Top 5 Best Standing Desks with Keyboard Trays (2022 Review)

Having a standing desk is a great way to sit less while you are working.

But a keyboard can take up a lot of space on the desktop that you could be using for work materials.

Some desks have an extra place where you can put a keyboard or even other materials.

This article will cover:

  • The top 5 standing desks with keyboard trays
  • How these desks work
  • What to look for in the best ones

Let’s dive in!

Best Standing Desks with Keyboard Trays

What are Standing Desks with Keyboard Trays?

Standing desks often do not have any storage or shelves and therefore don’t have a good place to put a keyboard.

If you put the keyboard on the desktop, you may not be able to adjust the desk to a height that is comfortable for both your eyes and your arms. 

Some standing desks have a keyboard tray attached so that your keyboard doesn’t take up room on top of the desktop.

Then, you can type at a lower level than the computer screen. This is more ergonomic and preserves more desktop space that can be used for work materials.

To learn more about the ergonomic benefits of keyboard trays, watch this video!

What are the Different Types of Standing Desks with Keyboard Trays?

There are a few different types of keyboard trays that you should be aware of regarding standing desks.

There are keyboard drawers, stationary trays, ergonomic keyboard trays, and accessories. 

Keyboard Drawer

This is the most common type of keyboard tray found on standing desks. It slides in and out with tracks and wheels or ball bearings.

The keyboard tray is located in the center of the desk below the desktop. Since it moves in and out, you can get it out of the way when it is not in use. 

Stationary Keyboard Tray

These keyboard trays do not move out of the way like keyboard drawers but are also centered under the desktop.

You won’t be able to move it out of the way when you aren’t using it, but that isn’t an issue for some people. 

Ergonomic Keyboard Tray

An ergonomic keyboard tray is tilted or can adjust to be tilted.

The tilt should be a negative tilt around 15 degrees when standing or up to 30 degrees when sitting. This means that it will be tilted down away from you. This allows for a more comfortable and healthier typing position. 

Keyboard Tray Accessories

You can also buy keyboard trays that can attach to an existing standing desk. They will either clamp on or screw on.

This allows you to find any desk you want and add a keyboard tray. You can buy ones that are drawers, stationary, or ergonomic to suit your needs.

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How Do Standing Desks with Keyboard Trays Work?

The keyboard tray adds a couple of beneficial factors to your ergonomic desk setup. First of all, adding a keyboard tray clears up a significant amount of space on top of your desk for other materials.

If you often have a crowded workspace, this could help you out.

Second, a keyboard tray will be positioned lower than the monitor which allows for a more comfortable, and metronomic, typing position.

You will undergo less strain and your muscles will be allowed to relax. 

Finally, an ergonomic tray can allow your wrists and forearms to relax which can help prevent excessive muscle strain and carpal tunnel.

If you are considering a standing desk to reduce muscle strain and pain, then one with a keyboard tray is probably your best option. 

Best Standing Desks with Keyboard Trays

What to Look for in the Best Standing Desks with Keyboard Trays:

There are a few considerations when buying a standing desk that has a keyboard tray.

You need to consider the same things that you would normally consider for any standing desk like the adjustability and height range, the cost, the style, and the size of the desktop.

However, there are some other things to consider about the keyboard tray itself. 

First, you need to find a keyboard tray that has a good height relative to the desktop. You don’t want one too close to the desktop because it can be uncomfortable and the desktop can get in the way of proper typing.

However, you also don’t want one that is too far away from the desktop because this can cause your arms to extend too far from the top. 

Another consideration is legroom. If you plan on sitting at the desk, you have to make sure that the keyboard won’t get in the way of your knees.

If it is too large or too low, then you may not be able to sit with your knees under it. This is especially true for tall people. 

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You should also consider the size of the keyboard tray. This means depth and width. If the depth is too small then you would not be able to put some larger keyboards onto it.

If it is too large then you may lose some room you thought you had. Some keyboard trays are short while others allow room for other materials. This is important to consider when you look at the length of the tray. 

If you are interested in an ergonomic keyboard tray, you need to look at the tilt.

The recommended tilt is 15 degrees negative tilt for standing position and 30 degrees when seated. Most keyboard trays will adjust to this and up to 10 degrees positive tilt, but it doesn’t hurt to do double-check

Last, if you don’t have a lot of room in your work area, you may want to look for a keyboard drawer.

This will allow you to position it comfortably enough to type without extending it all. You will also be able to put it underneath the desktop when you aren’t using it.

Best Standing Desks with Keyboard Trays Reviewed

#1  Rolanstar Standing Desk Dual Motor (Our Top Pick)

Rolanstar Standing Desk Dual Motor with USB...
  • 【Start Using A Standing Desk】 Height adjustable desk designed to make working more comfortable whether you’re standing up or sitting down. Alternate from sitting to standing and combat the health risks associated with sitting for long periods of time.
  • 【Exquisite Features&Functional Design】The Raised shelf design brings your monitor to new heights to keep you sitting with better posture. Pull-out design keyboard tray keeps the desktop tidy and increases hidden storage options.

This desk is fantastic and affordable. It can support up to 176lb with a stainless steel frame that not only looks great but also features superior durability and stability.

