Top 5 Best Large Corner Desks (2022 Review)

Large corner desks are great for a number of reasons, including the extra workspace they provide you, while at the same time, saving space in your office or work-from-home space. 

They also have a unique aesthetic that, depending on the kind of corner desk you go for, can really highlight your room.

In this review guide, I will go over:

  • The #1 pick for best overall corner desk
  • What to look for in a corner desk
  • Standard features any corner desk should come with
Top 5 Best Large Corner Desks

Working from home is one of the best reasons to look for a corner desk.

At an office, there’s nothing there that’s actually yours, so there’s far less incentive to purchase a new desk. Plus, management would probably frown on that. 

Large corner desks are just as functional as a traditional desk; they’re just designed to fit into a corner and that makes them an excellent commodity for small office spaces or rooms in your own home where you want to improve the aesthetics without eating up all of your space. 

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You also want something that isn’t going to convert from a neat and tidy corner desk into a nightmare cluster shoved aside and into a corner.

A corner desk should have most, if not all, of the same cord, paper, and drawer organization that you expect from a traditional desk.

Top 5 Best Large Corner Desks:

  1. Bush Furniture Cabot (Best Overall)
  2. SHW Vista L-Shape Desk (Best Budget-Buy)

What to Look for in Large Corner Desks?

There are several features that you want to look out for if you’re searching for a good corner desk.

Since we’re looking at a larger variety of L-desks—or corner desks if you wish—there should be plenty of space available for some stand-out features. 


The size isn’t necessarily an issue, since what you are looking for is a large desk, so it's really about how well your home will accommodate it.

Pay attention to the measurements. Also, Amazon features an augmented reality shopping service that you can use to gauge how new furniture will look.

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If you have a phone that is capable of running augmented reality, navigate to the desk that you want to look at on the Amazon app on your phone.

Below the picture of the desk, you will see an option that says, “View In Your Room.” Select that option and you can see how the desk will fit into your corner, through your phone. 

Top 5 Best Large Corner Desks

Standard Features

Cable management is a must, especially if you’re into gaming or if you are getting the desk to turn a corner of your home or office into a workspace.

You also want to have plenty of storage space and that means that your desk should come with plenty of space to fit a filing system or come with its filing system. 

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There’s also a matter of material. Cheaper materials simply won't last as long, so you want thick, solid wood, or a strong and heavy metal frame. Stay away from cheap wood materials and thin metal. 

Best Large Computer Desk

 #1  Bush Furniture Cabot (Best Overall)

Bush Furniture Cabot L Shaped Computer Desk...
  • L Shaped Desk surface provides 60 inches of workspace in either direction with a depth of 24 inches on the left and 20 inches on the right
  • Integrated 4-port USB hub keeps devices connected

This is a large, L-shaped desk with a lot of room to work with; 60 inches of real estate to be exact.

It comes with plenty of storage options, excellent cable management, and a good deal of space beneath so you can move your chair around a good deal. 

On the left side, you have a fluted glass cabinet, for a little bit of aesthetics with your storage. On the right, you have a pull-out file drawer that’s nestled beneath a spacey cubby hole for smaller storage needs. 

Cable management is narrowed down to several ports on the top, left side of the desktop.

You have USB and power ports so all of your cables can run to one side and can be accessed through a single slot, full of useful ports. 

It does have to be assembled but assembly isn’t complicated. As you put it together, you’ll notice that the pieces are plenty solid.

The only cheap material is the optional fiberboard on the back. It detracts from the overall quality of the desk.



  • Great cable management
  • Solid pieces that are easy to assemble
  • Positive storage space
  • Plenty of work space
  • Cheap fiberboard backing

#2  Sauder Costa L-Shaped Desk (Best High-End)

L-Shaped Computer Desk, LITTLE TREE Rotating...
  • ✅ [Valuable Revolution] - High quality artificial boards with sturdy steel legs constitute a more practical workstation. The screen has a higher board to put the computer display screen, protect the cervical spine at work. Flexible desk design, saving a space resources with 180 ° rotating function of side table.
  • ✅ [Magic Installation] - Desk is reversible. Flexible configuration options allow you to assemble L shape on both right and left side. Slide the side table to the level of the main table, the length of the desktop can be extended from 1.2m to 2m.

This is a premium desk and it shows in every way. There is only one available material—chalked chestnut finish—but it looks fantastic and you can tell that it is a well-put-together desk. 

On the left, you have three drawers that are progressively larger as you work your way down, and on the right, a large cabinet for plenty of extra storage space.

It's also roomy underneath so you will have plenty of unrestrained movement and room to add a small filing cabinet if you want. 

The desktop grommet provides excellent cord management so you can both organize and keep them well hidden beneath and behind the bulk of the desk.

