Top 5 Best Floor Desks (2022 Review)

Floor desks are an alternative to traditional style desks that many people recommend for some great benefits.

There are plenty of options to consider at many different price points and there are a lot of factors to make a good purchase. 

This article includes:

  • The top five best floor desks and the pros and cons of each one
  • What they are and how they work
  • What to keep in mind when looking for one

Let’s jump in!

Top 5 Best Floor Desks

What are Floor Desks?

Floor desks are small desks that rest on the floor. This idea started in Japan and other Asian countries where sitting on the floor is common.

However, it has now spread throughout the West and the rest of the world. While still not the most popular option, floor desks are gaining ground as a beneficial and ergonomic choice. 

While it may not be comfortable or conducive to productivity at first, sitting on the floor can be good for circulation, flexibility, posture, core muscles, and more.

Many professions and types of work do well with floor desks because you also have the floor around the desk to spread out materials and it may reduce distraction as well. 

When people first start using a floor desk, they often find that it feels unnatural. However, that feeling often quickly fades as we get used to the way of sitting that is actually more natural than a standard office chair.

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Some people use only floor desks, while other people move the desk to their bed or switch between a standing desk and a floor desk, which may be the most beneficial way to use it as long as you actually sit correctly for your back and spine. 

Check out this cool video about the health benefits of sitting on the floor! 

What are the Different Types of Floor Desks?

There are many different types of floor desks in addition to the standard type.

There are tilting, storage, mobile, child, and adjustable options to consider. Let’s check out each one. 


This is just a regular type of floor desk. They usually don’t offer many different features, but can be affordable and stylish nonetheless.

Typically, you can expect them to raise around 15 inches off the ground, but can also find taller and shorter options if this doesn’t work for you.

Some have a crossbar or other support as well to increase sturdiness and durability. 


This type tilts up to face you while you are sitting on the floor. They usually can move down flat or tilt to face you depending on the type of work you are doing.

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A lot of them only tilt half of the desk while leaving the other half flat. This is great for doing multiple different tasks comfortably at your floor desk. 


This type has storage compartments built into it.

Sometimes they have shelves built onto the sides or back of the desk. Other products have a drawer on the underside of the desktop.

This can be great because you can keep all your materials handy so you do not have to stand up to grab them from another location. 


This type is lightweight and folds up easily so that you can take it wherever you go.

This is a great option for the digital nomad or anyone who wants to use their desk in multiple locations.

A lot of people even use them in bed so that they can switch back and forth depending on the type of work (or fun!) that you are doing at any given time. 


If you have kids, you know they need their own space for homework, crafts, or whatever hobbies they have.

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Also, kids love to sit on the floor. This type is perfect because they fit kids and many also have other features like cupholders, easy to clean surfaces, and wider desktop space that work better for children. 


This type can adjust to fit different heights. This can be good if you will be sharing your floor desk, but it's also good for other things as well.

If you have different types of work that you do, then this adjustment can be beneficial.

For typing you may need a different height than you would if you were in a meeting looking at a laptop camera for example.  

How Do Floor Desks Work?

Floor desks just rest straight on the ground and you can sit in front of them on the floor to be able to see a laptop or other work materials.

A lot of people use a pillow and optimal sitting positions to increase comfort.

The right way of sitting may be different depending on your body type, gender, and other factors, but as long as you find it, sitting on the floor can be comfy and beneficial. 

Sitting on the floor activates your core muscles and can help you achieve fitness goals. It also improves flexibility.

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Think about how little your body moves or gets used sitting in an office chair! That doesn’t have to be the way you sit the rest of your life.

Some people even claim that the switch to a floor chair helped them to focus and concentrate on the task at hand. 

Top 5 Best Floor Desks

What to Look for in the Best Floor Desks?

When you are shopping around for a floor desk, it is important that you get one that works for you.

There are a lot of factors to keep in mind in order to make a good buying decision. 


The height is the first thing to check out before buying a floor desk. You want it to fit your sitting style and body size.

In addition, you need to keep any pillows or other materials that may alter your sitting height or position. If you do not get the right height floor desk then you may end up slouching or straining in order to work. 

Desktop Size:

The size of the desktop itself is crucial to comfort and benefits.

If you get one that is too big, then you may be positioned too far away from the back end or have to reach away from your body to type or get materials.

Too small, however, will not even fit the materials that you use. 


One final thing to keep in mind is the materials and strength.

If you want a durable floor desk that will last a long time, you do not want to get one that has a desktop that is too flexible or a frame that does not offer support throughout the entire desk. 

Best Floor Desks

 #1  Cooper Mega Table (XXL Extra Large - Premium Build) Floor Bed Desk

Cooper Mega Table Plus - Premium XXL 26x19in...
  • THE KING OF FOLDING DESKS ???? Extra large surface laptop lap desk with foldable legs. Multipurpose for bed, couch, and floor. Ideal college dorm room essentials for girls/boys, home essentials, home office accessories for study, writing, working, reading!
  • XXL EXTRA LARGE & WIDE ???? The mega table's 25.6" x 19.3" surface is MASSIVE! Non-adjustable (fixed) 10.6" table height is very stable, with room to cross your legs. Large lap desk for laptop & portable laptop desk holds 88 lb.

