Top 5 Best Office Chairs for Drawing (2022 Review)

If you spend a large part of your day drawing, finding the right office chairs for drawing is important for your comfort and health. 

Our article can guide you to a chair which fits your working activities and preferences. This product review will guide you through…

  • My top choices in office chairs suitable for drawing
  • How you can select the best chair to suit your drawing needs
  • The key functions and features to consider when using a chair for drawing

Let’s get started!

Best Office Chairs For Drawing

What are chairs suitable for drawing?

Professional artists, architects, draughts-people, and any others who spend their day drawing may have particular needs in a chair.

Getting your office seating right should better enable you to work comfortably and ergonomically and avoid developing musculoskeletal disorders.

There are some key features and needs common to most drawing professionals.

At the same time, different people like to draw in slightly different positions and maybe use different mediums, techniques, and tools.

Many people will also want to change position frequently and have the option to be higher, lower, seated more forward or back, etc.. at different times on a project.

There will be no one office chair that suits everyone who draws.

If you know you're likely to move around while working, you might look for the most adjustable chair.

You might also consider several types of office chairs and try them out before buying, purchasing from a seller with a good return policy.

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What different kinds of office chairs are suited to drawing?

Modern office chairs come in a range of different shapes, sizes, and styles, many of which might be suited to drawing of different types.

Functions you might want to pay particular attention to include:

Chairs with armrest and/or foot-rings: 

If you’re drawing intensely or vigorously, you may find you want to periodically rest your arms and hands. Some people also like a place to rest their feet while drawing.

Chairs with wheels: 

If you need to move frequently between different desks or work surfaces, a rolling chair can save you from standing up too often.

Chairs with 360-degree rotation: 

If you’re drawing electronically or using both screens and paper or blueprints etc..

a chair that spins 360 degrees can help prevent constantly turning your head and placing potential strain on your neck and shoulders.

Saddle chairs: 

Saddle chairs and stools are good for more active sitting, as well as being a common choice for back pain sufferers, and professionals who sit for long periods while working.

Tilting chairs:

Chairs with a tilting seat can be helpful when you need to lean forward often while drawing or to ease the motion of constant standing.

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Height-adjustable chairs: 

When drawing, it’s common to work at different heights for different artistic activities and working surfaces.

If your desk or drafting table is high, make sure your chair can comfortably reach it.

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Best Office Chairs For Drawing

How should your office chair work for you when drawing?

Your chair for drawing should match your working style and preferences, making you feel comfortable and supported, while ergonomically supporting your activity to prevent physical strains.

When setting up your desk, drafting table, or other drawing space, pay attention to ergonomic set-up guidance so that you avoid creating unnecessary strain on your body or eyes.

You can use a checklist to make sure you’ve considered all-important points.

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What should you look for in an office chair for drawing?

You should look for a chair that suits your weight and height, supports your body, and facilitates your drawing activity.

If you’re an artist, design and style might be just as important to you as function and you will want to find aesthetically pleasing materials and constructions that fit your office or studio décor.

Make sure you measure available space before buying a desk or chair.

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Best Office Chairs for Drawing Reviewed

 #1  Best all-round option: Steelcase Series 1 Office Stool with Footring 

Steelcase Series 1 Office stool, Graphite
  • Back mesh and Connect seat fabric are 100% polyester
  • Wheels for carpet flooring

This comfortable and ergonomic office stool offers a generous height range adjustment and footrest ring, along with the Steelcase LiveBack™ back-rest flexor system which supports the spine as it moves.

Seat height, depth, and armrests are all fully adjustable.


  • Excellent height range (23 - 30.75”) suitable for higher working surfaces or shorter users
  • Footrest ring can help relieve strain in knee joints
  • Seat and back tilting mechanisms are synchronized for optimum posture


  • Design is more functional than aesthetic

#2  Best budget option: HOMCOM Ergonomic Rolling Saddle Stool

HOMCOM Ergonomic Rolling Saddle Stool PU...
  • Adjustable Height: This rolling bar stool is fully height adjustable from 19.5" to 24" on a galvanized steel hydraulic lift and an easy to reach lever for you to adjust to the height you need.
  • Comfortable: The faux leather ergonomic saddle seat can better support your legs and spine, reducing joint and muscle pressure, and is especially good for jobs where sitting is mandatory for long periods of time.

A good solid, basic saddle stool for under $100. Easy 360-degree rotation, rolling wheels, and height-adjustable seat.

Maximum weight capacity up to 300lb.


  • Height adjustable from 19.5" - 24”
  • Easy to assemble
  • Solid construction at this price


  • Not everyone is comfortable with saddle sitting

#3  Best high-end option: HAG Capisco Adjustable Leather Chair

HAG Capisco Adjustable Standing Desk Chair -...
  • PERFECT FOR: Shifting between sitting and standing at an adjustable or standing height desk – seat height 22.5" – 33" with 18.5" backrest
  • ALL DAY COMFORT: Award winning design, Capisco's soft and wide saddle seat promotes healthy blood flow and encourages movement to sit forwards, backwards or sideways

An elegant, adjustable chair in black, chocolate, or tan leather, designed for both forward and reverse saddle sitting.

This HAG Capisco chair model is one of the most ergonomic and adjustable chairs on the market. Seat height is adjustable from 22.5" – 33”.

Depth and tilt of the seat are also adjustable, along with height and tilt for the back.

HAG Capisco’s YouTube user guide gives you a tour of all the main features of this chair range:


  • Modern and sophisticated leather design
  • Highly adjustable in terms of height, depth, tilt
  • Built-in elbow supports on the backrest


  • May is not a good choice for higher weight users - weight limit is 250 lb

#4  Best traditional office chair: Ergohuman High Back Swivel Chair with Headrest

No products found.

Another very adjustable and ergonomic chair for those who like to shift position while drawing. Traditional shape and design with mesh and chrome styling.

Head, back, and armrests lumbar support, and a 360-degree spin.


  • Three-position locking back angle adjustment
  • Six different color-ways available to fit a range of decors and styles
  • Robust and resilient construction with manufacturer’s lifetime warranty


  • May does not work well for shorter people - seat height range is only 18.5-22.2”
  • May is not a good choice for heavier users - the weight limit is only 250 lb

#5  Best drafting chair option: Flash Furniture Mid-Back Mesh Ergonomic Drafting Chair

Flash Furniture Kale Mid-Back Swivel Office...
  • ERGONOMIC MID-BACK OFFICE CHAIR: Provides exceptional seating for everyone from the CEO to the front office staff, ensuring the perfect balance of ergonomic comfort and optimal support for each employee
  • PRESSURE-RELIEVING COMFORT: Ventilated curved mesh back with integrated lumbar support prevents overheating and promotes better posture, while the contoured waterfall seat helps relieve pressure from the legs

Ergonomic drafting stool with flip-up arms and high back.

Full swivel seat, height-adjustable foot ring, and pressure-relieving contoured seat-edge.


  • Simple contemporary style in four colors to fit with many décor options
  • Lots of options and functions for those who like to move in their seat
  • Tilt adjustment and rocking motion.


  • Some reviewers didn’t find assembly easy or weren’t happy with construction quality

Final thoughts about office chairs suitable for drawing

The right office chair for drawing depends on what you’re drawing, how you draw, and the surfaces you’re using.

Preferences around movement are also relevant, as is the size of your body.

We hope this guide gets you off to a good start in tracking down the best office chair for your drawing.

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