Top 5 Best Modern U Shaped Desks (2022 Review)

A lot of offices are moving away from more traditional style desks or other furniture and choosing more contemporary options. Good thing there are some great ones available if you want to get in on a style update!

This article includes:

  • The top 5 best modern u-shaped desks with their pros and cons
  • The different types and how they work
  • What to look for when you are shopping for one

Let’s get started!

Top 5 Best Modern U Shaped Desks

What are Modern U-Shaped Desks?

Desks made in a modern style are becoming more and more popular, but what makes them different? Well, a traditional desk is usually made with right angles and natural wood grain colors or neutral colors.

A modern desk may have more curves and even come in a two tone style. They are also available in a greater range of color options. 

Modern u-shaped desks are rarely made out of solid wood. In addition, the u-shape can fit a modern office because it allows for multiple monitors and storage area for extra materials.

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They also create a distinct area for you to work without much distraction and can match the aesthetics of both a modern office or one with more traditional design elements. 

You can also check out this video about a modern desk setup so that you can organize your work area for optimal productivity!

What are the Different Types of Modern U-Shaped Desks?

Besides a standard u-shaped desk with a modern style and design, there are some other types that you may want to consider.

There are double l-shaped, double u-shaped, standing, gaming, glass, and executive types available. Let’s look at what each one has to offer. 


This is the typical u-shaped modern desk. They have three arms and modern ones sometimes have two tones desktop surfaces.

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The desktop is usually made out of two or three pieces because it makes it easier to ship as well as assemble. They come in many different colors from blacks, whites, and browns, to more modern ones in some cases. 

Double L-Shaped

This is two l-shaped desks combined together to make the u-shape. Which is a great way to have more options on the style of desks to choose from.

Double l-shaped desks are also great for those who want to combine two different desks or styles. A lot of people will choose one sitting desk and one standing desk to allow the user to alternate for improved health

Double U-Shaped

This type has two different u sections that share a middle desktop arm. It is great for those who work with another person, but also want their own area.

Many of them also have a hutch or shelves in between the two u-shapes. Modern options often have cable management in the middle as well. 


This is a modern u-shaped desk that allows you to stand while you work, which is associated with a lot of health benefits.

Many of them have one section for sitting and one section for standing, because it is difficult/ expensive to make an adjustable standing desk comprising the entire u-shape. 


This is a u-shaped desk designed in a modern style for gamers. They often come in colors you would not typically find in an office or with more traditional furniture.

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They also incorporate additional features like two-tone colors, keyboard trays, wire management grommets or trays, adjustable height, two-tier design, or even a mousepad desktop surface. 


This type has a glass desktop surface that is great for the modern style. The desktop will be made of tempered safety glass that could come as clear, frosted, tinted, or even colored.

This is a great option because they are affordable, but stylish. 


While most executive u-shaped desks have a more traditional design, there are modern ones available as well.

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The modern style of an executive desk will work along with traditional elements to create an elegant design that can fit into virtually any workplace. 

How Do Modern U-Shaped Desks Work?

Modern u-shaped desks work the same as any u-shaped desk, but with some additional features. A u-shaped desk allows you to store more materials and access more desktop surface area without straining.

This can be more comfortable and increase your productivity. They are also great for reducing distractions , or creating a great space to complete work. 

U-shaped desks built in a modern style often have two tiers to hold computer monitors. They may also have keyboard trays or CPU stands. In addition, the frame and edges could be curved, which can be beneficial for allowing a little more movement around the work area. 

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Modern ones are also made for someone who works using a computer as well as many other electronic devices. This means that some of them have a power strip built in, or at the very least will have cable management features.

Top 5 Best Modern U Shaped Desks

What to Look for in the Best U-Shaped Desks?

It is important that you get a u-shaped desk that works for you. To ensure that your modern u-shaped desk is right, you need to keep some things in mind.


First, the materials range quite a bit with modern style desks. They are rarely made out of solid wood, so you may want to check if the material is right for you.

Some materials are resistant to scratches, water, and more. It is crucial that you keep this in mind, especially if you work with heavy materials or in an industrial setting.

While most frames are made out of steel, if you have heavy equipment you may want to ensure that the design can hold the amount of weight before testing it out. 


They can be quite large, but you will want to make sure that the depth will hold your monitor and keyboard along with any other materials.

A two-tiered product will have some space beneath the second level to place extra materials, which could be beneficial. 

Wire Management:

Make sure that the cable management options are included in a place so that the wires will not be splayed around the desk and work area.

You do not want to have a useless grommet, just to have all of the plugged in materials on the opposite end of the desk. 


Finally, the assembly for a lot of modern desks is quite complicated. Make sure that you have the resources and hands to adequately build the desk that you purchase.

Most come with the tools required for assembly, but you may want to double check that as well. 

