Best Standing Desks for Laptops (2021 Review)

These days, a lot of people work using a laptop.

Sometimes it is just a laptop while other times people use it  with one or two monitors. 

Either way, you will want a standing desk that works for you.

This article will cover

  • The best standing desks for use with a laptop
  • The types that are available
  • What to look for in the best options

Let’s get started!

Best standing desks for laptops

What are Standing Desks for Laptops?

Standing desks for use with a laptop will be great for use with a laptop because they are generally not large enough for an entire computer system.

However, many options are large enough for one or two monitors that you can connect to the laptop. 

They are also often mobile so that they work well with a portable computer. This is great for people whose job requires them to move around throughout the day.

Moving throughout the day is a great way to get the most benefits out of your standing desk as well. 

Also, check out this video to learn how to build your own standing desk meant to hold a laptop!

What are the Different Types of Standing Desks for Laptops?

There are a few different types of standing desks that are good to use with laptops.

In addition, there are some that are better for use with a laptop and a keyboard or a laptop with a monitor or dual monitors.

Standing Desk Converter

Standing desk converters are usually a great option for using a laptop because they can raise up a traditional desk to create a standing desk.

But they have smaller desk surfaces that are the perfect size for most laptops. There are also many lightweight options that make them easy to transport. 

Mobile Standing Desk

This is a great option if you move around a lot with your job, but want to be able to stand.

These typically have wheels and the perfect amount of space to hold a laptop.

Some even have an additional keyboard tray so that you can use them with or without a keyboard. 

Two-tiered Standing Desk

These options are great if you use your laptop with one or two monitors while you are in the office.

These have a lower surface that is perfect for the portable computer and a raised tier that can hold a monitor.

Some options have a large enough upper tier to accommodate dual monitor systems. 

Best standing desks for laptops

Best Standing Desk for Laptop and Keyboard

Mount-It! Electric Standing Desk Converter,...
  • EASY HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT: Sit to stand in seconds with this electric sit stand desk converter. The powerful electric motor makes the transition from sitting to standing as easy as can be, with no time wasted. Adjustable height from 6” to 19.25”.
  • A HEALTHIER WAY TO WORK: Sit and stand throughout your day with this height adjustable motorized desk riser. Improve your posture, boost productivity, and increase your energy levels with the push of a button.

Sometimes, people want to be able to use a larger, more comfortable laptop while they are using a standing desk.

For situations like that, you need a standing desk that is designed to hold a keyboard, but is also great for laptop size and mobility. 

The best option of this type is the Mount-It! Electric Standing Desk Converter .

This option adjusts from 6 to 19.25 inches and even has a built in usb port that you can use for charging. 

It also has a slot meant for a phone or tablet and can hold up to 33 pounds.

However, it is heavier than other options, so this is mainly for people who take their laptop with them, but want to leave the converter in a set location. 

Best Standing Desk for Laptop with Monitor

FLEXISPOT Stand up Desk Converter -28"...
  • Flexible height adjustment: Adjust the desk height to a level that perfectly suits you with versatile height settings.
  • Extra spacious work surface: Feel free to spread out with an extra large desktop for your computer monitor, paperwork, and desk accessories as well as an oversized U-shaped keyboard tray that accommodates flexible setup options like a 17-inch laptop or a full-sized keyboard and mouse.

Sometimes you want a seperate monitor to go along with your laptop.

For those that need to visibly see their laptop and the keyboard while also using a seperate monitor, we suggest the FLEXISPOT Stand Up Desk Converter

This high-quality, but affordable converter is great for a monitor and the upper tier can hold up to 33 pounds.

It has a lower tier that is perfect for the laptop. It can adjust from 4.7 to 19.7 inches so it works with people in a large range of heights.

Finally, the lower tier can be removed if you want the laptop even lower to sit on the existing desk. 

