Gaming Desk Necessities: Here’s What You Need (Guide)

Looking for the best gaming desk necessities? 

In that case, you’re going to need the right accessories to upgrade your station to the ultimate gaming setup.

From ergonomic chairs to RGB lights, there are several ways to enhance your setup for immersive gaming.

Let's get started!

Gaming Desk Necessities

1. Gaming Keyboard and Mouse

The most important part of your battle station is undoubtedly the keyboard and mouse.

For gaming, you want to get a mechanical keyboard if you can.

In addition to lasting longer than a membrane keyboard, mechanical ones also make a super satisfying clacking sound.

Not to mention you can easily remove and customize the keys. If you are running short on space you might also want to consider a larger desk that has ample space for your keyboard, mouse and monitors - we highly recommend l-shaped gaming desks for this reason.

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A PC gaming mouse is also a must-have.

Companies like Razer and Glorious sell visually stunning mice sporting additional buttons.

That way, you can utilize extra bindings in MMORPGs and first-person shooters.

Gaming Desk Necessities

2. High-Quality Speakers

It’s not enough for your gaming setup to look good. You also want it to sound amazing.

To that end, you should get a set of stereo speakers for PC gaming. Or even better, a complete surround sound system.

Doing so makes playing new releases all the more immersive.

However, high-quality speakers aren’t just useful for gaming—they also transform your desktop into a mini home theater for watching movies.

Plus, you can use them for cranking out your favorite tunes when you’re not in your chair.

Some PC speakers even come with RGB lighting for some extra battle station flair.

3. Gaming Headset

If you live with others, the chances are that you’ll sometimes need to turn off your PC’s speakers. Thankfully, that’s where headsets come in.

Gaming headsets from companies like SteelSeries and Razer offer superb noise cancellation.

If you live in a noisy area, they’ll help you get absorbed into your favorite virtual worlds. And even better, they often come in colorful and striking designs.

Another reason headsets are one of the gaming desk necessities is their microphone. If you plan on playing online or with friends, you’ll no doubt need one.

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4. Air Purifier

Another essential item you’ll want at your desk is an air purifier.

The air in your room can start feeling stale after several hours of gaming. Using a purifying device ensures that your space stays fresher and less musty.

Air Purifier

Furthermore, these devices are excellent at removing toxins and debris from the air. So, in addition to making you more comfortable, purifiers are also great for your health.

Many models even come with RGB-like lighting, meaning you won’t ruin your gamer aesthetic if you get one.

5. Large Mousepad

Plan on exploring enormous virtual worlds? Or battle your friends in competitive shooters? In either case, you’ll want a large mousepad.

Having a sizable mouse pad is crucial for PC gaming. Some gamers can even fit their keyboard on their mouse pad, too.

They give you some extra elbow room when you’re in those clutch moments in games.

Another great thing about gaming mouse pads is their customizability. You can find designs featuring essentially any shows or games that you love.

Or order a mouse pad with your own chosen image, some mousepads even come with RGB light trims.

6. RGB Lighting

RGB lights are almost synonymous with PC gaming. And nearly every high-quality build you find online features them.

There are a couple of ways to implement RGB lighting in your rig. Many parts, such as fans and GPUs, come with onboard LED lights that you can control.

But you could also buy strips separately for a more tailor-made battle station.

Most RGB lights are customizable. So if you ever want to alter the vibe of your desk, it’s as simple as changing your lights’ settings.

When done right, RGB lights can turn a bland rig into a work of art.

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7. Cable Organizer

Having all the peripherals in this list also means having a jungle of loose wires.

To solve that problem, try getting your hands on a cable organizer.

There are a few different types of cable management solutions, including:

  • Cable clips
  • Sleeves
  • Tubes
  • Cord holders
  • Zip ties
  • Cable boxes
Cable Organizers

Each of these parts is useful for different situations. Meaning no matter your gaming desk setup, there’s a way to hide those pesky wires.

Cable management isn’t just about aesthetics, though. Keeping your space organized also makes maintenance easier and reduces the likelihood of accidents.

8. Small Houseplants

A great way to add some life to your gaming desk is by getting a potted plant or two.

It’s no secret that being closer to nature is good for our health.

So if you spend most of your day at your battle station, having some indoor flora is an excellent idea. It’ll help your gaming space feel more calming and organic.

But that’s not all—plants can also enhance your desk’s aesthetics, particularly if you have a forest or nature theme with lots of green.

However, you might be worried about bugs and watering your plants. In that case, some fake potted greenery can achieve the same effect.

9. Ergonomic Gaming Chair

All the best peripherals in the world won’t matter if you can’t play in comfort; which is why an ergonomic chair is among the absolute gaming desk necessities.

There are a variety of gaming chairs for people of every shape and size. And many of them come with advanced reclining capabilities and 4D adjustable armrests.

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And if that wasn’t cool enough, you can also find chairs with built-in speakers and RGB lighting!

Companies often release limited-edition models based on TV shows and game releases. So be on the lookout for one featuring your favorite characters or series.

10. Art and Figurines

Once you have the essential peripherals, it’s time for some artistic flair!

Art And Figurines

To tie together your desk’s aesthetic, peruse some wall art and posters. Doing so is a fantastic way to add character to your space.

And you can also mount RGB lights or neon signs for striking accents.

Another way many enthusiasts decorate their battle station is with figurines and sculptures. You can set them up on your desk to show off a collection.

Or even put them inside your computer case to craft a vignette.

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Darryl Higgins

Hi, I'm Darryl. I made this site to help share information & reviews about ergonomic desks, chairs & accessories to help others who want to work more comfortably. Learn more about my journey by reading my bio here. Enjoy!
Darryl Higgins

Darryl Higgins

Hi, I'm Darryl. I made this site to help share information & reviews about ergonomic desks, chairs & accessories to help others who want to work more comfortably. Learn more about my journey by reading my bio here. Enjoy!

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