The Pull-out design keyboard tray can slide in and out and even detach if you ever decide to remove it,  which keeps the desktop tidy and increases hidden storage options.

There is also a compartment for pens or other small objects on the tray.

The height range is from 29.5” to 48in” and adjusts electronically and has programmable memory buttons.

The powerful dual motors make the desktop rise to the specified height smoothly and quickly.


  • Electronically adjustable
  • 176 lb weight limit
  • Quiet motor


  • May not go low enough for shorter people to sit comfortably 
  • Difficult assembly instructions 

#2  VIVO Mobile Height Adjustable Table (Best Budget)

VIVO Mobile Height Adjustable Table, Stand Up...
  • Mobile Workstation - Desk cart with four durable casters (all lockable) provides a portable solution for efficient workflow. Perfect to use as a free-standing desk alternative for those wanting more flexibility or working in limited spaces.
  • Height Adjustable - Enjoy standing throughout the day with powerful tension springs providing quick and smooth height adjustment (30.3” to 47”). Easily lock your desired height in place with the innovative one-touch height lock mechanism.

This mobile desk is of great quality and is available for under $200. It has caster wheels and a large keyboard tray.

It is adjustable from 30” to 47” and has three steel pillars and holds 33lbs. It also comes with a three-warranty. 


  • Caster wheels
  • Sturdy design
  • Pneumatic system


  • Manually adjustable
  • 33 lb weight limit
  • Doesn’t adjust low enough for some people

#3  EUREKA ERGONOMIC 61" L Shape Dual Motor Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk (Best Budget)

EUREKA ERGONOMIC 61" L Shape Dual Motor...
  • 【Sit Stand Desk with 4 Memory Presets】Preset heights for sitting or standing, children or adults, one-key switch to your height when you need. Adjustable height ranges from 30”to 48.4”. This height adjustable desk must be a good choice for tall people, giving more room to their legs.
  • 【Smart Dual Motor System】Premium dual motor electric system equipped with HALL sensor & AI control offers enough strength to lift up this large corner standing desk smoothly and quietly. Max lifting capacity up to 220lbs. When you are tired of sitting, lift up the desk in seconds, stand in good posture and get more relaxed, flexible, and burn your calories.

If you are looking for the best cozy and healthy way for playing and working, this high-end standing desk is perfect for you.

This electric adjustable desk with keyboard tray, is a comfortable workstation that allows you to change posture throughout the day to keep productive and prevent the health risk of excessive sitting. 

It has premium dual-motors that make the lifting mechanism more quick, smooth and quiet, and amazingly it can left up to 220lbs.

The memory buttons allow up to 4 memory-presets for one button  height switching, also has a built in sensor that protects the desktop by bouncing back when touching solid obstacles.  

The keyboard tray is highly adjustable, it can rotate 360 degrees, angle adjustable, height adjustable, and retractable, also comes with gel wrist rest as well as a mouse pad.

Of course there is a whole cable management system as well!


  • Easy to assemble
  • Great quality with tons of features
  • Ideal Size for Home Office


  • Expensive

#4   FEZIBO Dual Motor Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk with Keyboard Tray

FEZIBO Dual Motor Height Adjustable Electric...
  • Electric Height Adjustable: There are 3 preset buttons to customize your desired heights from 27.36" to 46.04"
  • Professional Keyboard Tray: Keep your mouse and keyboard organized and accessible. Enjoy long-lasting and buttery smooth tray sliding, thanks to the premium metal rails.

This desk has 3 size options and 4 color options.

It has dual motors and programmable memory buttons. The height range is 27.6” to 47.3” and it can support up to 176 lbs.

The keyboard tray is a drawer. Plus, you can try it for 30 days risk-free. 


  • 176 lb weight limit
  • 27.6” to 47.3” height range
  • Dual motors


  • Desktop is 4 pieces 
  • Small keyboard tray
  • Difficult assembly

#5   S Stand Up Desk Store Crank Adjustable

S STAND UP DESK STORE Crank Adjustable 2-Tier...
  • Two-level design places monitors, keyboard, and mouse at ergonomic, comfortable heights, whether sitting or standing
  • Hand crank height adjustment is simple, strong, and durable; crank can be positioned on either side of desk

This desk comes in 2 sizes and 5 color options and is adjustable with a smooth hand crank.

It has two tiers, one where you put your keyboard and mouse and one for the monitor.

The height range for the upper level is 33.5” to 47.25” and it has caster wheels to make it easy to move. 


  • 154 lb weight limit
  • Caster wheels
  • Size and color options


  • Hand crank operated
  • Difficult assembly
  • May wobble, especially at higher heights

Final Thoughts on Standing Desks with Keyboard Trays

Having a standing desk with a keyboard tray can help you work in a more comfortable position.

It also saves space on the desktop and there are many options and virtually any price range.

There are both manually and electronically adjustable options and some are available in a wide range of colors so you can find one that suits you.

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Hi, I'm Darryl. I made this site to help share information & reviews about ergonomic desks, chairs & accessories to help others who want to work more comfortably. Learn more about my journey by reading my bio here. Enjoy!

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