Best Foldable Gaming Chairs (2022 Review)

Foldable gaming chairs are of great use in tight places. 

A lot of gamers share their gaming area with a bed, work space, living room, television, or even a roommate.

A gaming chair can take up a lot of that limited space and make it hard to fit and arrange your other furniture around the room.

There is a solution that works great for many gamers. 

Best Foldable Gaming Chairs

This article includes:

  • The top 5 best foldable gaming chairs and their pros and cons
  • All the types to choose from and the benefits they offer
  • Everything you need to know to select the best option for you

Let’s dive on in!

What are Foldable Gaming Chairs?

Gaming chairs are great because they allow you to stay comfortable and maintain a good posture, even during long gaming sessions.

They also have cool designs and features like speakers, lumbar support, bucket seats, or even embedded joysticks or footrests.

This can help you achieve greatness because it provides you with an immersive and complete experience. 

Foldable gaming chairs are just gaming chairs that fold up for storage or so you can take them with you. A full-size gaming chair will take up a lot of space, especially if you live in a small apartment.

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Having one that folds can help you temporarily transform a bedroom or living room into a gaming room so that you do not have to have distinct separate areas. This is a great way to utilize your constrained space. 

You may also want to checkout this video about making a gaming area in a small room:

What are the Different Types of Foldable Gaming Chairs?

There are plenty of gaming chairs that have a folding feature, so the best way to start narrowing down the choices is to learn about the different types that are available.

The different types are floor, swivel, racing, canvas, rocking, and electric.

Let’s look at the outstanding features of each unique type. 


Most folding gaming chairs that you will see when you start looking at products will be floor gaming chairs.

This means that they rest directly on the ground, but they can be much more comfortable than some gamers initially believe.

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They can also have different shapes and designs that can put emphasis on different aspects like lumbar support, head rest, or posture. 


Another type that you will see a lot of is the swivel foldable gaming chair.

This rests on a single column for support and will move around 360 degrees.

This brings you up off the floor, which may be good for those who do not want to get up and down from the floor. 


This type is different from typical racing chairs because it folds all the way up.

They are made specifically for racing games, but can work for other gaming as well.

They have integrated pedals, steering wheel, and immersive seat design.


This type is similar to the style of chairs that you would take to a concert or on a camping trip, but they have certain features for gamers as well.

Many have different colors or designs and usually have a stronger and thicker padding than you would find from similar chairs. 


Many floor gaming chairs will rock back and forth on the floor. The same goes for swivel gaming chairs. A lot of these types have different tensions and settings as well.

A lot of fidgety gamers love this one and some say that the rocking motions help them to focus on the intense gaming session.


This is more of a category than a type because there are several subtypes of electric foldable gaming chairs.

There are some with speakers built in and others that have LED lights. Some may even have massage features or electronically adjustable components.

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Some utilize Bluetooth while others have controls for certain operating systems or gaming consoles right into the chair itself. 

How Do Foldable Gaming Chairs Work?

Usually there is a mechanism on the side or back of the gaming chair that allows you to release the lock and fold the chair into a compact shape.

The backrest will usually fold down flat onto the seat, but some other options have pillows, arms, and other features that may also need to fold up. 

Folding a gaming chair can allow a gamer to take the chair with them to friend’s homes, competitions, or just stash the chair away in the closet while using the room for other activities.

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But not every chair is equal and it is also important to know what to look for when shopping around. 

Best Foldable Gaming Chairs

What to Look for in the Best Foldable Gaming Chairs?

You want a chair that fits your body type and gaming strategy and genres that you prefer.

Dimensions And Weight Limit:

The first thing to think about is related to the fact that a folding chair is designed to be compact once you fold it up, so the dimensions may not be adequate for every person. 

Most foldable gaming chairs will accommodate anyone that is average height and weight (not counting teen or children’s chairs).

Still, it is a good idea to keep the size in mind when shopping around to make sure that it will fit your body. This also means to check for the weight limit.

Some have a low weight limit while others can have a capacity over 300 pounds. 

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A foldable gaming chair may not have the type of support or comfy cushion that other options do, so it is a good idea to keep this in mind as well.

There are certainly some fantastic options that are comfortable and supportive, but it is best to make sure that the padding, lumbar support, headrest, and any other features are good for you. 


A lot of foldable gaming chairs do not have armrests, but some do. If you want armrests then you should make sure that they do not restrict your gaming movements.

They should also be the right height. Some are even adjustable, which is a great choice for those who only want to use armrests on occasion.

Foldable Size And Chair Weight:

The size that the chair folds up into is another consideration to keep in mind. Obviously folding the chair makes it smaller than it is before folding, but some are still pretty big.

If you want it to fit into a specific area, then you need to double check that it will fit. The same goes for gamers who want to take the chair with them.

