Top 5 Best Standing Desk for Gamers? (2022 Review)

Interested in learning about the best Standing Desk for Gamers? In this product review guide, I will go over... 

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  • What to look for when you are trying to choose the best standing desk for gaming
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Best Standing Desks for Gamers

What Are Standing Desk for Gamers?

Gamers often spend a lot of time at their computers. In fact, average gamers may spend as much as seven hours a week playing.

Furthermore, they tend to be intensely focused on what they're doing, which can make hunching over and tensing up more likely. 

Standing desks for gamers are a great way to allow gamers enjoy long periods of play, without becoming uncomfortable or developing headaches from hunching over the screen.

Furthermore, many gamers enjoy the additional freedom of movement provided by standing desks, which allows them to get into the game a little bit more thoroughly. 

Some standing desks are designed specifically for gamers while others are designed for general standing purposes but work very well for gaming.

These are also a great way to help kids be more active while they enjoy their gaming sessions, to help prevent long durations of sedentary sitting.

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What Are The Different Types of Standing Desk for Gamers?

When it comes to finding the right standing desk for gaming there are plenty of options to choose from.

Straight vs corner:

Some gamers prefer their monitors to sit side-by-side so they don't have to turn their heads to look at them, while others prefer a corner desk that allows them to immerse themselves in a screen.

Simple desktop or customized:

Some gaming desks are a simple desk that you can customize yourself and use as you like, while others are equipped with built-in cup holders, accessory hooks, and other features.

Best Standing Desks for Gamers

How Does a Standing Desk for Gamers Work?

Standing desks for gamers work by holding all of the gaming equipment on a single desktop that can be raised or lowered at will.

Gamers can choose between playing while standing or playing while sitting whenever they like. 

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Quality standing desks are easy enough to raise and lower and quiet enough in their operation that you may not even need to stop the game to raise and lower the desk.

Gamers who are using a standing desk can keep the blood flowing and help to correct their posture, enabling them to play longer without being uncomfortable. 

This video covers some of the most important considerations for standing desks for gamers, check it out!

What to Look For In The Best Standing Desk for Gamers?

Memorized Heights:

Standing desks that have memorized height settings allow you to set your ideal height, usually at two or three different levels, so that you won't have to figure out the right height setting for you every time.


Most standing desks operate using single or dual motors. Others are operated with a hand crank. Hand crank operation is generally the most affordable.

If you are choosing a motorized standing desk it may be best to choose dual-motors since they are quieter, stronger, and often last longer.


If you want to go from standing to sitting or sitting to standing in the middle of a game, a quiet desk can make a big difference.

Weight support:

Standing desks for gamers can support anywhere from 100 to 250 lb. Make sure you know how much all of your equipment weighs and choose a desk that can support it.

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Best Standing Desk for Gamers Reviewed

 #1  Waleaf Dual Motor Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk

Waleaf Dual Motor Height Adjustable Electric...
  • 【Dual Motor System】 : Powerful dual motor with very sturdy steel offers smoother height adjustments, with a faster speed and quiet action. The Waleaf electric height adjustable ergonomic office desk delivers health benefits to folks who work on their computers all day.
  • 【Electric Height Adjustable】: With a convenient control panel to go from sitting to standing, Waleaf adjustable standing desk has a memory that can set different heights from 28" to 48.4" with low noise while running, whether you want to sit or stand.

This convenient standing desk is a superb choice for gamers. Dual motors and a sturdy steel frame enable fast and quiet height adjustments whenever you like. 

Utilize the control panel to go from sitting to standing without having to exert any effort at all. The memory can set heights between 28 in and 48.4 in.

Being able to set a memorized height means that you do not have to adjust it exactly every time.

The carbon fiber desktop has a big PVC laminated surface to provide plenty of room for a couple of monitors, a laptop, etc.

This desk has lots of add-on features like a cup holder, a hook for the headphone, and a cable storage box. 

The seats are adjustable so that you'll have a stable surface even if the ground is not so stable. The company offers free replacement on parts within a year. 


  • Dual motors are quieter, stronger, and will last longer than single motor models
  • Accessories like a cup holder, headphone hook, and cable storage box 
  • Memorized height settings for your convenience


  • Screw holes are sometimes aligned incorrectly, requiring some more screwing than advertised to put it together. 
  • Bright red lining draws attention to itself in a way that's not desirable for everybody

#2  FEZIBO L-Shaped Electric Standing Desk

FEZIBO L Shaped Electric Standing Desk, 48...
  • Trustworthy: The concept of FEZIBO standing desk is to make and provide office furniture that is well-built, affordable and designed to create an energetic and supportive workplace
  • Robust Lift System: FEZIBO Lift System offers height adjustment from 27.6 inches to 47.3 inches, enhancing the efficiency when using with lower noise (under 50 dB)

If you want some room to stretch out at your standing desk, this is the one for you. This corner desk provides considerably more space than most other options on the market. 

Set up two, three, or even four monitors in the 48 in of L-shaped work surface. Three preset buttons allow you to set heights between 27.6 in and 47.3 in. 

