Top 5 Best Small U Shaped Desks (2022 Review)

Do you want to know why you should consider one of the best small u shaped desks in this list?

A u-shape desk is a great way to have your own work space separated from the rest of the office. However, many of them are quite large and may not fit in the space that you have available. There are, however, more compact options.

This article includes:

  • The top 5 best small u-shaped desks with their pros and cons
  • What they are and the different types
  • What to look for in the best options on the market

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Top 5 Best Small U Shaped Desks

What are Small U-Shaped Desks?

A u-shaped desk can be very useful because it offers more desktop surface area for materials and an easy way to reach those materials.

In addition, it also provides a clear work place set off from the rest of the room or office. But because they are composed of three different components in a u-shape, they are usually very large. 

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However, there are some more compact and small options available. Whether they have less depth to fit better into a corner, or less length on one or both of the arms, there are options available.

There are also some that make great use of space by offering a curved shape. Let’s look at the different types that you may want to consider.

First, though, check out this video about saving space in a small office with organization!

What are the Different Types of Small U-Shaped Desks?

Besides the standard compact u-shaped desk, there are also standing, extended l-shape, mobile,  double u-shape, and storage options that you may want to consider.

Let’s look at what each one of these different types has that makes them unique. 


This is a u-shaped desk that makes great use of space. They often have one of the arms shorter than the other to save space to move into and out of the work area.

It often has empty space underneath so that you can store materials or place shelves or file cabinets.

They are also usually at most 42 inches in length, but there are some small ones that are slightly longer. Some options may also have less depth to save room away from the walls. 


These are often made as only standing desks because it is hard to adjust a large u-shape, but there are some available that have a curved u-shape so the whole thing can adjust for health benefits

Extended L-Shape

While this is technically an l-shaped desk, it offers some of the benefits to a u-shape because it has an extended portion that gives it three straight edges.

They are also much more compact than most other types of u-shaped desks, but still offer many of the benefits like increased surface area and a distinct space to work. 


These types of u-shaped desks have wheels. They also have a design that generally makes them very compact, but they still have a u-shape design.

It also usually has storage space built in so that you can make good use of the mobile space you have. 

Double U-Shape

While this type may not seem small at first glance, because they are actually quite big, they are a compact way to create two separate work areas.

This means that they will save you space if you need two desks anyways because they create two desks that share a middle portion on the shape. 


This type is usually not quite as compact, but may help you get rid of existing shelves, drawers, filing cabinets, and more, because they have them built right into the u-shaped desk.

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There are also small options available so that you can make the best use of the space that you have in the office. 


While most executive style desks are very large, there are some available that have a smaller interior area and less length and depth.

They still may be larger than the other types of small desks, but are good for smaller office spaces that need an elegant style. 

How do Small U-Shaped Desks Work?

Small u-shaped desks offer a lot of work area in a little amount of space. To do this, they are usually designed so that they do not have as much frame taking up space.

In addition, the desktop may be made of two or three pieces that fit together in a way that makes better use of the area. 

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The interior area between the components is often smaller, but still large enough to fit a standard sized office chair. This allows you to reach all of the areas.

Some of them also have a second tier to put monitors, which gives you more space. Then, some of the depth will be taken away compared with regular sized u-shaped desks. 

Top 5 Best Small U Shaped Desks

What to Look for in the Best Small U Shaped Desks

When you are shopping for a small u-shaped desk, there are some things to keep in mind.


You will want to make sure that the size is right. Of course you would check and double check that, but keep in mind that many options have one arm longer than the other. Also, make sure that you know the exact shape.

While most are u-shapes with right angles, some are curved and may not work as well in a corner. 


You will also want to check the height. With small u-shaped desks, people often want to store things underneath the desk. Make sure that those things will fit before making your plans and buying the desk.

Wire Management:

Saving space also likely means that you want to be able to plug in your computers and other electronic materials without taking up extra space with wires.

Make sure that you have cable management available. This can make or break a compact design.

Desktop Surface:

You want to check how many pieces make the entire desktop surface. The ones that are more than one piece may have little crevices that a mouse may not work on.


Also check the weight limit if you are still putting a regular sized desk’s worth of materials on top of it  because there is less frame to support heavy items. 

Best Small U Shaped Desks

#1  Merax U-Shaped Computer Corner Writing Desk

Merax U-Shaped Computer, Industrial Corner...
  • U-shaped Design:The U-shaped desk is specifically designed to meet small room. The two rectangular panels form an L-shaped angle and could fit in the corner to maximize your space. The right panel is designed with arc shape to provide extra storage space.
  • Industrial Simple Style:The simple lines and seamless silhouette design highlights a minimalist industrial style. With rustic brown finished surface contrasting against black legs, this computer desk will add rustic industrial charm to your office.