This also goes for the weight of the chair so that you do not have to lug around something extremely heavy. 

Best Foldable Gaming Chairs

 #1  Ace Casual Foldable Video Gaming Floor Chair

X Rocker 2.1 Sound V Rocker SE Wireless...
  • HIGH TECH GAMING CHAIR: Integrated 2.1 Wireless Audio System with headrest mounted speakers provide high quality audio for added immersion in video games
  • COMPATIBLE WITH MOST GAMING SYSTEMS: Simply connect to your gaming system or device to set up

This foldable gaming chair has a blue and black design and comes with a headrest speaker system.

It connects directly to your gaming device and also rocks and reclines. As well as folds down into a manageable shape and the upholstery material is easy to clean and very durable. Plus it has controls on the side.


  • Speakers
  • Reclining and rocking motions
  • Durable faux leather material


  • May have occasional connectivity issues
  • Not great for taller people
  • May squeak during rocking

#2  Giantex Floor Folding Gaming Sofa Chair

Giantex Floor Chair with Back Support,...
  • ✿✿14-level Adjustments: This floor chair features a 14-position adjustable backrest that fulfills your different needs, such as napping, reading, gaming, working, watching TV and meditation. And the fully flat position is included for better relaxation.
  • ★★High-Density Sponge & Coral Velvet Cover : Padded with the high-density sponge and covered skin-friendly coral velvet, this gaming floor chair is soft and thick enough to provide you with a comfortable sitting/lying experience.

This folding chair is made of thick padding and design with 18 lattice and homely style that goes well with casual decoration.

It comes in a large variety of colors from deep grey, to pink, to brown. Also has 14 different settings for the backrest and is easy to store and carry wherever you go and comes at a very affordable price. 


  • Very comfortable 
  • Casual design and color options
  • Lightweight and compact when folded


  • Not stable on tile or hardwood floors
  • No lumbar support
  • No gaming features

#3  X Rocker, 5139601, Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 Video Gaming Chair

X Rocker I Lounging Leather Video Gaming...
  • BUILT IN SPEAKERS & BASE I Features 2 speaker mounted onto the headrest and a backrest mounted subwoofer that creates maximum audio impact and immersion into your favorite games, movies, or music
  • MULTI-PLATFORM COMPATIBILITY I Connects to all your favorite gaming consoles such as PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and audio devices (additional digital audio transmitter may be required if these outputs are unavailable on your TV - sold separately)

This rocking foldable gaming chair has a modern style with black leather that incorporates speakers including subwoofers.

It also has vibrating motors that coincide with the bass notes for immersive, 4-D gaming.

This chair is compatible with most gaming systems and has good supportive cushions and has a swivel pedestal construction. 


  • Speakers with subwoofers
  • Comfortable and stylish
  • Vibration feature


  • Poor customer service
  • Armrests are not very high-quality
  • More expensive than other options

#4  Best Choice Products Reclining Folding Floor Gaming Chair

Best Choice Products Reclining Folding Floor...
  • ADJUSTABLE BACKREST: This stylish gaming chair is designed with a backrest that adjusts between 4 different positions, allowing you to relax upright or recline in comfort
  • COMFORTABLE & FUN: Whether for intense gaming or much needed relaxation, this chair puts you in a comfortable position that you can enjoy for hours!

This durable gaming chair has an adjustable backrest for good posture or reclining ability. It also has a lightweight structure that can support up to 285 pounds.

The fabric is thick with tufted cushioning for durability and the base cover can be removed and washed.

It has a swivel design and comes in your choice of three colors: Black, Grey, or Coffee.


  • Durable upholstery
  • Supportive with weight limit of 285 pounds
  • Adjustable backrest


  • Swivel does not work well
  • No lumbar support
  • Heavy

#5  Gioteck RC-3 Foldable Gaming Chair

This chair has an awesome design with a speaker system built in and controls on the side. It folds up easily flat for storage and also easy to clean.

The chair is made for lounging positions and even has a pouch in the back of the seat. upholstery is unique and the cushion is firm, but comfy. 


  • Stylish design
  • Speakers
  • Supportive


  • Cushion wears out fast
  • Not suitable for taller people
  • Not enough adjustability

Final Thoughts on Foldable Gaming Chairs

Foldable gaming chairs can be useful and convenient by providing you with more space along with the gaming features that you want.

There are plenty of options and there are affordable options as well as more expensive options that have additional features.

You will be able to find one that matches your personality, gaming style, taste, and budget in no time at all. 

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Darryl Higgins

Darryl Higgins

Hi, I'm Darryl. I made this site to help share information & reviews about ergonomic desks, chairs & accessories to help others who want to work more comfortably. Learn more about my journey by reading my bio here. Enjoy!

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