Top 5 Best Laptop Standing Desks? (2022 Review)

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  • Things to look for and be aware of when shopping for laptop standing desks.

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Top Five Best Laptop Standing Desks

What Are Laptop Standing Desks?

Laptop standing desks are very small desks, typically with just one or two supports and usually on caster wheels that allow them to be rolled around.

They adjust from sitting to standing positions and any position in between. 

Some are strong enough to hold a relatively light monitor, but most are only strong enough for a laptop and mouse.

People choose laptop standing desks because they may be more comfortable, ergonomic, and even burn more calories than sitting at a desk. 

Here are some more advantages of standing desks:

What Are The Different Types of Laptop Standing Desks?

The primary difference in laptop standing desks is fixed surface or split surface.

Fixed surface desks raise and lower as a single unit.

Split service desks have one portion that can be lowered and another portion that can be higher.

Another great advantage is that they usually cost a lot less than larger, more complicated standing desks.

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How Does Laptop Standing Desk Work?

Laptop standing desks typically are adjusted using a knob somewhere on the support bars. Simply turn the rod to raise and lower the desk.

Because laptop standing desks don't hold very much weight, there isn't typically a need for a pneumatic system.

Some standing desks also have a surface that can be tilted. This is typically done with a knob at the base of the desktop surface. 

To use a laptop standing desk appropriately switch between standing and sitting throughout the day, since sitting for long periods can lead to health concerns

Top Five Best Laptop Standing Desks 2021 Review Did You Know

What to Look For In The Best Laptop Standing Desk?


No laptop standing desk is as stable as a monitor standing desk, but you wanted a desk that is at least stable enough that you can set your laptop, a mouse, and perhaps a cup of coffee and still rest your arms without concern.


Most standing desks lower and raise sufficiently for most people, but if you are very tall or very short or if you want to use the standing desk by a lower piece of furniture like a couch, carefully look at the adjustability of the model you are considering.


You're probably choosing a standing desk because you want something more ergonomic than your standard sitting desk.

Features like a tilted or tiltable surface, plenty of support for your wrists, and allowing you to get close enough to your screen that you won't hunch make standing desks more ergonomic.

Best Laptop Standing Desk Reviewed

#1  SIDUCAL Mobile Stand-Up Desk

SIDUCAL Mobile Stand Up Desk, Adjustable...
  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT & EASY MOVE - Adjustable height 27.5"-45.3" for you to sit or stand, 4 smooth wheels make the desk move wherever you want
  • ERGONOMICS COMPUTER OFFICE DESK - Standing up computer desk promotes better posture, reduces back and neck pain, a more healthy working position for you

Here is an attractive little standing desk that provides you with a lot of options in how you use it.

Whether you're looking for a home workstation for your laptop or you want a convenient and portable station at work, this is a good pick. 

Choose between having the two surfaces at an even height for a wider work area or adjust them at different heights to provide a space for your laptop on the bottom and a few accessories and your coffee cup on the top part. 

You can also set your laptop or a monitor on the top part and a keyboard on the bottom part. So much flexibility is very convenient at a standing desk.

Choose between an attractive light oak color and classy wood-textured black.


  • Converts from standing to sitting with two different surfaces that can be adjusted at different heights or as a single surface
  • Wood-textured oak or black to choose from
  • Good weight capacity can handle your laptop or a computer monitor and keyboard 


  • Does not get tall enough for very tall people to work comfortably while standing 
  • Not very much room on the laptop portion if you used the split surface design

#2  SHW Height Adjustable Mobile Laptop Stand Desk Rolling Cart

Height Adjustable Mobile Laptop Stand Desk...
  • Mobility: rolling cart with four wheels, includes two locking wheels
  • Adjustable Height: from 28'' to 33'' with locking knob

This is a simple little convertible standing desk with a single relatively wide surface that can fit a keyboard and a mouse.

The bowed front coming towards you gives room for you to rest your wrists when you are working on the laptop. 

The HH-shaped base is pushed in slightly so that there's plenty of room for your feet, a clever innovation that lets it get very close to couches or beds.

The frame also leans in slightly from this base, so you will be as close to the screen as you want to be without having to worry about the feet interfering.