This large folding floor desk has a 25.6” x 19.3” desktop surface and rises to a height of 10.6 inches.

It also supports up to 88 pounds and is designed for comfort. With a tablet crevice and a storage drawer as well as a book holder, phone stand, and carrying handle.

It is convenient and also has no slip legs and curved sleek edges. Finally, it comes with a 3 year warranty!


  • Strong and sturdy with 88 pound weight limit
  • Large desktop surface
  • Tablet slot, drawer, book holder, and more!


  • Only 10.6 inches tall
  • Not great for using in a bed
  • Fingerprints show easily (especially on the black model)

#2  Mavo Craft Folding Lap Desk, Laptop Desk

Folding Lap Desk, Laptop Desk, Breakfast...
  • Multi-purpose use - It can be used as a laptop stand, travel desk, breakfast table, bed tray, bed table, book stand, and picnic table, gaming desk. Beach table, portable office desk, lap tray for food, kids study desk, laptop desk, study table, workstation, standing desk, childrens desk, laptop table, kids lap desk, writing desk, laptop folding table, and much more
  • Extra storage space under the desk top - Lap desk with storage. Lift the desk top and find lots of storage compartments for pens, paper and office supplies, and it has a very strong hold closure of the top to hold your stuff secured

This floor or lap desk is great for storage and may be a great choice if you are shopping for a kid, but can work for adults as well.

The desktop lifts to store inside the desk itself and it also collapses for easy mobility. It is 12 inches high and also durable, especially for the price.

It comes in a variety of different colors as well. 


  • Color options
  • Affordable
  • Storage space underneath desktop


  • Only 12 inches high
  • Small surface
  • Not as sturdy as other options

#3  FEZIBO Standing Desk Converter

FEZIBO Standing Desk Converter Stand up Desk...
  • Trustworthy: FEZIBO Standing Desk Converter after three years of constant iteration. Both the home office rising experience and quality of the products are trustworthy
  • Adjustable Lift: The brake system is controlled by a pneumatic spring to adjust different tabletop heights, allowing ergonomic working positions from sitting to standing

Okay, I know this is not technically a floor desk, but as a standing desk converter it can certainly work as one.

This desk has an adjustable lift from 4.5 to 19.3 inches using a pneumatic spring system.

It also comes in different colors and sizes and has a two tier design that can spread out your materials and offer a more comfortable floor sitting experience.


  • Adjustable from 4.5 to 19.3 inches
  • Color and size options
  • Durable and strong


  • More expensive than other options
  • May slide on the floor a little
  • As a desk converter, may not be good for all sitting positions

#4   SONGMICS Large Laptop Stand Floor Desk

SONGMICS Large Laptop Stand Bed Tray with...
  • EXTRA LARGE & HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE: Premium 23. 6”L x 15. 7”W desktop (larger than standard models) accommodates laptops of ALL sizes (tilt panel - 15. 6”L x 15. 3”W); extendable legs is easy to adjust and offers sufficient space for your legs
  • MULTI-PURPOSE LAP DESK: Ideal for working, gaming, reading, drawing or enjoying a delicious meal while comfortably sitting or lying on the sofa or bed; with 5 tilt positions, you can choose the perfect angle for optimal viewing experience; guard plate prevents sliding off

This desk is height adjustable and has a larger desktop surface. It also has a portion that tiles and extendable legs for space.

As well as 5 tilt positions and is made of bamboo. It has a side drawer and is foldable for storage.


  • Stylish bamboo construction
  • Tilt panel with 5 positions
  • Height adjustable


  • Not good for tall people
  • May wobble slightly
  • Scratches easily

#5  Laptop Desk Nnewvante Table Adjustable 100% Bamboo

Laptop Desk Nnewvante Table Adjustable Bamboo...
  • Multi-use desk: work as a laptop desk, but also as a TV Dinner Tray, bed serving desk for patients/kids, Standing Desk for office workers, Book Tray of readers, Writing Desk for kids, Tablet Holder (21.5 Lx 14.1W x 13.8H inches)
  • Bamboo lap desk. We select quality bamboo and made it with our exquisite craftsmanship, providing you smooth surface desk

This bamboo floor desk is attractive and functional and raises up 13.8 inches. It is made of quality materials and has a tilting portion.

It also has a small storage drawer and a modern design with a 21.5” x 14.1” desktop surface. The design is also great for a variety of different uses.


  • Strong with quality materials
  • Tilt panel with 5 settings
  • Storage drawer


  • Folding feature isn’t great
  • May have splinters
  • Slick desktop surface

Final Thoughts on Floor Desks

Floor desks are getting more and more popular, but it is important to get one that works for you and is made well enough to hold up your materials.

There are a lot of things to keep in mind when shopping around, but now you know what to look for and some of the best options available so you can make a good decision! 

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Darryl Higgins

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Darryl Higgins

Darryl Higgins

Hi, I'm Darryl. I made this site to help share information & reviews about ergonomic desks, chairs & accessories to help others who want to work more comfortably. Learn more about my journey by reading my bio here. Enjoy!

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