Best Realspace Gaming Chairs (2021 Review)

There are a lot of different brands of gaming chairs. Some are affordable, but low-quality. Others are expensive and made from the best materials available. Realspace is a company that is known for stylish designs and soli construction at an affordable price. 

This article covers:

  • The top 5 best Realspace gaming chairs and their benefits and downsides
  • The different types that they offer including their unique features
  • What to look for to decide which product is right for you

Let’s get going!

Best Realspace Gaming Chairs

What are Realspace Gaming Chairs?

Realspace is a company owned by Office Depot and they are known for having a wide range of different styles and designs.

While some of their chairs are elegant or plain office chairs, they also have many chairs designed for gaming or that work well for that type of situation. 

These chairs are often wider so that they allow elbow movement for a keyboard or controller on your lap. Many also have an extra comfortable seat since gamers often play for hours without moving out of the chair. 

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The style for the gaming chair line is also modern and many of the products are more colorful than their office counterparts. 

Since Realspace offers both office chairs and gaming chairs, you should check out this video about the differences between them and compares them for different purposes

What are the Different Types of Realspace Gaming Chairs?

There are a few different types of Realspace gaming chairs to consider.

In addition to a standard gaming chair, they have off-purpose chairs, as well as leather, racing, and heavy duty options to consider.

Let’s look at the differences between each of these types. 


This is a gaming chair that does not have very many special features.

But since Realspace builds their products well and uses good quality materials without an exorbitant price, the standard option can be a great option. 

They often come in two-tone colors as well like black and red or gray and blue. 


An off-purpose gaming chair is not a gaming chair at all. Instead, it is an office chair that has a design and style that works well for gamers.

They have the space between the armrests for comfort and movement and the cushion will be comfortable and supportive to maintain good posture.

Standard office chairs aren’t great for this, so the true off-purpose chairs are the more stylish and well-made Realspace office chair options. 


Realspace makes a variety of different leather gaming chairs as well as leather office chairs that may be good for use as a gaming chair.

Any type of leather from synthetic to 100% cowhide is considered a part of their leather chair line.

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This is a great option for those who use the same area for work that they use for gaming.

It looks elegant during the workday, but also provides prolonged comfort for long gaming sessions. 


This type of chair has a high-back and bucket seat design meant for providing the user with an immersive gaming experience.

Some people find Realspace racing gaming chairs to be exceptionally comfortable, while others prefer the other types.

A racing chair will also have a curved front edge on the seat to reduce the pressure on the back of your legs. 

Heavy Duty

Realspace makes some heavy duty and durable chairs that have longer lasting power.

Not only that, but they also support more weight without losing functionality or deteriorating components on the pneumatic mechanism.

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The adjustable features will also last longer even if you use them multiple times each day. 

How Do Realspace Gaming Chairs Work?

Realspace gaming chairs are not the most advanced gaming chairs on the market and don’t have as many features as some of their competitor’s, but they do have an edge in a couple of ways.

First, they are extremely affordable despite being constructed out of durable and strong materials that you can expect to last a long time. 

Second, Realspace chairs are a trusted brand because they are owned by Office Depot. This makes it easy to get in touch with customer service and to find the exact product that you want.

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Not only that, but the chairs work for a variety of different purposes from simple solitary office chairs to reclining elegant chairs to mobile gaming chairs.

You are sure to find one that works for the exact specifications that you want. 

Best Realspace Gaming Chairs

What to Look for in the Best Relaspace Gaming Chairs?

The best chairs made by Realspace are affordable, but high-quality.

None of the chairs that they make are bad, but there are some things to keep in mind to make sure that the chair you buy suits your needs and desires.


First, the adjustability matters a lot for some gamers. A lot of Realspace gaming chairs do not offer extensive adjustability.

This means that many models do not have lockable recline, moveable lumbar support, or directional armrests. Keep this in mind when shopping and it may help you narrow down your options. 


One complaint that a lot of people have about gaming chairs, including Realspace gaming chairs, is the lack of breathability.

During a gaming session, this can get hot, sticky, and altogether uncomfortable, especially with leather options.

If you think this would be a large downside, then look for the options that have some form of air flow or breathability built into the design. 


Realspace products are built well and can be a great addition to your gaming area, but they are mass produced, which can lend to fewer design and color options.

