Top 5 Best Standing Desk Risers (2021 Review)

Standing desks can be expensive, and then sometimes they are not even tall enough. However, there is a solution to these problems and there are options for any budget. 

This article will go over:

  • Our top 5 best risers and leg extensions for standing desks
  • Different types and how they work
  • What to look for when shopping

Let’s get started!

Top Five Best Standing Desk Risers

What are Standing Desk Risers?

 Standing desk risers are a way to increase the height of a desk. This means that they can be used to change a traditional desk into a standing desk or just to make a standing desk more suitable for a taller person or for other uses. For example, sometimes people use a standing desk on risers to place a monitor so that an entire room can easily see the screen. 

They can also be used to raise your existing desk so that you can try out a standing desk before investing in a completely new one and see if you like the benefits associated with standing. Not only that, but you can use them to make up for dips or inconsistencies on the floor because risers can level it out. 

Check out this video to learn about making  your own desk risers!

What are the Different Types of Standing Desk Risers?

There are a lot of different types of standing desks risers because there are different ones that fit different types of legs. In addition, some are more portable while others are permanent. Finally, there are even risers that can be placed on top of a desktop that increase the height.

MakeShift Risers

Most of us have tried to raise a desk using books, paper, spare blocks of wood, or other items that are easily found around the home or office. This may work temporarily, but it is not recommended. First, it can be difficult to get the desktop to be level. Second, depending on what you use the risers may not be very sturdy. This can lead to wobbles or even cause the desk to topple over. 

Bun Feet

These are a good option for desks that are almost tall enough and that have wooden legs. These are typically round and only a few inches tall. However, some options have screws that may fit into the holes on the bottom of a standing desk’s feet. If they do not already fit, you will need to make holes using an electric drill. 

Furniture Risers

This is the most common type and they come in many different materials, colors, and styles. These are great options for raising your desk a specific amount, but they are not adjustable. There are furniture risers that are black, clear, white, wooden, elegant, or modern so you should be able to find one that suits your standing desk design and decor. Some are blocks and others look more like legs. 

Leg Levelers

These operate on a similar concept as buns or risers, but they are adjustable. They will attach to the existing legs and screw in and out to reach your desired height. These typically require more work to attach, but are incredibly useful as well. 

Tabletop Riser

This is a riser that goes on top of the desktop. This is similar to a standing desk converter, but they are usually a similar design and not made specifically to be used as a standing desk. 

How Do Standing Desk Risers Work?

Standing desk risers work in different ways depending on the type. A lot of options simply screw into the bottom of desk legs or feet. This will raise up the desk a specific amount depending on how tall the risers are. Tabletop risers merely sit on top of the desktop to increase the height of the workspace. 

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A lot of furniture risers do not even require any work because they have an indention in them that allows the legs to fit. This will hold the desk firmly while adding a substantial amount of height. 

Finally, leg levelers and other adjustable options. These ones attach to the table and usually will require you to drill holes for the screws to fit into. Then, you can turn them and they lengthen or shorten to reach your desired height. This works because the screw will go up and down as it is twisted which brings the foot lower or higher. 

What to Look for in the Best Standing Desk Risers?

When looking for the right standing desk risers for your situation, you need to take some things into consideration. First, you need to consider the desk that you intend to rise. What types of legs and feet does it have?

If it has wooden feet, then it will be easier to attach a leveler or other screw based riser. If it has long metal feet like a lot of standing desk options, then you can either check the size of the holes already on the bottom, or use an electric drill to create your own. 

Top Five Standing Desk Risers Review

Another thing you need to check for is the desired height. A lot of furniture risers, tabletop risers, and other options will have a set height because they are not adjustable. Make sure that this height will work for you before purchasing one. If this height may not work, then your best bet is to look into the adjustable options. 

Stability is a major factor when using risers. This depends on the type of desk that you are using them with and the risers themselves. You will want to purchase risers that will not compromise the stability of the desk. 

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For furniture risers that have indentions for the legs to go into, make sure that the legs will fit into the indentions without moving around too much. If you are getting a leg leveler, you want to be sure that the plate part that attaches will have enough space and that you will be able to drill holes in the area that it will attach to on the desk. 

Best Standing Desk Risers

FASONLA Furniture Risers Lifts

These risers are available in two different elegant, walnut colors and are made out of strong oak. They can stack together to raise one inch per riser and come in a set of 8. They can be raised to 1, 2, 3, or 4 inches and there are a few different ways to stack them for different styles. The recessed indention is 2.6 inches in diameter. 


  • Elegant Style
  • Can stack to rise to 1, 2, 3, or 4 inches
  • Strong solid oak construction


  • Stacks of 3 or 4 inches may compromise sturdiness 
  • May stick to carpet
  • Not good for large desk feet

Tahikem Heavy Duty Leveling Feet

These levelers are high quality and cost less than $20 for a pack of four. They can adjust anywhere from .78 inches to 3.5 inches tall. They have rubber feet so they do not scratch the floor or make noise. They are heavy duty and easy to install because they come with screws and a small wrench tool. 


  • Adjustable from .78” to 3.5”
  • Affordable
  • Durable


  • Large plate will not fit all desks
  • Max height of 3.5 inches may not be tall enough to convert traditional desk
  • Difficult to turn for adjustment without the tool

Tomokazu Ralston Solid Wood

These 3 inch risers come in sets of four and you can choose either light brown or dark walnut color. The recession in the top is 3 inches in diameter and 2 inches deep so that it holds the desk legs firm. They are made out of high-quality rubberwood from Thailand. The light brown one is light enough to paint any color that you desire.


  • Solid wood
  • Deep Recession
  • Gorgeous Style and Colors


  • Not adjustable or stackable
  • Higher price point than most
  • Not suitable for large feet

G.E.T. Enterprises Walnut 13.8" x 7.5" Wood Riser

This tabletop riser is 13.8 inches long and simply sits on top of your standing desk. It is 3 inches tall and comes in your choice of two different colors. You can also purchase similar products that are 6 inches or 9 inches tall. It is lightweight and easily mobile and is great for temporarily raising a monitor for viewing. It has a solid construction and is easy to store because of the foldable legs.


  • Mobile and easy to Store
  • Gorgeous color
  • Solid Construction


  • Feet are not Protected
  • Not adjustable
  • Not much available room underneath 

Aspeike The New Upgrade 3 Inch Heavy Duty Lifts

These plastic risers come in a plethora of different colors from black to walnut wood-grained. They are solid and can hold up to 6000 pounds or 1650 pounds per riser. They may also be good for types of legs that do not fit directly in them as long as they are balanced. They are 3 inch risers with a 2.55 inch indention diameter. They also have non-slip bottoms as well as non-slip indention to hold legs sturdy. 


  • Hold up to 1650 pounds per riser
  • Quality Non-slip bottom and Recession
  • Color Options


  • Not adjustable or stackable
  • Large and Heavy
  • Plastic Construction

Final Thoughts on Standing Desk Risers

Desk risers are a great option for someone who just wants to test out standing or to increase the height of an existing traditional or standing desk. There are lots of different options depending on how much you want to raise the desk or why you want it taller. There are also adjustable options and plenty of different color and style options to suit virtually anyone who wants to combat the negative effects of sitting. Some work well with larger feet while others need to be attached with screws so be sure to get a set of risers that works well with the type of desk you have.

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Darryl Higgins

Hi, I'm Darryl. I made this site to help share information & reviews about ergonomic desks, chairs & accessories to help others who want to work more comfortably. Learn more about my journey by reading my bio here. Enjoy!

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