This compact u-shaped option has two rectangular panels with a third arc shape to provide more area, while using the space wisely.

It has room available underneath for storage and comes with a mobile CPU stand. It is made for scratch and water resistance out of MDF and the frame is stainless steel for strength and durability. 


  • Strong and sturdy
  • Storage space underneath and arc shape for elbow room 
  • Mobile CPU stand


  • Three piece desktop
  • Only available in tiger and black colors
  • Not designed for extremely heavy items

#2  Tangkula U-Shaped Computer Desk

Tangkula U-Shaped Computer Desk, Corner...
  • 2-in-1 Space-saving Design: Our U-shaped computer desk is designed in a unique combination of L-shaped desk and printer stand, providing a large work area to place your computers and other office supplies. Also, it fits perfectly in a corner, making full use of most of your limited space.
  • Sturdy Structure with High Stability: Built with robust and thickened steel pipes, our home office desk ensures great bearing capacity up to 130 lbs, not easy to deform as well. What’s more, each foot pad can be adjusted to maintain the balance of workstation even on the uneven ground.

This u-shaped desk has a shallow depth and is small in length as well, with support for up to 130 pounds and comes in black and brown colors.

It also comes with a CPU stand and has crossbars for sturdiness and durability. One of the components has an arc shape that can save some space as well.


  • Shallow depth
  • Simple design with CPU stand
  • Crossbars for strength and durability


  • 130 pound weight limit
  • Only available in solid colors (black and brown)
  • Difficult assembly

#3  FEZIBO Dual Motor Extended L-Shaped Electric Standing Desk

FEZIBO Corner Standing Desk, 48 Inches L...
  • Trustworthy: The concept of FEZIBO standing desk is to make and provide office furniture that is well-built, affordable and designed to create an energetic and supportive workplace
  • Robust Lift System: FEZIBO Lift System offers height adjustment from 27.6 inches to 47.3 inches, enhancing the efficiency when using with lower noise (under 50 dB)

This extended l-shaped desk may be just the type of desk you are looking for with a small u-shaped design. Plus, it is adjustable using a dual motor system to change heights with ease.

It has a second tier on one of the sections and large feet to keep it sturdy. Finally, it has hooks for holding items away from the table which may save more space. 


  • Height adjustable using dual motors
  • Color options
  • Sturdy with large feet


  • More expensive than other options
  • Not a full u-shape (extended l-shape)
  • Second tier may not be large enough to support a monitor

#4   Tribesigns 94.5 inch Two Person Desk

Tribesigns 94.5 inch Two Person Desk, Extra...
  • Multifuctional Desk: This double computer desk creates the perfect solution for office, workshop, home and apartment. It can be served as computer table, workstation desk, study table, training table or gaming desk. Featu
  • Double Workstation Design: Expands the storage and capabilities of the workspace with this two person desk, makes your working more effectively. You can share the same work surface and working side by side with your partner and family without compromising on space.

This is a double u-shaped desk, and even so it is much smaller than other products. It has a stylish wood grain with a black steel frame.

This desk comes with a printer stand as well as a bottom shelf. It is sturdy and strong with an 800 pound weight limit and is also water and dust resistant.


  • Strong with 800 pound weight limit
  • Printer stand and shelves
  • Reasonable Price


  • May become scratches over time
  • Middle component is short (may be a positive for some consumers)
  • Difficult assembly

#5  Teraves Modern Extended L Shaped Desk with Shelves

Teraves Modern L Shaped Desk with...
  • Versatile Storage Space: This l desk features an open 4-Tier shelves design,which provides you with enough space for storaging books,printers,monitors,decorations and so on.The detachable shelves allow you to define your storage space, you can move the shelves easily to make room for the computer tower.
  • Multifunctional Desk with Wide Desktop:This L-Shaped computer desk is designed for multi-purpose,it can be used as a office desk,gaming desk,craft desk or tool table due to its wide desktop.When you need space to create and focus on playing games, writing, working, or studying, this computer desk will be there for you.

This extended l-shaped desk is a great size and comes in three different color styles. The extended portion is large enough to put a monitor and keyboard to create the perfect u-shaped work area.

It also has shelves and a sturdy frame with particle board desktop, strong enough to hold 450 pounds and the shelves can hold 35 pounds.


  • Three color options
  • Strong with 450 pound weight limit (35 pound weight limit for the shelf)
  • Large extension area for nearly true u-shape


  • More expensive than other options
  • Poor assembly instructions
  • Difficult assembly, may require two people

Final Thoughts on The Best Small U Shaped Desks

There are tons of u-shaped desks, but many of them are large. However, there are some options for smaller u-shaped desks or extended l-shaped desks that can function in much the same way.

From affordable compact options to standing or executive options with a higher price tag, you are sure to find one that works for your office space!

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