Top 5 Best Standing Desks Made in the U.S.A. (2022 Review)

Standing desks are everywhere, but American-made ones are much harder to find.

Buying domestic U.S. products can help our economy and are often much higher quality than alternatives.

This guide will go over:

  • The top 5 Standing Desks made in the U.S.A. 
  • Why buy domestically produced desks
  • What to look for in the best ones

Let’s get started!

Top Five Standing Desks Made in the USA

Overall #1 Rated Pick

iMovR ZipDesk Quick Install Premium Home &...
  • Arrives in one box and sets up in under 8 minutes, no toolbox required
  • State-of-the-art, dual-stage, dual-motor electric lift with 265 lb lift capacity




Top Choice!

ZipDesk Quick Install Premium Home & Office Desk

UPLIFT Desk V2 Bamboo Standing Desk

VersaDesk Power Pro Electric Height-Adjustable Desk Riser

What Are Standing Desks Made in the U.S.A.?

Most standing desks are made in China or other foreign countries, but some are made here in the United States as well. Buying American-made products has its benefits and if you want to keep your money in your economy, you still have options.

Foreign standards are not the same as they are in the United States, their labor laws may not be as strict, and buying American is an easy way to keep our economy running.

Sure, it is easier to find mass-produced standing desks made in other countries, but buying American has tremendous upside. 

Be sure to choose a desk that suits your needs, whether you want to stand at all times, or switch between sitting and standing.

You should also buy one with the right storage and desktop space. Good thing there are lots of reputable companies here in the U.S. to manufacture the type of desk you need!

Watch this video to learn how to locate furniture made in the U.S.A.!

Why Buy Standing Desks Made in the U.S.A.?

There are lots of great reasons to buy products made in America. Sure, some of them cost more than foreign-bought standing desks, but it can be worth it.

Labor Laws

First of all, the United States has strict labor laws compared to a lot of other countries.

We have minimum wages, maximum work hours, overtime, paid time off, and minimum working ages.

If you don’t buy domestic products, you could unknowingly buy desks made in a sweatshop. 

High Quality

These labor laws also impact quality.

Since American workers have these conditions and minimum wages, they often have higher quality standards.

American companies are commonly known for having high-quality wood and durable steel that gives you a long-lasting desk.


Buying an American can keep your money in domestic circulation. This can boost our economy.

Not only that, but American companies increase our GDP and provide jobs for workers.

It may not seem like your purchase will impact much, but if we all buy American-made products our economy will be stronger. 


Many countries have lax environmental laws. The manufacturing plants in the United States have EPA standards that they have to follow.

Not only that, but the delivery trucks also have emission requirements. 

How do Standing Desks Make in the U.S.A? Work?

What qualifies as American made? Does it count if it was assembled, but not processed, in the United States? The guidelines are pretty strict.

The Federal Trade Commission states that a product can only say it is made in the U.S.A. if it is “all or virtually all” made domestically.

This means that the legs and desktops have to be made in America.

The processing and manufacturing have to be located within the 50 states, Washington D.C., or a U.S. territory. 

top five best standing desks made in the USA

What to Look for in the Best Standing Desks Made in the U.S.A.

For any standing desk, you should find one that has the correct height range and desktop size.

You also need to choose one with ample storage space, the adjustability system you want, and onesturdy enough for your work materials.

But when you shop for something made domestically, you need to check a few other things as well.

To be sure you are getting a quality, 100% made in the U.S.A. standing desk, you can look for the following things:

First, you should look for innovation. Many desk manufacturers will copy another desk company, which is a sign of mass production.

Even if it is made here in the United States, it won’t be a high-quality desk compared to original and unique manufacturers. 

You need to make sure that the desk is made here in the U.S. Sometimes, a desk company will have a desktop that is made in America, but the legs will be from China, Germany, or another foreign country.

It should implicitly say made in the U.S.A.” because this means it is 100% American. If it says “Assembled” or “Manufactured” in the United States, this is an indication that it isn’t truly American-made and originally manufactured in other countries, typically Mexico or China.

You can look for “Made in the U.S.A.” on the manufacturer’s website, marketing materials, and product descriptions.

You can also try FAQ sections or even call up the company to make sure you are buying a 100% American American-made

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Best Standing Desks Made in the U.S.A. Reviewed

 #1  ZipDesk Quick Install Premium Home & Office Desk

iMovR ZipDesk Quick Install Premium Home &...
  • Arrives in one box and sets up in under 8 minutes, no toolbox required
  • State-of-the-art, dual-stage, dual-motor electric lift with 265 lb lift capacity

This is an excellent choice if you are looking for an American-made standing desk, it comes almost fully assembled as a “desk-in-a-box.”  

The ZipDesk is the only premium-quality, American-made standing desk that ships 95% pre-assembled, in a single box. 

