How Hard Is it to Assemble a Standing Desk?

To assemble a standing desk, there are essentially two options.

One option is to follow the “DIY” route (Do It Yourself).

In which case you purchase your standing desk frame of choice and then either build your desktop or purchase one that you truly like from a different vendor.

Other options include purchasing a full standing desk from one of the many manufacturers that offer such products online nowadays.

As a result, 90% percent of purchasers choose the latter since it is simpler and typically less expensive, and all of the components are guaranteed to operate well together.

How Hard Is it to Assemble a Standing Desk

If you enjoy mixing and matching components, we have some useful DIY instructions to help you get started when it comes to picking the ideal components for your needs.

This article will examine the whole gamut of full standing desk options, from how difficult they are to assemble to how much time one should estimate for the assembly process to be completed in one day.

What You Need to Assemble a Standing Desk

You’ll likely want to start with something straightforward.

You may now select from a whole new generation of standing workstations that are simple to set up and they take up very little space. 

These desks can be put together in less than three minutes, while the more intricate ones can take up to eight minutes.

The best part about these standard standing desks is that they are simple to assemble and do not require the use of any special or additional tools.

For your first experience with a standing desk, we recommend starting with a simple one as it is the best way to learn the ropes.

First and foremost, it’s vital to note that mistakes do happen when purchasing standing desk components, so keep this thought in mind as you proceed with the steps below.

Consequently, you may encounter some of the most serious issues, such as damage during shipment, an unstable final product, misaligned holes, and defective and missing parts.

Even if you do obtain all of the components, there is always the possibility of human mistakes. Suppose you have all of the essential pieces in your possession.

Avoid assembling your standing desk on the floor to have a better overall user experience.

Instead, attempt to do it on top of a higher-level service, such as another desk, since this makes the entire process much easier.

An excellent cordless screwdriver equipped with interchangeable flathead, Phillips, and Allen key bits is essential for making such installations as painless as possible.

It’s an excellent idea to have a drill bit set that is particularly designed for pilot holes if your desktop isn’t already pre-drilled.

Ideally, you’ll have a cordless drill with the ability to swivel to a right angle to reach those tough angles for screwing and bolting in some of the more challenging components.

The most crucial piece of advice our experienced reviewers would like to share with our readers to make the building process go smoothly is to avoid assembling the desk on the floor if at all possible.

Construction on top of another desk will make it much easier and lessen the likelihood of something being put wrong or injuring your lower back.

If you do not have the luxury of building your desk at workbench height, be sure at the absolute least to lay down a thick blanket or a piece of cardboard on the floor first to prevent the laminate on the desktop from being scratched.

While the pieces of your new desk are on the floor, be sure that there are no loose screws, errant staples, small stones, or other anything that might harm the paint or laminate of your new desk.

Mounting the Simple Standing Desk

The quick-install standing desks are the simplest to assemble since they don’t require the use of any additional tools during the construction process.

Simply attaching the feet to the lifting columns should be enough to complete the task. You can accomplish this with the Allen key that has been provided.

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If you want to tackle something a little more involved, you’ll need the correct power toolset to help you do it more quickly and efficiently.

The procedure is very identical to the first, but because there is some screwing and drilling to be done, it will take around 15 minutes to complete.

As a result, it’s still a relatively short operation.

Assembling All Other Standing Desks

If you decide to use an electric standing desk, you should be aware that it will require you to reset all of the electronics.

Make sure that everything is in working order by resetting the controller’s index.

It is also critical to ensure that the desk’s feet are aligned, which should be done by a professional.

If you have all of the necessary equipment, have prepared the workspace thoroughly, have viewed the assembly videos in preparation, and have some experience with mechanical assembly, you should expect the assembly to take 45 to 60 minutes. 

If you don’t have these things, you may expect the assembly of standing desks to take up to 90 minutes.

The degree to which the bases are pre-assembled distinguishes the desks that take 45 to 90 minutes to assemble from those that take 20 minutes or less.

Most desks under $700 require the user to assemble the crossbars, attach them to the motor housings of the lifting columns, mount and connect all of the electronics to the bottom of the desktop, and finally attach the feet to the lifting columns before flipping the desk over.

A large number of Allen-head bolts are often used in the first step, which is attaching the lifting columns to the crossbar, and all of the elements must be correctly aligned.

When the top support arms must also line up with the motor housing and crossbar holes, as is the case in many designs, this is the most difficult aspect of the installation to complete.

How Hard Is it to Assemble a Standing Desk

Post Assembly Tips for Standing Desks

It is essential and levels the desk’s feet by screwing in leveling pads at each of the four corners. 

This step is sometimes overlooked in the instruction manuals of lower-priced models, but it is critical when dealing with mechanisms that have been designed with tighter manufacturing tolerances.

Take a level out of your toolbox and check that both feet are level from front to back and that the entire desk is level from left to right before continuing.

Skipping this step will likely result in the introduction of side loads that will cause increased wear on the glides that divide the tubes of the lifting columns, resulting in a shorter life span for the desk and, finally, the squeaking and screaming of the legs.

Last but not least, you’ll want to learn how to utilize the hand controller to store your favorite heights.

Or, in the case of some desks, you can do this through an app on your smartphone, which is even easier.

If your workstation has an anti-collision feature, you’ll want to activate it, and if it has an adjustable sensitivity, you’ll want to increase the sensitivity.

If you use your desk for more than a month and at least once a year thereafter, it’s a good idea to tighten all of the nuts and bolts in it since they can get loose from the small vibrations caused by the desk’s up-and-down cycles.

This will ensure that your workstation is as stable as it possibly can be.

Also, at this time, wipe away any white oil that may have accumulated on the lifting columns, particularly if they’ve been exposed to direct sunlight, and lubricate the desk if it’s becoming noisy due to age or use.

When it comes to the latter, make sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations because not all linear actuators utilize the same type of lubricating grease.

Why People Use a Standing Desk

Because all business types of people are essentially compelled to sit for long periods during working hours, the only option to prevent becoming a victim of this sedentary style of life is to make the workplace more ergonomically designed.

That’s where having a standing desk may be quite beneficial.

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Besides offering several health advantages, it is also an excellent method to re-energize oneself while being active and productive at the same time. Sitting for lengthy periods has been scientifically established to be detrimental to one’s health.

People begin to feel tension and joint discomfort in their necks, shoulders, and legs as a result of this condition.

The most effective method of breaking this bad behavior is to begin utilizing an ergonomic workplace.

The ultimate answer is an electric standing desk with ergonomic features, but all other types of standing desks provide the same benefits.

To make things even further, some people have started investing in treadmill desks.

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Hi, I'm Darryl. I made this site to help share information & reviews about ergonomic desks, chairs & accessories to help others who want to work more comfortably. Learn more about my journey by reading my bio here. Enjoy!

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