Best Ways to Move a Standing Desk? (Stress-Free Guide)

Wondering how you should move a standing desk? It is important to secure a standing desk properly when you are attempting to move it.

Whether you choose to disassemble it or keep it intact, use something to protect the desk surface and components. So how do you do it?

The short answer is you should reduce the legs as much as possible, and pack any accessories separately. Also consider using a moving service to pack, transport, and insure your desk.

However, while moving a standing desk is similar to moving an ordinary desk, you need to consider how you will protect the longer legs and moving parts.

Keep reading to learn how to keep your desk safe while moving.

Let's get started!

Best Ways to Move a Standing Desk

Preparing to Move a Standing Desk

Before you even start to move the standing desk you need to create a plan and gather the materials you need to secure and transport it properly.

This is often the easiest part of moving the desk because you will already need these materials to move other items.

You need to determine how much of the materials you need to move everything, and allocating them to your desk is important to protect its functionality.

There are also plenty of options to secure your standing desk when moving, so pick what works best for you.

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Gathering Materials:

Common materials you may need include:

Thick blankets:

You can use regular quilts, or you can check with your local package supply store for specialized moving blankets.

These cushion the pieces of your desk and protect them from scratches or dents.

Bubble wrap:

Bubble wrap is one of the most versatile tools you can use in packing.

It comes in a variety of sizes that wrap nicely around items and are secure easily with tape. (It’s also rewarding to pop the bubbles after unpacking.)

Stretch wrap:

Move Standing Desk Stretch Wrap

Stretch wrap is similar to plastic cling wrap you may use in the kitchen.

You can use it to wrap items to hold them together, secure blankets, or keep bags of accessories close to your standing desk surface.

Packaging tape:

Tape is another essential tool to keep everything attached.

Take special care to not apply tape directly to the surface of your standing desk.

It works better to hold bubble wrap to itself or items to desk legs.

Furniture sliders:

If you plan to move your desk across your home or apartment and it does not have casters, furniture sliders can help.

These prevent you from needing to disassemble the desk.

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Basic tools:

Make sure you have any tools needed to disassemble your desk, including screwdrivers or Allen wrenches.

By gathering materials before dissembling or packing your standing desk you can get everything done in one sitting.

This prevents you from needing to leave to get more materials or stopping halfway through.

Securing Assistance:

Standing desks are heavy and difficult to move on your own.

Even if you plan to disassemble the desk, it is best to plan on having someone around to help you move some of the bulkier pieces.

This gives you extra security to ensure you don’t drop and break heavy items, or cause damage to the space you are moving out of.

It is also much safer to have someone to help you move heavy items.

Using a buddy system prevents injury from overworking your body, dropping items on yourself, or tripping and falling.


Start by clearing and packing away all personal items you have on your standing desk.

If you want to put these back up after you move, keep the box or bag close to the desk during the move to streamline the process.

After you clear the space, remove any drawers or accessories attached to your standing desk.

Smaller detached pieces, such as handles, should fit fine in a ziplock bag. You can then tape the bag to the bulkier pieces of the table.

Separate the desk as you see fit. Shorten the height as much as possible, and then decide if you want to remove them.

Note: If you have an l-shaped standing desk, disassembly is critical to avoid breaking the desk.

You can secure the control box to the frame using tape to keep everything together, but make sure you cushion it appropriately.

Cover the desktop completely using blankets or bubble wrap. If you use tape, make sure you do not adhere it to the desk surface.

This can leave behind residue or cause damage to the finish.

Best Ways to Move a Standing Desk

Packing Individual Parts

If you disassemble the desk surface from the frame, consider packing the parts separately.

You can put the legs into a box that fits their length to keep them together and prevents them from rattling around in the moving truck, van, or trailer.

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Consider using the original packaging for your desk if you have it.

Packing the parts also makes it easy to ship the desk if you decide that is the best option.

Moving While Fully Assembled

If you plan on moving the desk while keeping it assembled, make sure you plan your route out of your living space properly.

Walkthrough to ensure that the way is clean, and take careful measurements to make sure it fits through the doorways.

Slide the desk on its caster or furniture sliders to get it through your home.

Take your time, and make sure you have someone to help spot you and lift the desk over thresholds.

If your desk is not on the ground floor, try to use an elevator to get down. If you have to take the stairs, take everything one step at a time.

It is usually best to pack the desk with the surface on the bottom. Pad the area underneath, then put other boxes or items between the legs.

Use a bungee cord or stretch wrap to secure those items, and make sure you pad the legs as well.

Moving While Disassembled

If your desk is disassembled, it is usually easiest to ship the desk using UPS or FedEx.

This allows you to ensure the packages, and you don’t bear the burden of monitoring the moving process.

If not, make sure each aspect is properly cushioned and keep them in the same area of your moving vehicle.

Using a Moving Service to Move a Standing Desk

While moving is a simple task, it’s rarely easy.

Try calling around to see if any moving companies have experience packing and moving a standing desk.

They should be able to get your desk put away securely, and you can purchase moving insurance to protect your item in case of an accident.

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Hi, I'm Darryl. I made this site to help share information & reviews about ergonomic desks, chairs & accessories to help others who want to work more comfortably. Learn more about my journey by reading my bio here. Enjoy!

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