Top 5 Best Ergonomic Saddle Chairs (2022 Review)

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Best Ergonomic Saddle Chairs

What are ergonomic saddle chairs?

Ergonomic saddle chairs are chairs whose seats are constructed to resemble equestrian saddles and which have been designed with ergonomic considerations in mind.

They are intended to maximize good posture and comfort for the sitter. In contrast to saddle stools, saddle chairs have backrests as an integral part of the construction.

Saddle sitting puts your body into the same position you would adopt while riding a horse.

This highly ergonomic posture activates your core muscles for support and encourages your spine to retain a neutral ’S’ curve.

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Saddle stools have long been used in professions such as dentistry and nursing and may benefit any professional who spends long periods working actively from a seated position.

Research on these professions indicates that saddle sitting can reduce musculoskeletal discomfort, and also reduce risk of sitting-linked injuries when compared to other ergonomic chairs.

What are the different types of saddle chair?

As well as the standard design, there are ergonomic saddle chairs available with with a split seat, arm rests or other variations.

Saddle chairs may be fully adjustable, partly adjustable or non-adjustable. Most can be adjusted at least for height, with some also allowing changes to seat width and tilt, back tilt and other areas.

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These adjustments allow the seat to be used by people of different shapes and sizes, for different activities, or by multiple users.

How does an ergonomic saddle chair work?

You should sit on a saddle stool just as you would sit on a horse. Buttocks should rest comfortably towards the back edge of the seat with legs placed on either side of the chair rather than out in front.

When sitting on a saddle chair, there should be an angle of around 45 degrees at the knee and between the top of the thigh and lower abdomen.

Appropriate adjustments should be made to the height and tilt of your saddle chair for working in an office, clinical environment, artist’s studio etc.. in order to best facilitate regular movement (e.g. leaning towards a patient, standing up, moving between two work surfaces).

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Guidance on ergonomic set-up from credible expert or official sources should be followed when setting up your saddle chair as part of a workstation.

Best Ergonomic Saddle Chairs

What to look for in the best ergonomic saddle chair?

Choosing the right saddle chair can be part of creating a healthy and well-functioning working environment.

You should consider your own height, weight, working activities and personal preferences when browsing ergonomic saddle chairs.

Higher levels of adjustability in a chair can increase comfort, especially during longer periods of sitting.

Remember that if using your saddle chair in an office, you should adjust the height of your saddle chair, desk and computer equipment properly to enable work in an optimal ergonomic position without strain on eyes, arms or back.

The maximum weight limit can vary considerably on ergonomic saddle chairs, with some more suitable for heavier individuals than others. In our list of five, the top weight limit ranged from 250 - 660 lbs.

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If moving frequently from sitting to standing, consider a chair with a tilting seat which can facilitate this shift.

Men may be more comfortable on a saddle chair with a split seat which puts less pressure on the perineal area, especially if they will be sitting for longer periods.

Best Ergonomic Saddle chairs Reviewed

 #1  Best all-round option: DR.LOMILOMI Hydraulic Saddle Stool Chair with Back Rest

DR.LOMILOMI Pneumatic Swivel Rolling Stool...
  • Exclusive Ergonomic Saddle Design: Uniquely designed to encourage correct posture and reduce back and spine stress during long hours of work or study. The saddle seat provides additional comfort for your back and spine.
  • Durable Construction: Boasts a strong, wide aluminum leg base paired with a top-tier hydraulic system for lifelong durability and safety. Capable of supporting up to 500 lbs, it expertly balances lightness and strength.

This DR. LOMILOMI saddle chair seat is designed with comfort in mind, including memory foam-effect padding, an adjustable tilting backrest and an adjustable seat height of 20-26”.

Fixed seat width of 14”. Available in hard-wearing vanilla or black colored 100% PU vinyl.


  • High weight capacity - suitable for people up to 500 lb
  • Molded padding with memory foam effect for maximum comfort
  • Comfortable tilting backrest


  • Seat does not have a tilt option
  • Height is less adjustable than several other saddle chairs on the market
  • May not be as comfortable for men as women with some male reviewers reporting a narrower seat and higher front rise than they would like

#2  Best budget option: Antlu Rolling Saddle Stool Chair

Antlu Saddle Stool Chair with Back Ergonomic...
  • Ergonomic ⭐ :This saddle stool chair design for extra comfort on your back and spine,this design reduces painful pressure on your back.
  • Unique backrest design⭐ : The back of this saddle chair is non-tilting and is fixed in one position to help you maintain your sitting posture, and supporting your back to relax more.

This white saddle chair from Antlu is a good basic model with all essential features for under $100.

Also available in black at a slightly higher price of $146. Seat width 18.1“ and maximum weight 400lb.


  • Low price
  • Adjustable height range from 21” to 29”
  • Easy to assemble


  • Backrest is non-adjustable
  • May be less suitable for taller, larger people - some reviews report seat being too short for those of larger proportions

#3  Best high end option: HAG Capisco Adjustable Standing Desk Saddle Chair

HAG Capisco Adjustable Standing Desk Chair -...
  • BROAD USE: Task, conference and executive seating for business, office, home, education, training, healthcare, dental, hospitality, gaming, drafting, etc.
  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT: With a seat height of 19” – 26” and 18.5” backrest, it’s suitable for all work surfaces of 28” and higher and used to switch between sitting and standing at an adjustable or standing height desk

This HAG Capisco saddle chair offers a range of seat heights, seat depths, back heights and back tilts to better customize the chair to your body and preferred sitting position.

Seat height ranges from 22.5" – 33”. Chair design allows backward sitting. Available in seven colors on a choice of black, white or silver frame.

Built from 50% recycled material the chair’s components are also 90% recyclable.

An official user guide to the functions and features of the HAG Capisco saddle chair can be viewed on YouTube:


  • Fully adjustable for maximum customization and comfort
  • Elbow supports on backrests
  • Allows for reversed sitting position


  • Maximum weight is 250lb - less than many other saddle chairs
  • Reviews indicate that while highly suitable for active sitting with frequent movement, this chair can be less comfortable for those spending hours still in front of a computer

#4  Best split-seat option: No products found.

No products found.

Partly adjustable saddle chair with split-seat design and small-cell foam moulded to seat contours. Height adjustable from 21”-28”.  Made from PU leather.


  • Adjustable height
  • Highest stated maximum weight in our list - 660lbs
  • Split-seat design may suit men who find traditional saddle seats uncomfortable


  • Only available in one color (blue)
  • Some reviewers were unhappy with the quality of construction and reported broken parts

#5  Best customer service option: Kaleurrier Rolling Ergonomic Saddle Chair

This Kaleurrier chair possesses all essential saddle chair features at a decent price.

Height adjustable from 22” to 30” with a maximum weight of 400lb, it has a smooth pneumatic cylinder system to raise and lower the seat.


  • Broad 17.5” back rest section
  • Easy to assemble
  • Reviews indicate excellent customer service in case of issues with the chair


  • Only available in one color (black)
  • Not as adjustable as some other saddle chairs of similar price

Final thoughts 

Ergonomic saddle chairs can be a great choice of seating for many people working in clinical environments, personal care and art studios, as well as standard office spaces.

They are a particularly good option for promoting active sitting and regular movement, both of which help to build good posture and avoid back issues.

With a wide range of styles and functions available at all price points, you should be able to find an ergonomic saddle chair to suit your needs.

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Hi, I'm Darryl. I made this site to help share information & reviews about ergonomic desks, chairs & accessories to help others who want to work more comfortably. Learn more about my journey by reading my bio here. Enjoy!

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