How to Install a Keyboard Tray on a Standing Desk?

How to install a keyboard tray on a standing desk?

Standing desks are becoming more and more popular. 

That is because constantly sitting at a desk is terrible for joints and circulation, playing havoc on health over a long period.

Having a desk that is either upright or has the capability of shifting to an upright position, means getting off your butt and stretching out.

This can help keep circulation healthy even over long periods.

How to Install a Keyboard Tray on a Standing Desk

Why Install A Keyboard Tray On A Standing Desk?

That said, finding a level of comfort while working is important. 

Without the right desk, this can be tough to achieve. But there are keyboard trays that can be installed on a standing desk to make it much more comfortable to use your keyboard and mouse.

The good news is that there are a variety of ways in which to install a keyboard tray on a standing desk.

There are a ton of fixed-height desks out there but only a small percentage of them have the requisite ergonomic keyboard trays already installed.

These trays are beneficial and necessary for creating a more comfortable working environment. 

The reason that most people don’t bother installing keyboard trays that are adjustable on their standing desk is that a lot of desks have a metal crossbar for stability that runs on the underside of the desktop.

Most people operate with the assumption that you can’t install a keyboard tray on desks that are height adjustable, but that just is not the case.

There are three methods in particular for installing a keyboard tray on either a treadmill desk or a standstill desk.

It is a great way to ensure that your standing desk is as comfortable as possible no matter when or how long you want to use it.

Installing the Keyboard Tray

No matter what kind of tray you pick (more on that later), the installation is pretty simple.

That even means being able to make the installation on standing desks that have a crossbar or some other sort of obstruction that seems as if it will prohibit you from performing the installation.

Keyboard Tracks:

The most common method of installation is using keyboard tracks.

They fit on brackets right underneath the desktop, which means having your keyboard closer to you even if you are standing.

It is a great way to free up space on your desktop for things such as books, paperwork, or any small devices like phones and tablets.

Another good thing to consider is that most of the keyboard tracks that you will find are either partially or fully retractable.

That means they can be moved both in and out from the underside of your desk as you so desire.

Tracks can come with mechanisms or arms that are attached to them.

These mechanisms are attached to provide better pivot as well as greater horizontal and vertical height adjustment.

Track With Spacer:

If you do have a standing desk that has a crossbar or some other sort of obstruction to it, then you will need to have a track with a spacer.

Spacers can be either slab of wood or brackets that will lower the track so that it can pass under the aforementioned obstruction.

The spacers get installed on the desktop’s underside and can go on either side of the crossbar.

They provide a level, flat surface where the track can be attached.

Most brackets usually come in a set of three: 

  • One that goes at the edge of the desk.
  • One before the crossbar.
  • One that goes right after the crossbar.

Spacers, meanwhile, can come in a wide array of clearance levels.

You can typically find several options between 1” and 2.5”. If you need a larger spacer, then it decreases the amount of space that you will have leftover on the underside of your desk.

This means lowering the underside of the desk by up to a few inches, which means that the track will sit even lower.

Keyboard Arm:

There is the possibility that your desk doesn’t have the space necessary to install a keyboard track.

If that is the case, then installing a keyboard arm may be the better bet.

As with the track, it can be mounted to the desk, but it can also go on the wall if you are near one.

They are super easy to adjust to the proper ergonomic height but won’t be bothersome on the underside of the desk.

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Adjustable Trays Made Specifically for Use on Standing Desks

There are tons of different keyboard trays which are adjustable and are made specifically for standing desks.

These generally require as little under-desk space as possible between the desk’s front edge and the point in which the crossbar would generally run.

This is known as the “free draft” measurement and should be something that you know about the standing desk of your choice.

Frame Types:


Some smaller standing desks don’t have any crossbars at all.

These have what is known as a “T-leg” frame, where the columns for lifting are centrally located on the desk between both the back and front edges.

These are the areas with the lowest draft possible.


There are also cantilevered or “C-leg” frames that have deeper drafts, but even those can top out at around 11” in depth.

To measure the free draft on the underside of your desktop, just measure the distance between the user edge and the desk’s crossbar.

The majority of keyboard designs are decades old but some have been specifically created with those shallow-draft situations in mind.

HUANUO Keyboard Tray Under Desk:

Check out this fully adjustable keyboard tray that will let you sit and stand at your desk comfortably as well as achieve better ergonomics, and it will mostly fit any standing desk

The surface fits all sizes of the keyboards, mice, and all your extra knick-knacks. They also included a wrist rest to improve wrist comfort.

Lastly, let's not forget the easy installation this tray provides because of the adjustable clamps

HUANUO Keyboard Tray Under Desk, 360...
  • Large & Perfect Size - Full size keyboard drawer with a 25” x 9.84” , please kindly confirm the product size is what you need before purchasing. Surface fit all sizes of the keyboard, mouse, and all your extra knick-knacks .We also included a wrist rest to improve wrist comfort. (Item weight: 10lbs)
  • Full Motion Under Desk Computer Keyboard Platform - The platform can swivel left and right 180 degrees. It can also tilt 6 degrees up and 22 degrees down for improved comfort.

There are plenty of ergonomic options available and even some trackless keyboard options as well.

Make sure that you check out the various reviews available for these standing desk adjustable keyboards to find the ones that are meant to be specifically used with your desk of choice.

Depending on which model you choose, they can range drastically in price. You can find some for under $200 while others will run well over $300 if not more.

But these are mostly easy to install and come with greater flexibility than some of the other kits out there.

How to Install a Keyboard Tray on a Standing Desk

Use a Keyboard Tray Adapter Meant for Standing Desks

If you aren’t going to go with a keyboard tray that has been specifically made for standing desks, then there are keyboard tray adapters available as well.

