How to Mount a Power Strip to a Desk

Your work area is supposed to foster productivity and encourage creativity.

But sometimes, you feel like that pesky power strip with everything plugged into it is getting in the way.

It moves around and all the cords become a tangled, unorganized mess. 

Well, there is a better way. You can attach the power strip to your desk.

This is one great way to improve your organization and wire management.

Before we look at the different ways to mount the power strip, let’s look at the benefits of doing so as well as whether it is the right solution for you. 

how to mount a power strip on a standing desk

Benefits of Mounting a Power Strip to a Desk

A lot of people get frustrated about cable management and their surge protector is the center of that frustration.

When you first set up a desk, it is likely that you plug the power strip in and leave it where it naturally lays. Then, you plug everything into it and the wires stretch to your desk. 

This is not the best way to go about organization… In fact, you may find that there are lots of benefits to organizing your desk area starting with the power strip. Let’s look at some of them. 

Saves Time

If you are constantly having to plug and unplug tangled cords in order to get your materials in and out of the office, then having the power strip placed in an optimal position mounted on the desk will save you loads of time.

Also, the cords from the power strip to the desk if it is not mounted can get in the way of other materials.

Reduce Stress

Did you know that keeping an organized work area can actually reduce your stress levels and improve your mental health?

Well, it can. Having a messy work area is not good for our stress levels, even if we are not the most organized people in the world.

It will subconsciously make a mess of your thought processes and cause stress levels to gradually rise throughout the day.

Plus, you may worry about having to organize the area in the future. It is better to keep it organized and mounting a power strip is one way to do that. 

Increase Productivity

Having a power strip may seem like a pretty insignificant change, but it can help you keep the entire area free of clutter.

In turn, this can actually make you more productive.

We tend to be more creative when we have the space for our mind to work and it can be very distracting having to move the power strip in order to plug in your computer or other electronic device. 

Looks Better

There is no doubt that a mounted power strip looks better than having all the cords piling up on top of it while it sits uncomfortably on the floor.

This can improve your reputation.

Nobody likes a slob and it can make you look more professional to have the power strip secured to the desk. 

Electric Standing Desk Mobility

So, an electric standing desk has to be plugged in. There is no way around that if you plan on adjusting it throughout the day (which is actually the healthiest way to use the standing desk).

But the cord from the power strip on the ground or on top of a file cabinet going to your desk can restrict the ability to easily adjust or move the desk around. It can also get in the way of you moving around the office.

With a power strip mounted to the desk you can take it anywhere and plug the power strip in wherever you go without having to worry about having the extra plugs to use for the computer, printer, fax machine, phone charger, and more. 

how to mount a power strip on a desk

Should I Mount My Power Strip? What are the Alternatives?

While mounting a surge protector can be highly beneficial, it is not necessarily for everyone.

There are some considerations to keep in mind.


The first is the size of your desk. This means both the height and length. 

If you do not have sufficient space to mount the power strip, then it may get in the way of your legs, file cabinets, or other materials under or around the desk. 

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Another consideration is whether it will actually hide the cords away. If you just move it to the underside of your desk while having the cords all hanging down like jellyfish tentacles, then it is not going to improve your situation. 

Distance Between Wall Plug and Power Strip:

Finally, if your desk is not close enough to the wall plug for the mounted power strip to easily reach, then it is not a good option for obvious reasons. 

Some people find that their standing desk is the perfect distance from the wall plug...when it is in the sitting position.

Then, they raise their desk and the power strip gets unplugged from the wall and their work is all for nothing (and they have to do more work to unmount the surge protector). Just be sure to properly measure and attach in a position that works in your office space. 


If you find that the power strip will not work well with your setup, there are a couple of alternatives to consider.

Power Strip to Wall:

First, you can mount the power strip to the wall. This is often more organized and less of an eye sore than a power strip sitting on the ground. In fact, this can be almost as good as mounting the power strip to your desk.

Multiple Power Strips:

Another alternative is to use multiplied power strips. You can mount one on the desk for when you move the desk to other locations around the office while using one mounted on the wall or resting on the floor when you are in your office. 

This is good for those working in mobile professions. 

Hide Power Strip:

One more alternative is to keep the power strip hidden away in a drawer or closet. This will only be beneficial if the cords can go in without much visibility. 

For example, if they can reach the power strip through the back of a drawer or underneath a closet door, it may be a good option.

If, however, the cords will all protrude from the hidden area, then you probably want to avoid this method.

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Ways to Mount a Power Strip to a Desk

There are a few different ways to mount a power strip to a desk.

The method you use depends on how much work you want to put into it, the material that you desk it made out of (and if it is yours or if it is owned by your employer, as well as the aesthetic you are shooting for. 

Double Sided Tape

Double sided tape is probably the easiest way to mount a power strip. Just get the tape and stick it to the back of the power strip.

Then, peel off the adhesive backing and stick it to the place where you want to keep it. Typically, this will be either on the side or underside of the desk. 

This method is good because it can be done with almost no time or skill. It also works for most materials that your desk may be made of.

However, it is not the strongest and if you have cords that weigh a lot or if they are being moved regularly, then it may loosen the adhesives and make the power strip fall off. 

Velcro Tape

Velcro tape is another option that is easy to do and can work for a lot of people’s purposes.

Just stick the Velcro tape on and allow it to latch together to secure the power strip. This can make it easy to move the power strip on and off of the desk if you want to leave it in one location when you move your desk around. 

This is also a good option compared to double sided tape because there are no adhesives that could become worn out.

However, Velcro will not necessarily hold heavier objects and plugs and moving the wires could also pull it loose. 


This is a method that takes more work and time, but that can also secure it for durability and strength that will last years.

There are a few ways to do it. The easiest is to have a power strip with holes in the back designed for screws to fit into to hold it into place.

This way, you just have to have the right size screws and screw them into the desk where you want the power strip to be. 

You can also use this method with clasps. Screw the claps over the power strip to hold it into place.

This works really well because the power strip will slightly budge when moving cords so that not too much pressure is placed on the screws themselves.

These methods are great for durability, but there are a couple downsides. First, it takes more time and effort.

Second, if you ever do want to move the power strip, it makes it much more difficult (at least with the clasps). Finally, depending on your material, this could require more specialized tools or be very difficult (or even impossible).


This is a way that allows you to connect a basket or shelf for the power strip to sit in. The method of attaching it will depend on the basket, but this works well because it can also allow you to have room for other materials. 

However, this may not be the most attractive option. Still, it is a preferred method by those who want something strong and durable, but also want to be able to easily detach the surge protector. 

Zip Ties

Finally, we have the zip tie method. You may be wondering how you can attach zip ties to the desk when it only has solid legs and the desktop.

Well, you can attach zip tie mounts to it. This is easy to do and requires very little work, but is almost as strong as any of the other methods. 

This is not a great option if you want to remove the power strip often, but it still can be removed by cutting the zip ties when needed. Then, you can just tie more on to it when you want to mount it again. 

Final Thoughts on Mounting a Power Strip to a Desk

Mounting a power strip to your desk can reduce the clutter and allow you to take care of your cables without much effort.

This may even increase your productivity. There are also several different ways to attach depending on your desk and your needs. Take control of your work area by mounting the power strip to the underside, side, or back of the desk.

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Darryl Higgins

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Darryl Higgins

Darryl Higgins

Hi, I'm Darryl. I made this site to help share information & reviews about ergonomic desks, chairs & accessories to help others who want to work more comfortably. Learn more about my journey by reading my bio here. Enjoy!

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