Top 5 Best L-Shaped Standing Desks? (2021 Review)

Interested in learning about the best L-shaped standing desks? In this product review guide, I will go over:

  • My top picks for the best L-shaped standing desk
  • What factors are important to look for in selecting an L-shaped standing desk
  • Why L-shaped standing desks are good for your health and your productivity

Let’s get started!

Top 5 Best L Shaped Standing Desks

Our Top 5 L-Shaped Standing Desks?

  1. iMovR Lander L-Desk (Our Top Pick)
  2. Fully Jarvis L-Shaped Standing Desk (Best Budget)
  3. Xdesk L-Shaped (Best High End)
  4. Autonomous SmartDesk Corner (A Worthy Budget Runner-Up)
  5. Human Solutions Uplift V2 L-Shaped Desk (Another Worthy Budget Runner-Up)

What Are L-Shaped Standing Desks?

Quite new in concept, they are desks for office or school work that you can elevate above your waist, allowing you to stand as you type on a computer or write or read papers!

While they were originally designed to help alleviate back problems, nowadays people love them also for the freedom of movement and the opportunity to work more exercise into their daily routine.

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As the name suggests, they’re “L” shaped, allowing them to fit into a corner easily (or you can put in the center of an office too).

For the purpose of this article, let’s distinguish “corner desks” from “L-shaped desks” by way of number of lifting legs and by number of desktops.  

Below is a handy table. We will not consider corner desks in this article.


Corner Desks


Number of desktops

Just one

Two, attached perpendicularly

Number of lifting legs



How Does a L-Shaped Standing Desk Work?

These desks are special in that they easily afford you methods to raise them above your waist, as the mechanism is built into the manufacture.

This way, you can transition from sitting to standing, or vice versa, depending on your health needs and mood at the time.  

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Top 5 Best L Shaped Standing Desks

What to Look For in the Best L-Shaped Standing Desks?

There are many factors that are important in finding the best L-shaped standing desk, such as height range, weight load, depth of the desk, and power options for raising the desk, such as electric or pneumatic (air pressure), and of course, price. 

The Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association recommends that the adjustable height be between 22 inches to 46.5 inches.

This will suit almost everyone, however a person whose height is out of standard range might have difficulty using the standing desk.

If your office is a little tight, you might also want to consider the width of the desk to make sure it fits comfortably into the office and to allow room to walk by.  BIFMA Standards for Desks, Including L-Shaped Standing Desks

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Best L-Shaped Standing Desks Reviewed

#1 iMovR Lander L-Desk (Our Top Pick)

Made entirely in the U.S.A., this desk is made through on-demand manufacturing, allowing for a versatile number of combinations in shape, size, and desktop pattern and color.

It takes only fifteen minutes to assemble and allows for different depths as per your custom order.

This desk was recommended by USA Today as the best standing desk of 2021. It can hold 360 pounds and can rise or descend at the speed of 1.6 inches per second, using quiet electric motors.


  • Allows for several combinations of measurements and appearances. 
  • Side table can swap from left to right so you don’t have to buy a new desk if you move it around.
  • If a wood grain surface is chosen, both desktops can have the grain running in the same direction once assembled together.


  • Its price tag of $2,048 makes it a little steep for your budget. 

#2 Fully Jarvis L-Shaped Standing Desk (Best Budget)

Centered in Washington State, this company strives to deliver budget-priced desks, and this L-shaped standing desk can hold a weight load of 535 pounds and can glide upwards (or downwards) at 1.5 inches per second.

Like many other budget-priced options, it take up to two hours to assemble, which may be overlooked since it is just an initial one-time task in exchange for years of use.  


  • Affordable for one’s office budget, at $1,299.
  • Electric motors and adjustable controls make for easy operation.
  • Good weight bearing load for its price.


  • Complicated to put together.
  • More limited design features available compared to other higher priced standing L-desks.

#3 Xdesk L-Shaped Desk (Best High End)

This L-shaped desk is considered a luxury brand, and at $4,350, the price reflects this premium. The weight capacity is 630 pounds, and the desktop can rise (or descend) at 1.7 inches per second.

 Like the iMovR L-Desk above, it offers a versatile selection of premium-priced finishes and configurations. It uses natural bamboo and for power, it uses electrical motors. For those who are patriotic, the fact it’s handcrafted in Texas is a sure appeal.   


  • Has a luxury look and offers a generous choice of appearances to match your needs.
  • Its mounted console allows for transitions from sitting to standing with smooth ease thanks to a push of a button.
  • The desktop is 100% bamboo and hence does not have a thin veneer that can be scratched easily.
  • In contrast to other L-shaped desks, it has a low cross-bar connecting the legs and is more out of the way. 


  • By far the most expensive option.

#4 Autonomous SmartDesk Corner (A Worthy Budget Runner-Up)

Unlike its competitors, it uses no cross-bars to stabilize its legs, which is great in that it offers lots of leg room but may result in less stability as the motors in each of its three legs strive to lift the desktop uniformly.

However, it has earned some feedback that it is difficult to assemble in comparison to other models. At $999, it is one of the most affordable L-shaped standing desks and has a weight capacity of 400 pounds. It uses electric motors, and has a very fast speed of 2.3 inches per second.


  • One of the cheapest L-shaped standing desks and much more affordable, at $999.
  • Does its job without fuss, once fully assembled. 
  • Fast gliding speed of 2.3 seconds in the legs.


  • Its omission of cross-bars is commendable in terms of leg room, but also means it is less stable. 
  • Lengthy assembly time.
  • Lack of design options to customize your desk. 

#5 Human Solution Uplift V2 L-Shaped Desk (Another Worthy Budget Runner-Up)

Uplift, like its similarly placed competitors Autonomous and Fully Jarvis, requires a of assembly and falls within a similar budgetary range, at $1,299.

It can bear a weight of up to 535 pounds and uses electrical power to engineer the ascent and descent of its desktop.

Human Solution states that its height range is much more flexible than others, as it has a range of 25.5 inches to 51 inches. Its speed is 1.5 inches per second.


  • Does have more options as to upgrade compared to its similarly priced competitors.
  • Budget is affordable. 
  • Wider height range would suit a bigger population of users with very different heights. 


  • Lack of a cross-bar would render it less stable. 
  • Long assembly time required.

Final Thoughts on the iMovR Lander L-Desk

For the right price, and for what you need in an office, this desk is a safe bet. Plus, it is one budget-smart option that doesn't require painstaking assembly work, so you can start enjoying it faster!

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Darryl Higgins

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Darryl Higgins

Darryl Higgins

Hi, I'm Darryl. I made this site to help share information & reviews about ergonomic desks, chairs & accessories to help others who want to work more comfortably. Learn more about my journey by reading my bio here. Enjoy!

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