These are more commonly known as spacer kits. They are quite cost-effective, especially compared to the trays that are specifically built for adjustable-height desks.

With these spacer kits, there is the freedom to essentially build a bypass to the crossbar that generally runs under the desktop space.

The good thing about the spacer is that it can install just about any regular tray without having to worry about that obstruction.

This can also provide a greater deal of flexibility.

Instead of having to take the time to find an adjustable tray that fits with your type of standing desk, you can find even the most common keyboard trays to install.

VIVO Steel Dual Spacer Brackets:

The Vivo dual spacer bracket is a great option.

FERSGO Under Desk Keyboard Tray Track...
  • ☝ FOR FERGO UNDER DESK KEYBOARD TRAY ONLY! - It will not fit with other brands. Please do not purchase if your keyboard tray is not from FERSGO.
  • ✅ ADD MORE SPACE FOR YOUR KEYBOARD TRAY TRACK - This bracket set lets you add more height for your keyboard tray. If your table has shelves or other things that may obscure the FERSGO keyboard tray, you’re going to need this kit to create more space so your tray can easily tuck in and out of your desk.

Keep in mind that the majority of manufacturers adhere to a roughly 5.765” glide track with lengths that can range from 17” up to 25”.

This kit works by installing a glide track that runs to the assembly.

From there, the assembly with the spacer is screwed right into the area on the bottom side of your standing desk desktop.

Spacers are generally equipped with a trio of brackets, making them easily positioned.

Not only that, it is ergonomic and can work no matter what crossbar or obstruction is in place.

And best of all? They can run under $50 in most instances.

This is way more cost-effective than shelling out several hundred dollars for a keyboard tray that was built for your desk.

Built-in Steady Tray

If you don’t want to deal with having to install your keyboard tray, you can buy from a manufacturer that utilizes built-in trays on their desktop.

For those who aren’t super handy or don’t want to mess with finding a keyboard tray that might work with their standing desk, this is the best method out there.

There aren’t a ton of manufacturers out there that have this feature, so you may be a little limited in terms of options.

That said, it should not be long in the future until other manufacturers produce the same design.

But this built-in keyboard tray offers a lot of options in terms of tilt.

That means finding the optimal position to make typing more comfortable than ever before no matter how long you are standing.

These desks also come with a design known as “bumpers and pins.”

This means that it can accommodate just about any type of popular keyboard or mouse currently out there for purchase.

For those with varying needs in those departments, it can be a comfort to know that you are covered no matter what devices you use.

FEZIBO Dual Motor Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk:

This is one of the best options when it comes to adjustable standing desks, but not only that, the FEZIBO desk includes a great built-in keyboard tray, 

The professional keyboard tray allows you to keep your mouse and keyboard organized and accessible.

Enjoy long-lasting and buttery smooth tray sliding, thanks to the premium metal rails.

FEZIBO Dual Motor Height Adjustable Electric...
  • Electric Height Adjustable: There are 3 preset buttons to customize your desired heights from 27.36" to 46.04"
  • Professional Keyboard Tray: Keep your mouse and keyboard organized and accessible. Enjoy long-lasting and buttery smooth tray sliding, thanks to the premium metal rails.

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Another major difference between these compared to other trays is that they are very stable.

There are some keyboard trays out there that can rock or even feel a little floppy with consistent use. But users of this kind of tray can get a lot more consistency out of their experience.

The caveat here is the price. Unlike the other options, where even a specifically made tray is concerned, the worst you are looking at is a few hundred dollars.

 Built-in steady tray standing desktops are a lot more expensive. It is not uncommon to pay well over $1,000 for one with some of the most expensive ones running into the $2,000 range.

Standing Desk Accessories

There are more than a few components that can be added to make your entire standing work experience all the better. It can come down to certain customizations that vary from person to person.

For instance, a monitor arm may be required if you are using multiple monitors. Back and neck strain can be reduced over time with proper adjusting of monitor height.

With a single arm that supports both monitors, you can have as much screen space as you require without compromising your body’s health over time.

There are also standing mats as well. If you have a standing desk that doesn’t adjust, it can be hard on the feet, knees, and back to stand in one spot all day long.

With a standing mat, users can stand for up to three times longer in greater comfort, all without risking compression of the spine, feet, or any of the weight-bearing joints in the body.

There is also the need for greater cable management. Because there is less “hidden” space with a standing desk, there are fewer places to hide cables.

This means having a comprehensive cable organization system to keep those wires from becoming a chaotic, tangled mess.

Finally, some ergonomic chairs can pair with an adjustable desk. Not everyone is comfortable with standing all day long, which means that there needs to be some relief to the aforementioned joints.

It is a great way to keep your core muscles engaged and active while you work without the negative aspects of the most common chairs.

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A Plethora of Choices

No matter what you are looking to do with your standing desk, there are a plethora of options to choose from.

Users can find greater flexibility and comfort in their standing desk through a specific keyboard tray, a standard one using spacers and brackets, or a desk that has the trays built-in already.

The goal is all the same: to create a more ergonomic desk that better supports feet, weight-bearing joints, and your back over the long term.

Years and years of sitting in a chair can have far worse impacts than you may have realized.

Combat those impacts by standing or having an ergonomic chair that can better accommodate your joints and muscles.

Even if you go with a standard tray and some spacers, you can find the right fit for your desk.

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Hi, I'm Darryl. I made this site to help share information & reviews about ergonomic desks, chairs & accessories to help others who want to work more comfortably. Learn more about my journey by reading my bio here. Enjoy!

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