Best Standing Desk for Laptop and Dual Monitors

Halter Stand Up Desk Converter for Laptop,...
  • New and innovative adjustable workstation; Made with convenient features and cutting-edge technology; Designed with modern aesthetics; Halter's fresh take on home office needs
  • Gas spring technology; Unlike the traditional helicoidal or rubber springs, gas spring requires less force to make adjustments; Stronger velocity control for lifting heavy objects; Acts as a support for lifting, lowering, and positioning; Customize your workstation with ease

If your job requires you to use your laptop with dual monitors, then you will have to have a standing desk that works well for that.

The desktop has to be large enough to accommodate dual monitors and support their combined weight.

It also has to be able to hold your laptop so that you can easily and comfortably use it. 

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For dual monitors with a laptop, we recommend the Halter Stand Up Desk Converter for Laptop .

This standing desk converter can hold up to 44 pounds and has the space necessary for two monitors.

Not only that, but it also has a tray that can comfortably hold a laptop. It uses a pneumatic system to make it easy to adjust. 

How Do Standing Desks for Laptops Work?

A standing desk for a laptop works depending on the type of standing desk it is.

The ones for just a laptop are often lighter and have wheels to go along with the portable computer. This makes it a great choice for mobile professions.

Other options will have a separate keyboard tray so that you can use a keyboard on a different level from the laptop.

This works well if you sometimes use the laptop’s keyboard, but at the office you want to use it more like a desktop computer.

Still other options have more space so that you can have one or two monitors.

This is great for those whose job requires you to periodically use a monitor, but that also needs to use the laptop as their portable computer. 

What to Look for in the Best Standing Desks for Laptops?

With standing desks that you are going to use with a laptop, there are some things that you need to look for to make sure that you get one that suits your needs.

A lot of this depends on the way that you will use your laptop.

If you only plan on using your laptop and want to use accessories and additional cabinets, then you should look for one that will fit the laptop itself that is sturdy, but you will not need to purchase a large desk.

You may also want to consider mobile options.

Since laptops are portable computers, you may want to look at options that can move around with it.

The quality of the caster wheels on mobile options is important. Low-quality caster wheels often have a hard time traversing carpet or uneven surfaces.

Larger caster wheels also do better on carpet and high-quality ones tend to last longer as well.

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Cable management is an important concern when talking about laptops.

This is especially true if you use a keyboard, monitor, dual monitors, printer, or other accessories with the laptop.

There are some desks that have shelves to hold those types of accessories to go with the laptop. As well.

As far as cable management, some options have them built in, but you can also purchase cable management accessories.

However, be sure that the cable management system you want will work on the type of desk that you purchase. 

Best Standing Desks for Laptops

#1  Seville Classics Airlift

Seville Classics Airlift 24.5" Pneumatic...
  • Gas-spring PNEUMATIC TABLETOP - Adjust from 29. 3" To 43. 5" High and any height between with a squeeze of the airlift lever for an ergonomic and personalized workspace.
  • Laptop computer workstation - Ergonomic wood top (24. 5" X 16. 9") fits almost any size monitor, laptop, or tablet with keyboard. Desktop is 1" Thick and compatible with most clamp monitor mounts. Top finished in maple brown with beveled edges.

This option is high-quality at a very affordable price. It can adjust from 29.3 to 43.5 inches and uses a pneumatic system.

It is the perfect size for laptops or small monitors. It also has caster wheels to create a mobile work station. The steel frame gives it a durable structure. 


  • Caster Wheels
  • Affordable
  • Pneumatic Adjustability


  • Difficult assembly 
  • Not suitable for very short or very tall people
  • May scratch easily

#2  Plixio Adjustable Laptop Stand

Plixio Adjustable Laptop Projector Stand -...
  • USE WHILE SITTING OR STANDING: Plixio’s versatile laptop stand can be used as a projector tripod, portable stand up desk, podium, portable table for your audio mixer, DJ accessories or music equipment. It even makes a great outdoor projector stand.
  • COLLAPSIBLE DESIGN FOR EASY TRANSPORT: Each stand assembles and disassembles quickly. The telescoping design allows users to set up their workstation in seconds making it ideal for on-stage and on-the-go usage. The tripod legs expand to fit into any work station and fold down for storage and transportation.