For those who want a gaming desk that does not draw attention to itself as such, the attractive wooden surface of this desk will likely appeal to you. You can choose between a rustic look or classy bamboo. 

The sturdy steel industrial lift system can raise and lower as much as 176 lb and includes a wooden stand that you can use as a laptop riser or a desktop organizer.

You can feel confident that this is the desk you want with a 30-day risk-free guarantee.


  • Attractive wood desktop looks great in any space
  • 48 in of L-shaped work surface provides you more room than most other options
  • Preset buttons so you can pick your ideal heights and go to them easily


  • Screws to connect the table are a bit short, which may make you worry that it is not as secure as possible
  • Pointed edges can cause some problems with ramming your legs into it when you are walking around the desk 

#3  DEVAISE Adjustable Height Standing Desk

DEVAISE Adjustable Height Standing Desk, 55...
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: This innovative adjustable height standing desk promotes better posture, reduce back and neck pain, a thinner waist line and increased productivity.
  • EASY CRANK SYSTEM: Standing desk is designed with a hand crank that be placed on the front of desktop. Load up your desk with all of your office essentials and simply turn the crank to raise and lower the desk to your desired height! Adjustable height from 29.5" to 45.5".

This is a very simple, clean-looking standing desk that can fit smoothly into any space. It comes in either black or white and is a consistent coloration throughout the entire desk. 

This desk is more affordable than many other options, likely because it has a hand crank system instead of an electric one. Turn the crank to raise and lower from 29.5 in to 45.5 in. 

This desk supports up to a hundred pounds and has enough area for two monitors. Adjustable feet allow you to get a stable work surface even if the floor isn’t completely stable


  • Affordable, clean looking desk that fits easily into most spaces
  • Holds up to a hundred pounds with enough room for two monitors
  • Adjustable feet to allow you to get a stable work surface


  • Hand crank is more challenging to use than some other options and there are no presets so you have to adjust it for yourself each time
  • Free of the bells and whistles like cup holders, monitor risers, etc that many other desks have 

#4  Flexispot Electric Height Adjustable Desk

FLEXISPOT EC1 Essential Electric Adjustable...
  • COZY & ERGONOMIC WHOLE-PIECE WORKSPACE: Spacious 48” x 30” eco-friendly whole-piece desktop offers a roomy setup for 2 monitors and a laptop so you can spread out and calmly take on the challenges of the work day. Please allow a slight 0 to1-inch difference in desktop size due to manual measurement.
  • ELECTRIC HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE LIFT SYSTEM: The motor lift mechanism offers smoother height adjustments, from 28" to 47.6" (without 1” thickness of table top included), at a speed of 1"/second with low noise (under 50 dB) while running.

This desk offers plenty of room for all of your gaming equipment with flexibility in how you want to lay it out, thanks to the straightforward work surface.

48 in by 30 in is plenty of space for most equipment. 

It can support up to 154 lb with the industrial-grade steel frame. A motor lift mechanism provides smooth height adjustments and isn't loud while it is working.

You can choose from a number of colors, including black, bamboo and white, and all white. T shaped legs offer plenty of legroom when you are seated.


  • The large work area can support a substantial 154 lb
  • A straightforward work surface provides flexibility in how you want to lay things out
  • It comes in a number of color options so it will look attractive in any space


  • Doesn't have many accessories like cup holders, monitor risers, etc
  • Doesn't provide cable management, and the open design makes cables look very messy 

#5  FAMISKY Dual Motor Adjustable Height Electric Standing Desk

FAMISKY Standing Desk Dual Motors, Adjustable...
  • Ergonomic Home Office Desk: FAMISKY standing desk after years of constant iteration. Both the home office rising experience and quality of the products are trustworthy
  • Height Adjustable Lift: The brake system is controlled by dual electric motors to adjust different tabletop heights from 28 to 45.5 Inches. 3 Positions memory functions lift conveniently and quickly

If you want a little bit more room from your straightforward standing desk, this may be the one that you choose.

55 by 24 in gives you plenty of room for a few monitors. The whopping 220 lb weight capacity allows you to put as much gaming equipment as you want on the desk. 

A dual motor offers smooth height adjustments with a quiet sound. Choose between three preset height buttons from 28 in to 45.5 in.

This attractive, straightforward desk comes in a couple of color options including black, butcher block, and walnut. It includes some handy extras like desk hooks and a cable tray.


  • Offers more size and a greaterer weight capacity than most other options
  • Dual motor for smooth and quiet movement
  • Three preset buttons to choose from 


  • A seam goes down the length of the desk since it arrives in two pieces
  • The desktop may scratch relatively easily

Final Thoughts On Standing Desk for Gamers

Standing desks can be a great option for gamers, enabling longer and more comfortable gameplay. In many cases, they even improve performance and enjoyment.

There are plenty of options in price, weight load, and size for you to choose a standing desk that will be perfect for your games. Ultimately the best option is up to your personal preference, and will impact your gaming experience - so choose carefully!

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