Top 5 Best Standing Desks for Kids (2021 Review)

We all sit way too much, but standing can help reduce harmful sedentary behavior. So why only give this benefit to adults? Children deserve the opportunity to stand while they do homework and other activities. 

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Standing Desks for Kids

Top 5 Standing Desks for Kids

  1. S Stand Up Crank Adjustable-Height Student Desk (Our Top Pick)
  2. Flash Furniture Student Desk (Best Budget)
  3. Vari Education - Sit-Stand School Desk (Best High End)
  4. Ubbie Kids Desk
  5. Safco Products AlphaBetter Adjustable-Height Desk

What Are Standing Desks for Kids?

Standing desks are everywhere these days, but they are all too large from younger, and smaller, people. Children aren’t tall enough to reap the health benefits of regular standing desks, plus they don’t take their unique needs into consideration.

Kids deserve to avoid sedentary behavior by having the opportunity to stand while they learn and play. Good thing there are lots of options to choose from that are the right size and style to suit your child’s needs. 

Now kids are learning at home more than ever before, so you don’t have to wait on their school to invest in standing desks. Getting one for your child can reduce their BMI and increase engagement. There are several types of standing desks so you can get one that makes both you and your son or daughter happy. 

Check out this video to learn more about the amazing benefits of using standing desks for kids in a classroom!

What are the Different Types of Standing Desks for Kids?

The types of standing desks you need to consider for a child are typically categorized by the style (usually relative to the gender) and age. Think about these types so you can find the perfect desk for them. 

Standing Desks for Toddlers

This type of standing desk has a lower height range than any other standing desk type. They are also usually small. Since toddlers grow so fast, these desks are almost always adjustable so you can use them for more than a couple months. Many toddler desks are also colorful and have styles that appeal to younger crowds. 

Standing Desks for Older Children

These desks usually have a sophisticated style compared to toddler desks, but are also shorter than standing desks made for adults. They often have storage for books, notebooks, pencils, and other materials. They usually have a height range that can accommodate any students from elementary age through middle school. They sometimes can work for high schoolers as well. 

Standing Desks for Boys

Most desks have multiple color options, but some have styles including characters that appeal directly to boys. They often have a rugged look and are usually blue in color.

Standing Desks for Girls

Some desks are pink or styled to appeal to girls. Most of these have the option to choose for genders, but if you have a girl whose favorite color is pink this is definitely something to consider.

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How Do Standing Desks for Kids Work?

Kids sit a lot more than they should while at school. Then they come home and play or do homework while sitting even more. In fact, the average student in the U.S. sits four and half hours every day! A standing desk for children can work by allowing a student to stand or choose between standing or sitting.

Just by standing more, children become more active.Advocates are trying to get standing desks in schools, but that may take a while. You can reduce the amount of time your child sits dramatically by buying them a standing desk that they can use at home. 

Standing Desks for Children Benefits

What to Look for in the Best Standing Desks for Kids?

When looking for standing desks for kids, you need to check for some things to ensure you get one that will be good quality and that will suit your child’s unique size and requirements. 

You have to consider the height range. First of all, if you want your child to be able to change from sitting to standing, be sure to buy a model that is adjustable. Kids grow fast so you don’t want to purchase a desk that will only work for them for their current height. Instead, purchase one that will work for their sitting height and above. There are some standing desks made for younger kids and other ones made for older children so be sure to look at their specifications. 

You also need to look at storage. If you are buying a desk for your child to work on homework then you need to make sure the desktop can fit the materials they need. This could be a book, pencils, paper, and more. Some children’s desks have a stand where you can put books and other materials while freeing up the rest of the desktop for the child to work. 

A lot of desks for children have a cubby underneath the desktop. This is a great way for them to store stuff that they don’t need at all times. It can also give them their own personal space where they can feel comfortable and know where to locate school materials. 

You should choose a desk with a style that your child will like. This will make them comfortable when doing their school work. You may want to ask them what they think before you buy a particular desk. 

Another thing to look at is the footrest. Many options have a footrest for your kid to use while sitting. Sometimes this footrest rocks back and forth so your child can have some movement even while sitting. 

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Best Standing Desks for Kids

S Stand Up Crank Adjustable-Height Student Desk 

This high quality crank adjustable desk is perfect for students. It comes with 36” or 40” desktops and two color options. It also has caster wheels so your child can easily move it from one room to another. It only has one leg so it can fit into tight spaces or through doorways. 


  • Caster Wheels
  • Bag hook, cupholder, pencil tray
  • 30” to 45” height range 


  • Manual adjustment
  • No cubbies or shelves
  • No large desktop options

Flash Furniture Student Desk

This is a great option for those on a budget. It has the look of a traditional school desk, but the benefit of adjustability. It has a cubby for storage and a sturdy frame. The height range should suit students from elementary through middle school ages. 


  • Storage
  • Sturdy with anti-slip feet
  • 28” to 31” height range 


  • Not suitable for taller students
  • Small desktop
  • Difficult assembly

Vari Education - Sit-Stand School Desk

This is a great desk with pneumatic adjustable. It has a cross bar and large legs for great stability.  The large height range makes it suitable for children of almost any age. The style should appeal to children in middle school and beyond, but younger kids may like it as well.


  • Pneumatic adjustability
  • Stability (cross bar and large feet)
  • 26” to 42” height range


  • Two levers to adjust
  • Height settings
  • No Storage

Ubbie Kids Desk

This height adjustable desk is great for younger kids. It comes in blue, pink, or gray. It also includes a chair so your child can sit or stand and has a book stand, lamp, and storage room. In addition, the desk can tilt to suit your kid’s height and work style. 


  • 21” to 29” adjustability
  • Storage and accessories
  • Chair included


  • Not suitable for taller children
  • Not very sturdy
  • Hard to clean

Safco Products AlphaBetter Adjustable-Height Desk

This desk is great for school age students because it is sturdy, has a storage shelf, and has a footrest that swings. A 26” to 42” height range makes it suitable for kids of all ages. 

It has a 20” desktop and works well in a classroom setting.


  • Large height range
  • Storage shelf
  • Swinging footrest


  • Small desktop
  • Hard to adjust
  • Adjusts in increments

Final Thoughts on Standing Desks for Kids

There are some great options for children of any age. Some are more suitable for a specific age group while others appeal to anyone! Make sure you get one that has ample storage space and a height range that works for your child. 

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