This is a great standing laptop stand to use with a separate projector or monitor mounted to the wall.

It can hold and fit most laptops and is easy to transport at only 9 pounds. The laptop tray adjusts to offer you a comfortable tilt and the height can go from 27 to 48 inches.

It is also incredibly cheap at under $40. It is also very sturdy considering the design and the price. 


  • 27 to 48 inch height range
  • Affordable
  • Easy to transport


  • Lip around desktop makes it hard to use USB, headphone, etc. ports
  • May wobble at higher heights
  • Not an attractive design

#3   Flexpro Power 40 Inch Electric Standing Desk

Flexpro Power 40 Inch Electric Standing Desk...
  • ✔ IT’S ELECTRIC⚡: A simple push of a button will convert your desk from sitting to standing (or vice versa) in just seconds. Your desk will sit flat at its lowest height and adjust to 19.5 (that’s tall!). Go ahead and boogie woogie, woogie because it’s electric!
  • ✔ TWO LARGE SURFACES: With a spacious keyboard level and monitor level you’ll have one ergonomic desk solution! Our FlexPro Powers can fit your two monitors, your laptop, keyboard, mouse, tablets, snacks, collection of bobble heads, and MORE!

This is a great desk converter that is large enough for dual monitors, but you can also get it in smaller sizes.

It has two surfaces so that you can put a laptop and one or two monitors on different tier levels. It sits nearly flat at the lowest setting and can extend to 19.5 inches. 


  • High-quality
  • Electronic Adjustment
  • Large desktop


  • Heavy
  • May have slight bounce
  • Slow adjustment

#4  Mount-It! Mobile Standing Desk

Mount-It! Mobile Standing Desk/Height...
  • HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE - Ergonomic mobile stand up desk computer workstation is height adjustable from sitting to standing.
  • STAND-UP PORTABLE DESK - Ideal for use as a stand-up portable computer office desk and can also be used as a speaker's podium.

This is a great standing desk to use your laptop and stay mobile. It has two tiers as well as a storage shelf.

It also has a platform at the bottom for a file cabinet, printer, or other uses.

It can hold up to 132 pounds and is manually adjustable. It is lightweight and has good caster wheels for easy transportation and mobility. 


  • Mobile with caster wheels
  • Multiple shelves and desktops
  • Affordable price


  • May wobble at higher levels
  • Manually adjustable
  • Difficult assembly

#5  AVLT Pneumatic Adjustable Height Desk

AVLT 48" Pneumatic Adjustable Height Desk (4...
  • ✔ STANDING HEIGHT ROLLING LAPTOP CART - Adjust from 29.9" (760mm) to 47.2" (1200mm) high and any height between with a simple squeeze of the lever for an ergonomic and personalized workspace.
  • ✔ LARGE COMPUTER WORKSTATION - Ergonomic wood top 28.0" x 19.7" (710mm x 500mm) fits almost any size monitor, laptop, or tablet with keyboard. Top finished in black with rounded top edges. Embedded tablet stand allows you to view your tablet at the best angle.

This desk adjusts from 29.9 to 47.6 inches with a manually adjustable pneumatic system.

It has four caster wheels for mobility and a 28” x 19.7” surface that can fit virtually any laptop. 

It has a single bar frame with a sturdy design at the base. It even has a place on the desktop that can hold a phone or tablet. 


  • Caster Wheels
  • Mobile design
  • Sturdy


  • Desktop scratches easily
  • May wobble during movement or at higher heights
  • Manually adjustable

Final Thoughts on Standing Desks for Laptops

The type of standing desk for your laptop use depends greatly on how you use the laptop.

If you want to use it with mobility, there are options that are lightweight with caster wheels.

If you bring your laptop to connect to a keyboard, there are some with keyboard trays. 

If you want to bring your laptop to use with one or two monitors, there are options that are sturdy and have large desktop surfaces.

Whatever your needs, desires, and budget, there are options for you.

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Darryl Higgins

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