Best Modern U-Shaped Desks

 #1   Tribesigns 78.7 x 47.2 inch U Shaped Desk

Tribesigns U Shaped Desk, Large L-Shaped Desk...
  • ✔【SPACE SAVING 2 IN 1 DESK】: The U-shaped desk is a wonderful multi-functional workstation integrating L shaped desk and printer stand. It is an efficient use of space in a cubicle or cramped office, providing a large working surface in a small footprint. U desk is suitable for den, bedroom, living room and office, can be served as a computer table, office workstation, study table, writing desk or gaming desk.
  • ✔【CURVED WORK AREA】: 79"(L) x 47"(W) x 20"(D) dimension offers wider space to fit your laptop, PC, keyboard, desk accessories. It also provides a plenty of space for drafting, gaming setup and other office activities.

This is a great u-shaped desk with a modern style. It is fairly compact, but still offers sufficient desktop surface area for most people.

It has a printer rack and a CPU tray for easy storage, also the desktop is water and scratch resistant. It is a very sturdy desk that can hold up to 450 pounds. It also has an 18 month warranty. 


  • Reasonable price
  • Sturdy with 450 pound weight limit
  • Water and scratch resistant


  • Only available in black and matte black
  • Three piece desktop surface
  • Poor assembly instructions

#2  Tangkula U-Shaped Computer Desk

Tangkula U-Shaped Computer Desk, Corner...
  • 2-in-1 Space-saving Design: Our U-shaped computer desk is designed in a unique combination of L-shaped desk and printer stand, providing a large work area to place your computers and other office supplies. Also, it fits perfectly in a corner, making full use of most of your limited space.
  • Sturdy Structure with High Stability: Built with robust and thickened steel pipes, our home office desk ensures great bearing capacity up to 130 lbs, not easy to deform as well. What’s more, each foot pad can be adjusted to maintain the balance of workstation even on the uneven ground.

This modern u-shaped desk is available in either brown or black, it also has a curved arm for style and space. It can hold up to 130 pounds and comes with a CPU stand as well as a crossbar that doubles as a footrest.

The Tangkula desk is scratch and water resistant, as well as compact, while also offering plenty of space for most professions or tasks. 


  • Stylish design
  • CPU stand 
  • Storage space beneath desk with a crossbar


  • Simple design with 3 piece desktop
  • Difficult assembly instructions
  • Only available in brown and black

#3  Bush Business Furniture Series C 4-Piece U-Shape Corner Desk

Bush Business Furniture Series C 4-Piece...
  • Durable thermally fused laminate work surfaces feature superior resistance to scratches and stains
  • Attaches to 72"W Bow Front Desk Shell, 72"W or 66"W Desk Shell or Credenza on left or right

This executive style u-shaped desk is a combination of modern style with traditional elegance. It is reversible and made to resist scratches plus stains using thermally fused laminate.

It is a deep brown color suited for a fancy office space, but can also work in a casual setting. It also offers plenty of work surface with comfort from the middle of the u-shape.


  • Sturdy design with quality materials
  • Stylish and elegant
  • Scratch and stain resistant


  • Very heavy
  • More expensive than other options
  • May take two people to assemble

#4  Merax U-Shaped Computer Writing Desk

Merax U-Shaped Computer, Industrial Corner...
  • U-shaped Design:The U-shaped desk is specifically designed to meet small room. The two rectangular panels form an L-shaped angle and could fit in the corner to maximize your space. The right panel is designed with arc shape to provide extra storage space.
  • Industrial Simple Style:The simple lines and seamless silhouette design highlights a minimalist industrial style. With rustic brown finished surface contrasting against black legs, this computer desk will add rustic industrial charm to your office.

This u-shaped desk is made for smaller spaces and has plentiful storage space. It has a brown rustic, yet modern, style, it is made of MDF and stainless steel. The Merax desk is strong and durable with adjustable foot pads.

It is also waterproof, scratch resistant, and easy to clean. Finally, it comes with a mobile CPU stand. 


  • Modern rustic style
  • Makes great use of space
  • Comes with mobile CPU stand


  • May wobble slightly 
  • Assembly takes a long time
  • Not great for holding very heavy materials

#5  Walker Edison Modern Corner U Shaped Glass Desk

Walker Edison Soreno and Gaming Gamer Command...
  • With a contemporary and modern design style to coordinate with your home’s current décor style
  • With a polished and beveled tempered safety glass top

This is a modern glass u-shaped desk available in black, silver, gray, and white. It also has a couple of different frame styles and you can get it in l-shape as well.

The Walker Edison desk can fit into any contemporary office scape, with a polished and beveled tempered safety glass desktop and powder coated frame. It also has a mountable keyboard tray. 


  • Great modern style and design with frame and color options
  • Glass desktop is easy to clean 
  • Keyboard tray that can be placed on either side


  • Glass may slide a little
  • No cable management
  • Keyboard tray may be too small for some

Final Thoughts on Modern U-Shaped Desks

There are a lot of different modern styles for u-shaped desks. Some are affordable while others are expensive, but there are different types for everyone.

Whether you want one made out of glass or wood, one that has two u-shapes or one, or anything else, you are sure to find one that suits you!

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