Best Gaming Desks with LED Lights (2021 Review)

Gaming desks with LED lights can be one of the best experiences in any gaming setup.

If you have ever wanted a gaming desk, you know there are tons of different options with many unique features.

Some can create a unique gaming atmosphere by using unique styles, lighting, colors, and design. 

Best Gaming Desks With LED Lights

This article includes:

  • The top 5 best gaming desks with LED lights and their pros and cons
  • The different types and how they can work for your gaming experience 
  • What you should think about before buying one

Let’s go! 

Best Gaming Desks with LED Lights

What are Gaming Desks with LED Lights?

A gaming desk is designed to improve the gaming experience. They often have features that make it easier to avoid distractions and stay focused on the game.

But a lot of them also have lights to create a unique gaming environment. 

If you are a fan of gaming streamers, then you have probably seen how cool it can look when these lights are emitting a deep color around the gamer and their desk. 

The lights create an atmosphere that is extremely immersive and the colors can match the type of gaming experience you want.

Whereas red LEDs give intense competitive feelings, greens and blues set a mood for a relaxing gaming session.

This can also match the color of your walls, computer, favorite games, and more. If they are RGB lights, they will utilize red, green, and blue to combine into thousands, or even millions, of potential colors to choose from. 

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Watch this video to learn how to light the gaming room or area in an optimal way:

What are the Different Types of Gaming Desks with LED Lights?

There are a lot of different styles of gaming desks that can have LED lights.

There are desktop lit, frame lit, fully lit, standing, l-shaped, and two-tier products to consider.

Let’s look at the unique properties that each of these types of LED gaming desks has to offer. 

Desktop Lit

This is the most common type of LED gaming desk because the light beams from the desktop to light up the keyboard and mouse.

Desktop lit does not shine too much light on your phase, but does give an ambiance around the gamer. Which makes a cool combination of darkness and light that many gamers love.

It also can come in one color LED or RGB that can change to thousands upon thousands of color options. 

Frame Lit

This type has a frame and legs that are ignited with LED lights instead of lights on the desktop surface.

This can be cool because it leaves the gamer in the dark, which some gamers prefer.

It still gives the room a glow that can contribute to an overall immersive gaming session. 

Fully Lit

This type has lights on both the frame and the desktop.

Like other types, many options have the ability to change the lighting color and some offer a feature that allows the user to turn off some of the lights while keeping the others on. 


This is a LED desk that can help you get off your butt. Standing while gaming can be good for your health.

A lot of gamers sit for hours on end while they are playing their favorite games, but this is not good for your back, neck, shoulders, or organs.

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Standing can also be a cool way to play some games. 


This type fits into a corner and sometimes even has monitor arms and other features that may be lit differently than the other types.

Some options also allow users to light one side of the L-shape while keeping the other side dark.


This type has two levels so that you can keep your monitor higher while still having room for a large keyboard, mouse, and other gaming supplies.

A lot of them have a glowing light coming from the underside of the higher tier.

This puts light on your hands and keyboard, which is a potential advantage in some gaming genres. 

How Do Gaming Desks with LED Lights Work?

A gaming desk that has LED lights can either use one color of lights or use lights that can change color.

If they are RGB lights, then it will be able to emit a wide range of thousands of different colors and shades.

Some options have a control to change the color on the desk itself while others use a remote. 

Furthermore, some options also have the option for changing the lights to blinking or flashing or you may be able to use multicolored lights.

All of this gives a gaming atmosphere that is unique for your personality and gaming experience.

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Some gamers prefer the relaxing qualities of blue or purple while many competitive gamers like oranges and reds during their intense sessions. 

Best Gaming Desks With LED Lights

What to Look for in the Best Gaming Desks with LED Lights?

In order to get the best possible gaming desk with LEDs, there are some things to keep in mind while you compare different products.

There are plenty of things to consider when thinking about the lights, the desktop, and other features and qualities of a good gaming desk.


First, the lights themselves should meet your needs. Every gamer is different and you may want lights that shine on your face. Others may not like that at all. 

Just make sure the lights are positioned well enough for your needs and desires without causing problems by shining in your eyes or causing a bad glare on the monitor screen. 

Desk Quality:

Second, you want to make sure that the desk itself is good quality. Some LED desks may have the lights as a gimmick to sell more desks that are low quality. 

This is not very common, but it is definitely something to keep in mind while you are shopping around and comparing desks. 

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Cable Management:

Additionally, you may want to check where the plug to connect the lights protrudes so that it does not cross all the way across the desk or room. 

Also check the length of the cord to ensure that it will reach the USB port on your computer or a wall outlet. Cable management may also be important depending on your setup. 

Best Gaming Desks with LED Lights

 #1  DESIGNA Gaming Desk with LED Lights

DESIGNA Gaming Desk with LED Lights, 60 inch...
  • ✔【Led Lighting】—— The home office computer desk comes with LED lighting. Plug the LED Lighting into your Gaming PC or Laptop with a USB. The LED lighting glows with a cool blue light for a better leisure & gaming experience.
  • ✔【Ergonomic Carbon Fiber Desktop】—— This gaming pc desk has a sleek carbon fiber texture and the surface has plenty of space for your monitors, keyboard, and other items.