It has a state-of-the-art, dual-stage, dual-motor electric lift with a 265 lb lift capacity. As well as a fully-programmable digital controller with LCD readout and 3 height favorites. 

Also, let's not forget the advanced sensors for anti-collision and tilt-over detection, and all this is ANSI/BIFMA certified for incomparable durability and reliability. So when you need a new standing desk and you need it fast this could be your best choice. 


  • Fully-programmable digital controller
  • 265 lb weight limit
  • Almost no assembly


  • Heavy

#2  UPLIFT Desk V2 Bamboo Standing Desk

UPLIFT Desk Bamboo (60 x 30 inch) Standing...
  • Electric Height Adjustable Desk: Height range with 1" thick desktop: 25.3" to 50.9". Travel range: 25.6". Works for most people 5'4" to 6'9" tall
  • Strong, Fast, Smart, Durable, & Safe: 355 lb lifting capacity; dual German-made motors; 3-stage legs (33% faster movement & 33% greater height range); advanced anti-collision system; included wire management tray keeps cords tidy

The UPLIFT desks are designed, assembled, and packaged in Austin, Texas. 

It is one of the highest-quality standing desks on the market, they have exclusive, handcrafted real wood and bamboo tops. 

This desk was chosen "Best Standing Desk" by Wirecutter from 2019-2022", it has a natural, high-quality, 1"-thick solid bamboo desktop that is very sturdy and attractive, but also environmentally friendly.

The UPLIFT desk has 2 wire management covers, a 355-lb lifting capacity with 3-stage legs, and dual motors for faster, quieter, and smoother movement.

For even more wire management the UPLIFT desk frame includes a wire management tray so that you will never run out of wire management options. 

And for the ultimate active workspace, they include the Bamboo Motion-X Board.


  • 355 lb weight limit
  • Keypad Programmable height options
  • Many wire management options


  • Requires some assembly

#3  VersaDesk Power Pro Electric Height-Adjustable Desk Riser

VERSADESK® PowerPro® 36” x 24” Electric...
  • PUSH BUTTON ELECTRIC HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT: Effortlessly transition between sitting and standing with the push of a button. Experience smooth, quiet, and precise height adjustments that cater to your comfort and productivity needs.
  • UP TO 3 MONITOR CONVERTER: Elevate your workspace to new heights with our versatile desk converter. Seamlessly support up to 3 monitors (optional monitor arms recommended) while enjoying ample space on the lower deck for your keyboard and mouse. Embrace the freedom of a clutter-free, ergonomic setup that enhances your workflow.

VersaDesk is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to office furniture, and even though this is only a desk riser, it does the job perfectly. 

Giving an excellent active workspace and saving money by not buying a whole standing desk. 

You will be able to easily adjust your desk riser from a sitting to a standing position in seconds, as this is an electrically powered riser you only have to push one button to raise or lower your work surface.

The height on this riser is adjustable all the way from 5” up to 20”, with a weight limit of 80lbs, which is more than enough to accommodate a laptop, mouse, keyboard, and up to three flat-panel monitors. 

You can purchase the monitor arms separately. Also, the VersaDesk riser is available in 3 size options and 4 color options. 


  • No assembly required 
  • Keyboard tray
  • The surface is scratch and dirt resistant


  • The X frame leaves no space under the riser

#4  RightAngle Elegante Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk

No products found.

This gorgeous desk is large enough for virtually any workspace. It comes in multiple colors and adjusts with a smooth electrical system.

It has a power strip, a high weight limit, and fast adjustments up to 325 lbs. It also has programmable height buttons to save your sitting and standing height. 


  • Adjusts with up to 325 lbs
  • Electrical adjustment 
  • Color options


  • Won’t fit into small spaces
  • No size options
  • Difficult assembly

#5  Stand Up Desk Store Electric Adjustable Height Standing Desk

No products found.

Stand Up Desk Store is a US-based company that stands behind all its items, this standing desk comes with a 5-year limited warranty against defects. 

It has 3-stage telescoping legs that provide an extended height adjustment range to accommodate shorter and taller users. 

The height range on this desk is from 24.75" up to 50.5", it also Includes a set of furniture feet as well as a set of 2" locking casters, the desk will be stable and fully functional with or without the caster wheels. 

This desk can hold up to 155 lbs and has programmable electric buttons for height adjustments that recall your favorite settings with a single push of a button.

As well as an exclusive anti-collision mechanism prevents you from accidentally lowering the desk on top of objects underneath.


  • 155 lb weight limit
  • Certified for quality and safety
  • Furniture grade casters for easy mobility


  • Table top can be too shiny for the mouse

Final Thoughts on Standing Desks Made in the U.S.A.

It may be harder to find standing desks that are made in America, but there are plenty of quality options available when you locate them.

There are desk converters, manually adjustable, and electronically adjustable options so you can find one that works for you. 

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