Top 5 Best Standing Desks for Receptionists (2022 Review)

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best standing desks for receptionists

Our Top 5 Standing Desks?

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What are Standing Desks?

Standing desks are essential desks that are designed to allow the user to write, read, and even work on their computer while standing, or if they prefer, leaning against a tall stool.

There are several benefits of using a standing desk, including lower risk of being overweight, reduction of back, neck and shoulder pain, and boosts in productivity levels.

What are the Different Types of Standing Desks?

There are four primary types of standing desks: manual, electric, converter, and portable.

Depending on your budget and your standing desk needs, you can determine which standing desk is best for you.

Manual standing desks usually have a hand crank that is used to raise and lower the desk from a normal sitting to a standing desk.

These tend to be more affordable because they are basic and don’t have electric motors, which makes them cheaper to produce.

Electric standing desks range from simple buttons to high-end digital display screens that tell you the exact height of the desk at any given adjustment.

These tend to be more expensive than even the most expensive manual standing desks due to the higher cost of production.

Converter standing desks are great if you already have a desk that you love, but you want to have the option to stand up throughout the workday as well.

These sturdy, foldable additions sit on top of a pre-existing desk, and usually save you a lot of money because they are cheaper than purchasing a full-size desk.

Portable standing desks closely resemble carts. You can usually set your laptop on top of the cart with shelves or drawers underneath for extra storage.

Portable standing desks are ideal for someone who is constantly moving from room to room, but still needs access to their laptop.

best standing desks for receptionists

How Does a Standing Desk Work?

Though there are different types of standing desks, they all work in the same general manner.

A standing desk allows you to easily raise and lower your computer or workspace from a height that is comfortable for sitting to a height that is comfortable for standing while not inhibiting you from working.

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What to Look for in the Best Standing Desks?

When looking for a standing desk, the three main things you need to consider are your desktop setup, height adjustment requirements, and the amount of workspace needed.

First, you need to consider your desktop setup. Are you going to use a laptop only, a monitor with a keyboard, multiple monitors or something else?

This is important when choosing the type of standing desk so you know that the standing desk is compatible with your setup.

For example, a converter is great for laptops, but may not be sturdy enough for two monitors. 

Second, standing desks come with various height adjustments.

Some are made for your average person, which wouldn’t work for someone over 6 feet tall.

If you need a taller or shorter desk, be sure to check the measurements before making your purchase.

Third, you need to be aware of the amount of workspace. If you are using a portable standing desk, you may have one that is only wide enough for a laptop, or you may have one that can hold a laptop and provide you with additional space for writing.

Even manual and electric standing desks come in various shapes and widths that allow for more or less workspace.

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Best Standing Desks Reviewed

#1  No products found.

No products found.

If you already have a reception desk that you love, but you are looking to benefit from using a standing desk, the FLEXISPOT standing desk converter is my top pick!

As a standing desk converter, it is also the most affordable option on my list, making it hands down the best standing desk option.

  • Pros: Available in 5 different height options with a hydraulic spring system for easy adjustments and has two tiers.
  • Cons: Requires another desk to sit on.

#2  FEZIBO Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk with Drawer

FEZIBO 48 x 24 Inches Standing Desk with...
  • Ergonomic Home Office Desk: FEZIBO standing desk after years of constant iteration. Both the home office rising experience and quality of the products are trustworthy. It can hold up to 176 pounds
  • Height Adjustable Lift: The brake system is controlled by electric motors to adjust different tabletop heights from 27.7 to 46.6 Inches. 4 Positions memory functions lift conveniently and quickly

If you need a budget-friendly, high-quality standing desk that is still easy to use because of its electric motor, check out the FEZIBO Electric Height Adjustable Standing desk with Drawer.

  • Pros: Budget-friendly with electric motor.
  • Cons: Draw is made of fabric and is not as sturdy as a wooden drawer.

#3  FEZIBO Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk with Double Drawer

FEZIBO Height Adjustable Electric Standing...
  • Electric Height Adjustable: The desk has 3 preset buttons to customize your desired heights from 32.48 inch to51.38 inch
  • Spacious Work Space: The top shelves with double drawer design expertly make your desktop tidier and helps you head up when you put your screen on it

For my high-end recommendation, I suggest looking at the FEZIBO Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk with Double Drawer.

With an adjustment up to 55 inches, two tiers, and two drawers for keeping your office supplies, you can maximize your workspace and do it in style with a classy wood finish.

  • Pros: Electric motor with digital height display.
  • Cons: Has a nice finish, but it is still made out of particle board, a cheaper alternative to solid would.

#4  VIVI Black Electric Adjustable Stand Up Desk Frame

VIVO Electric Height Adjustable 63 x 32 inch...
  • Create Instant Active Standing - Go from sitting to standing in one smooth motion with this complete workstation providing comfortable viewing angles and customized user heights.
  • Spacious 63" Surface - The large table top measuring 63.1" x 31.5" (28" at center) offers plenty of room for a variety of monitor and laptop setups along with important work projects and office supplies. Please Note: All 3 sections of the table top must be used.

If you need a lot of workspace in front of you for shuffling files, holding your computer or monitors, a phone, and your office supplies among other things.

This stand up desk is a great option because it has an extra-large workspace with a width of 28 inches in the center and 31.5 inches on the ends, and a length of 63.1 inches.

  • Pros: Extra wide workspace to maximize space.
  • Cons: No additional storage drawers or tiers.

#5  FEZIBO Dual Motor L-Shaped Electric Standing Desk

FEZIBO Dual Motor L Shaped Electric Standing...
  • Trustworthy: The concept of FEZIBO standing desk is to make and provide office furniture that is well-built, affordable and designed to create an energetic and supportive workplace
  • Robust Lift System: FEZIBO Lift System offers height adjustment from 27.6 inches to 47.3 inches, enhancing the efficiency when using with lower noise (under 50 dB)

Another option for more room is the FEZIBO electric standing desk in the classic L-shaped design.

This desk is great for placing in the corner of the room where you can place your computer in the center or off to one side.

So you have plenty of space to write or communicate with clients to come to speak with the receptionist.

  • Pros: Comes with a small wooden stand that allows for a bit more lift/room as needed.
  • Cons: No storage space, and the bigger design may make it a bit more difficult to assemble without additional hands.

Final Thoughts on Standing Desks for Receptionists

Standing desks are great additions to any office. With a variety of shapes, styles, and colors to choose from, you are sure to find one that looks great in your reception area.

Plus, the health benefits of using a standing desk have proven to reduce neck, back, and shoulder pains, help to prevent slouching, and get you up and moving, even when you’re working.

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Darryl Higgins

Darryl Higgins

Hi, I'm Darryl. I made this site to help share information & reviews about ergonomic desks, chairs & accessories to help others who want to work more comfortably. Learn more about my journey by reading my bio here. Enjoy!

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