As far as the assembly is concerned, it's designed with a T-lock system for ease of use and quick assembly.


  • Beautiful chestnut wood finish
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Built-in grommet for cable management
  • Plenty of underneath space
  • Pricey

#3  SHW Vista L-Shape Desk (Budget-Buy)

SHW Gaming Desk Computer L-Shape Corner...
  • Material: steel frame, powder coated finish, tempered safety glass
  • L-shaped 3 pieces corner table computer desk saves space in home office, dorm room

This desk is a great budget buy, especially if you like surface space.

It's shaped like a C with an additional corner for added space and also has two additional monitor shelves stacked on top of the desktop.

Adjustable glides and stabilizers keep the desk flush and level, regardless of where you put it.

Hooks all around help with cable management and additional desk accessories, along with a small, rolling file drawer that slides underneath. 

It does have some very sharp corners so unless you want to sand them down or place rubber stops on each one, you’ll have to be careful and avoid bumping into it. 



  • Extra corner for added surface space
  • Adequate cable management
  • Additional monitor shelves
  • Sharp corners

#4  Seven Warrior Gaming Desk

SEVEN WARRIOR Gaming Desk 50.4” with LED...
  • 【Sturdy & Steady】- The Seven Warrior gaming desks utilize an ultra-stable and sturdy X-shaped leg design to stand up to any serious gamer’s demands. The Sturdy table top is supported by a solid steel frame. Adjustable leg pads ensure the table keeps a sturdy construction even on uneven ground without wobbling.
  • 【Saving-Space & Spacious】Our gamer desk features modern L-Shaped Design. This 3-piece L shaped computer desk is the better choice which fits snugly in every corner and your limited space. Overall dimensions are 50.4"(L) x 50.4"(L) x 18.9"(W) x 29.6"(H). The desktop is long and wide enough to provide spacious top surface for 2-4 monitors, gaming activities, home office work, and other activities which demand more space. You can form the” U “shaped workstation by getting 2 L-shape desk together.

Not everyone wants an L-Desk for office work and, while you can certainly use this desk for office activities, it is designed for gamers, as the aesthetics make decidedly clear. 

It's built on a solid steel frame so it can withstand the weight of multiple monitors and devices.

It has a built-in 4-outlet socket that includes additional USB ports.

A gaming handle wrack helps manage your cables and hook all of your favorite peripherals, such as headphones. It includes a raised monitor platform around the desk. 

The LED lights are included in two, separate strips so you can set them up in any design you choose. There is plenty of space available as well, so you can add filing cabinets along with your PC towers.

This biggest complaint with this desk has nothing to do with the desk and everything to do with poor packaging. 



  • Extra space with a raised monitor shelf
  • LED strips
  • Plenty of space below and around
  • Built-in sockets for power and USB
  • Poor packaging

#5  Armocity 360° Rotating Desk

armocity L Shaped Desk with Outlets and USB...
  • 360° Rotating L-Shaped Desk - Armocity l shaped rotating desk comes with a high-quality turntable which can make it rotate smoothly and easily. Only own one Armocity rotating desk you can get 4 Style desks: when it is 90° condition, it is an l shaped corner desk; when in 0°, you can have a simple computer desk; when in 180°, it becomes a 2 person desk. when in 270°, you will surely get a reversible l-shaped desk
  • L-shaped Desk with Charging Port and Power Outlet: With the convenience and practicality of the charging Station, this L shaped desk can provide a great convenience to your life, you can easily charge your multiple electronic devices such as table lamps, phones, tablets, smart speakers, and AirPods. The adjustable storage shelves can have 3 styles for you to choose which will help you organize your workspace and maximize the use of your space

The standout feature on the Armocity is the rotating L. You can situate this desk in any corner and arrange the L in any direction that you please, which is a nice feature that gives you some placement versatility once you assemble it. 

There is a lot of legroom and the L section has a built-in shelf for field and additional paperwork organization.

It is on wheels but they have a locking mechanism that is reliable and will hold the desk in place once you have it situated. 

Unfortunately, it lacks any cable management features, so you will have to get creative or purchase something separately. 



  • 360° Rotating L section
  • Plenty of legroom
  • Built-in shelves
  • No cable management

Final Thoughts

There you have it, our selection of the best large desk, along with some additional, fantastic options.

The Bush Furniture Cabot takes the cake on this one, however, any of these choices will make for an outstanding, large corner desk. 

Last update on 2022-11-26 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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Darryl Higgins

Hi, I'm Darryl. I made this site to help share information & reviews about ergonomic desks, chairs & accessories to help others who want to work more comfortably. Learn more about my journey by reading my bio here. Enjoy!

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