  • Simple and clever desk with a bowed front and lots of room to rest your wrists
  • Wider desktop than many other options, giving you room for a mouse and a coffee cup as well as plenty of room for the laptop
  • Perfect to use bona couch or bed as well as standing or sitting in an office chair 


  • Only two wheels lock, which means this is a little less stable than some other options
  • Not strong enough to hold much weight, and some people feel uncomfortable resting their arms heavily on it

#3  SDADI 2 Inches Carpet Wheels Mobile Standing Desk

 SDADI 2 Inches Carpet Wheels Mobile Standing... 
  • It’s neck&spine pain killer when you use it with standing mode. The height can be adjusted from 27.5-45.3 inches(the model in the picture is 5’5”), suitable for most male/female users. You can put your computer and other office supplies separately with the separated front panel and back panel. Your computer will be well protected by the stopper on the front panel. Or, it’s can be change into an 23.6*23.6 inches table if you prefer to work on seating desk mode.
  • 2 inches ABS mute wheels with locking function, can be moved on the carpet smoothly. To keep it steady, all you need to do is lock all the 4 wheels gently.

Here is a versatile desk with two independently adjustable surfaces to give you a lot of flexibility in the design.

Choose between a single surface or a surface that is higher than the other.

You can have a large work service when you want it or work on your laptop on the bottom and have space for accessories on the top surface. 

The front surface also tilts so you can choose just the right angle for your laptop. 

A stopper on the front panel keeps your laptop or keyboard from sliding off.

There is a power cord holder to keep everything organized even when you want to roll it around, making it ideal for an office-standing desk. 


  • Versatile desk with the choice between standing and sitting and between two surfaces or one
  • The front desk can be tilted to keep your wrists at just the right angle
  • Choose between a couple of color options, each with clean lines that look economical but professional


  • Wheels are quite small and relatively ineffective on thicker carpets 
  • The ledge to prevent your laptop from falling off doesn't stretch all the way, so pens and your mouse may still tend to fall off

#4  Seville Classics Solid-Top Height Adjustable Mobile Laptop Computer Desk

Seville Classics Solid-Top Height Adjustable...
  • HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE TABLETOP - Adjust from 27 5" to 40" high and any height manually and secure with the twist-lock knob for an ergonomic and personalized workspace
  • ERGONOMIC TILTING DESK - Tilt nearly vertical to the front and back Dual stopper ledges keep laptops and other documents from sliding off while you work Use for drafting reading music or working while standing

This desk provides an ergonomic surface for your arms to rest on your laptop but also provides a separate surface for a mouse so you won't have to hover your wrists over the touchpad of your laptop. 

The mousepad can be attached on either the left or right-hand side and the sturdy frame is easily adjustable using a wheel on the frame.

A stopper ledge keeps your laptop from sliding off. 

Locking caster wheels enable you to slide the table around where you need to. There's a limited one-year manufacturer coverage to give you peace of mind in order.


  • The tilted surface is ergonomic, to ease tension in the arms and shoulders
  • SA separate mouse pad can be attached on the left or the right and helps you to avoid balancing your wrists over the touchpad of the laptop
  • Limited 1-year manufacturer's guarantee n this very affordable desk


  • The tilt is not adjustable, so if it isn't the right angle for your comfort there's not much to be done about it
  • rather a utilitarian appearance with a straightforward grey stand and a la large knob

#5  Flash Furniture Black SSit-to-StandMobile Laptop Computer Desk

Flash Furniture Black Sit to Stand Mobile...
  • Adaptable design can be used as a desk for your laptop or speaking engagements; Travel all around the house or take with you on the road; Small frame allows you to work on your sofa or bed
  • Unique Design: Half-moon-shaped black laminate top

If you want a laptop standing desk with as narrow a profile as possible, this may be the one for you.

This simple, straightforward rolling desk has a sturdy base on large caster wheels and an ergonomically curved top so you have room to rest a mouse and coffee cup. 

The half-moon ergonomic top helps you to stand at just the right distance from your laptop to see clearly without hunching over, whether you’re standing or sitting in an office chair or on a couch.

The heavy-duty base is a good fit for people who have to roll their laptop desks around a lot.


  • Slim profile that can fit easily into any corner of a room
  • Ergonomically curved so that you will be just the right distance from your laptop screen without hunching 
  • The heavy-duty base that handles rolling around a lot very well


  • Does not feel very stable, and some people feel uncomfortable resting their arms as heavily as they’d like to
  • Takes some effort to move up and down

Final Thoughts On Laptop Standing Desk

A laptop standing desk can make a big difference in your life if you spend a lot of time on your laptop.

Whether you're looking to supplement your home office or you need a portable, ergonomic, and convenient solution for your work office, a laptop standing desk can be an excellent choice. 

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