigns Modern Computer Desk, 63 inches...
  • [MODERN SIMPLE DESK COMPUTER TABLE OFFICE DESKS ]- With metal legs and adjustable leg pads, made the desks keep stable even on uneven floor
  • [WIDEN DESKTOP & SPACIOUS LEG ROOM ]- 23.6" wide, provide ample space for computer, monitor, printer , writing, study and other home office activities, the underneath leg distance is 58.26" you can make the best of it in a dorm room, Great for allowing tall people plenty of leg room

This large, 63 inch desk is stylish and elegant with a modern touch. It is 23.6 inches wide and made with heavy duty coated steel.

This makes it a great choice for those who have heavier working materials because it can support up to 900 pounds!

It comes with an 18 month warranty and you can also choose to get the same desk in 47 inch and 55 inch options. 


  • Heavy duty construction supports 900 pounds
  • Stylish modern design available in numerous colors
  • Crossbar and support features offer stability


  • Very heavy 
  • May not be the right height for very short people
  • Shows dust and fingerprints easily (at least for the darker color options)

#2  Allewie 55

This 55 inch desk is also available in 45 inch and you can choose between 4 different colors. The desktop is well-made and the frame is stable and supports up to 300 pounds.

The desktop materials are waterproof and scratch resistant. It is also very easy to put together and is much more affordable than many of the competitors. 


  • Sturdy and strong
  • 300 pound weight limit
  • Color and size options


  • May wobble slightly
  • Thin desktop
  • Frame can scratch easily

#3  DESIGNA L Shaped Electric Standing Desk, 61inches

DESIGNA L Shaped Electric Standing Desk,...
  • ①L-Shaped Corner Design:L-shaped corner designa is very nice in a corner at your home and maximize help you to save space,and the round corner design better protecte your family from bruising.
  • ②Electric Height Adjustable: The L shaped standing desk has 4 memory buttons to customize your desired heights from 29.9" to 48.4".You could change your working posture at any time, say goodbye to long hours of sitting!

This l-shaped desk comes in left or right l-shape options and is electronically adjustable from 29.9 to 48.4 inches. It has a sturdy frame that can support 330 pounds. With modern design that offers plenty of space because it is 61 inches in length.


  • Superb customer service
  • Electronically adjustable with memory presets
  • 330 pound weight limit


  • Instructions are hard to understand
  • Very heavy
  • More expensive than other options

#4  AuAg Black Gaming Desk 60 inch

AuAg Black Gaming Desk 60 inch, Large Gaming...
  • 【WIDER & LARGER DESKTOP FOR MORE SPACE TO USE】Gaming computer desk with 60” L × 27.56” W has plenty of space for your gaming monitors, pc, gaming consoles, gaming keyboard and any other gaming gear you have, offer you large enough space to go battle
  • 【WIRE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, CLEAR THE OBSTACLES FOR GAMING】AuAg gaming PC desk was equipped with 2 cable grommets on the desktop, upgraded grommets is practical for gamer to manage wires multi- directionally, keep your tabletop more organized without mess

This 60 inch gaming desk is available in red and black options and offers 2 cable grommets for managing the wires around your desk area.

It can hold up to 330 pounds and is waterproof and easy to clean. Also has a cup holder, a headphone hook, and a large mouse pad. as well as a stable design with large feet. 


  • Sturdy with large feet and 330 pound weight limit
  • Cable management
  • Gaming features including hook, mouse pad, and cup holder


  • May chip easily
  • May be too tall for some shorter people
  • Two piece desktop

#5  OUTFINE 55 Inch Desk Computer Desk Office Desk with Drawer

OUTFINE Desk Computer Desk Office Desk with...
  • Shelves and Drawer - Three open shelves and one drawer make the most of the space under the desk top. They are great storage places for tower, books, paper documents, files and others, making your work space more organized and efficient.
  • Monitor Stand - A long monitor stand stretching over the desk top can be used to place your monitor and other accessories. It not only helps for ergonomic sitting posture, but also adds extra space to your workstation.

This 55 inch two tiered desk has three shelves and a drawer to offer tons of storage. The second tier is perfect for a monitor and it is also available in 47 inch options. The legs double as storage space and it also has a x-shaped support feature that offers more stability. 


  • Storage shelves and a drawer
  • Two tier construction
  • Stable with x-shaped crossbars


  • May not support very heavy work materials
  • Can scratch easier than some options
  • The drawer is a little stiff

Final Thoughts on The Best Large Desks

A large desk is often preferable when you have a lot of work materials because it can reduce the clutter.

There are tons of options that are stylish, affordable, and functional. Depending on what you want, there are modern designs as well as more traditional options.

You can even get l-shaped or standing desks that are huge if that is the type of desk you are in the market to purchase. 

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