This LED gaming desk has a soft color using RGB lights and the desk itself has a sleek carbon fiber texture.

The LEDs are on the sides of the desktop surface. It comes in two different sizes, 60 inch and 44.5 inch. With strong materials for durability and long-lasting sturdiness.

It also comes with a 365 day guarantee with free replacement parts. 


  • Strong and sturdy
  • Stylish z-shaped design
  • Cup Holder, mouse pad,  and hook for headphones


  • Two piece desktop
  • Lights are minimal
  • Difficult assembly

#2  PayLessHere RGB Gaming Table

PayLessHere Table, Black Gaming Desks...
  • MULTICOLOR CONTROLLABLE RGB LIGHT: This gaming desk has Multicolor RGB lights, a variety of color cycles & gradient modes, which can be switched between various lighting modes through the remote control. The brightness and speed of dynamic lighting can be adjusted. This gaming desk can upgrade the game atmosphere and bring a passionate game experience.
  • ROBUST BUILD - Our gaming desks can support up to 260lbs as they are made from top-grade MDF board and a strong steel frame. This table can firmly support all your gaming gear and accessories.

This desk has RGB lights with different gradients and cycles that you can change using a remote control.

It is strong with a weight capacity of 260 pounds using a steel frame and MDF board. It also has game storage, cup holder, cable grommets, and headphone hook.

The desktop surface is water proof and easy to clean and the style is modern and a unique R-shape. 


  • RGB lights with gradient and color settings
  • 260 pound weight limit
  • Cup holder, headphone hook, and storage


  • Have to unplug to turn the lights off
  • May wobble a little
  • Adjustable feet are hard to use


EUREKA ERGONOMIC RGB Gaming Desk, 43 inch...
  • 4.6mm Tempered Glass Desktop – Thicker glass top is strong enough and scratch-resistant, the desk enables optimal and safe gaming activity. Note: Monitor mount, keyboard tray and computer tower holder under desk mount cannot be installed with this gaming desk.
  • Infuse Your Music With RGB Lighting – Equipped with over 200 lighting effects - 180 conventional RGB lighting patterns, 18 music effects & 30 audio spectrum lighting effects. This revolutionary design offers a unique experience unlike any other, changing the mood of your entire setup all at the touch of your fingertip. You can control the smart desk with a user-friendly app. Infuse your music with RGM lighting, enjoy a visual spectacle as your desk come alive.

This desk is fantastic because it has a tempered glass desktop that is scratch resistant and the RGB lighting offers over 200 lighting effects, 180 patterns, as well as several music effects and other options.

The connection of lighting and audio is great for an immersive gaming experience and it also has a mouse pad, USB charging ports, headphone hook, and cup holder. 


  • RGB lighting with audio connection and more
  • Tempered glass is stylish and durable
  • LED incorporation on the desktop


  • More expensive than other options
  • Difficult assembly and setup
  • Requires an phone app for most lighting controls

#4  Bestier 44

Bestier 44" K-Shaped Gaming Desk with Led...
  • [Carbon Fiber Gaming Desk] Bestier computer desk with bookshelf features distinctive K-Shaped Legs, which forms storage shelf underneath for additional spaces. Fits in any corner, suitable for bedroom gaming desk, student study desk and home office computer desk.
  • [RGB Gaming Desk] Led gaming desk with monitor stands features 7 main colors, 20 dynamic modes for you to customize your space. No matter you are playing games, watching movies, reading books, this desk could bring you fancy experience.

This awesome desk has a two tier design as well as a storage shelf to hold even more gaming tech.

It has 7 main colors with 20 modes for the lighting and comes in a variety of different desktop accent colors.

With a carbon fiber texture and a k-shape for sturdiness. Also comes with a separate CPU stand. 


  • Three tiers
  • Color options
  • Sturdy with strong crossbar shelf construction


  • Poor customer service
  • Shows fingerprints
  • Minimal lighting under highest tier

#5  Merax Gaming Computer LED Lights Z Shaped Desk

Merax Gaming Computer LED Lights Z Shaped...
  • [LARGE GAMING SURFACE] Merax gaming desk has a sleek carbon fiber texture and the gaming surface has plenty of space for your gaming monitors, gaming keyboard, and other gaming gear. Comes with built-in wire-management, rear power strip holder and headphone/VR headset hook
  • [6-COLOR LED LIGHT] The gaming table comes with LED lighting for a better gaming experience. Plug the LED Lighting into your Gaming PC or Laptop with a USB

This is a LED gaming desk that has a stylish backing, spacious carbon fiber texture desktop, power strip holder, headphone hook, and wire management.

It has a coated steel frame and four large sturdy feet for stable support. The luminous lighting it subtle and tasteful.


  • Great stylish modern design
  • Sturdy with coated steel frame and large feet
  • Spacious desktop


  • Difficult assembly
  • Remote control is poor quality
  • Back component is flimsy

Final Thoughts on Gaming Desks with LED Lights

Having LED lights on your gaming desk can create an awesome area for immersive gaming.

There are plenty of types with lights positioned optimally for your personal taste. You can also find options that are affordable and ones that cost more for higher quality.

Just be sure to take into account the type of gaming you want and the color of lights you prefer. 

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