They do have some options that are quite unique and that may be something to look into, especially if you have a little extra money to buy a higher end chair to use for your gaming sessions. 

Seat Cushion:

Finally, you will want to check the seat cushion size and depth. If you are wide bodied, then some of the chairs may not be as comfortable or easy to use a controller with.

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They have some that are wider that can help you take control of your gaming experience and be as competitive as ever. 

Best Realspace Gaming Chairs

 #1  Realspace High-Back Gaming Chair, Red/Black

This is an excellent chair for an even better price. It can support up to 275 pounds and has a stylish black and red color scheme.

With a pneumatic adjustment feature and reclines some. Also has a supportive backrest that maintains good spine position and posture.

Finally, it has a hole near the head to cool you off with air flow. 


  • Strong with 275 pound weight limit
  • Air flow
  • Comfortable high backrest


  • Not good for bigger people
  • Faux leather upholstery is not the best
  • Difficult assembly

#2  Realspace Tresswell Bonded Leather High-Back Chair

Realspace Tresswell Bonded Leather High-Back...
  • Sit comfortably throughout the workday with this Realspace Treswell executive high-back chair. The bonded leather material delivers durability, while the color combination offers timeless appeal. Featuring a 5-star swivel base with built-in casters, this executive chair allows easy mobility and holds weights of up to 275 lbs. This Realspace Treswell executive high-back chair features a pneumatic handle for simple customization.
  • High back features lumbar support for extra comfort.

This office chair is a great choice for gaming because of the high back and excellent lumbar support.

It is also built to last and can support up to 275 pounds. With caster wheels and an elegant upholstery with bonded leather.

This chair uses pneumatics for adjustment and the Champagne Brown color is an attractive addition for almost any room.


  • Very affordable
  • Elegant style
  • High-back with good lumbar support


  • Difficult assembly
  • Seat cushion may be too firm for some
  • Hard to lean back into

#3  Realspace Axton Big and Tall Bonded Leather High-Back Chair

This big and tall executive style chair may not look like a good option for a gaming chair, but it suits gamers perfectly.

It is very comfortable with lumbar support and a waterfall cushion that reduces the pressure on the back of your legs during gaming sessions.

It also has triple layer memory foam cushioning and coil spring technology.

Since it is a big and tall option, it can support up to 500 pounds and gives room to type on a keyboard, use a mouse, or utilize a controller. 


  • Spacious seat cushion
  • Strong with 500 pound weight capacity
  • Lumbar support and waterfall cushion


  • More expensive than other Realspace options
  • Not breathable 
  • Noisy materials

#4  Realspace High-Back Gaming Chair, Blue/Black

Realspace High-Back Gaming Chair, Blue/Black
  • Play your favorite titles in comfort with this Realspace bonded leather high-back gaming chair. Pneumatic height adjustment enables customized seating positions, while the waterfall cushion enhances comfort. Lumbar support promotes a good posture and strain relief.
  • Waterfall seat cushion helps improve circulation and enhance comfort.

This Realspace gaming chair has pneumatic height adjustment, a waterfall cushion, and lumbar support to keep you comfortable during the most intense gaming sessions.

It also swivels and reduces the amount of strain placed on your neck and spine. It has caster wheels and can support up to 275 pounds. 


  • Lumbar support and waterfall cushion design
  • Comfortable cushion
  • Caster wheels


  • Difficult to recline
  • Not easy to assemble
  • Upholstery is not great

#5  Realspace Modern Comfort Verismo High-Back Executive Chair

This elegant and modern chair has a sloped cushion design for a relaxing gaming experience that can also be good for sitting up straight.

It has a white color that can match almost any gaming area and you can recline in it as well.

The caster wheels are high-quality and strong and the backrest is extra high for better back support and improved posture. 


  • High quality caster wheels
  • Unique and elegant design
  • Slope cushion design


  • For some gamers, the armrests may get in the way
  • Recline requires a lot of force
  • Only comes in white

Final Thoughts on Realspace Gaming Chairs

Realspace is a company known for solid furniture and chairs and the gaming chairs they offer are no exception.

They are built well with good materials, but are also available for reasonable prices. No wonder they are such a reputable brand trusted for so long!

Just make sure the option you choose has the features that you will want because there is a good chance the chair will last a long time. 

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