Best Standing Desk With Glass Top (2022 Review)

Interested in learning about the best standing desk with a glass top?

In this product review guide, I will go over some of the best standing desks with a glass top of 2021. 

Are you in the market for a standing desk? Deciding which standing desk will be best for you brings a lot of questions with it.

Do I want it to be adjustable? Should it be mobile? How can I match the aesthetics with the rest of my office space?

best standing desk with glass top

Choosing a standing desk with a glass top is a great option for durability, functionality, as well as a stylish look. A glass top has the appeal of sophistication but also simplicity. 

Like with most things, there are pros and cons to everything and we’re going to dive into them in this review. 

In this review, you’ll learn about: 

  • Which standing desk with glass tops are best?
  • What are the different types of standing desks with glass tops?
  • Is it worth it to get a standing desk with a glass top?

Let’s get started!

What Are Standing Desks with Glass Top?

A standing desk with a glass top can offer a variety of styling options. A glass top allows for the manufacturer to be as simple or as stylish as they would like.

The type of top that you choose can make all the difference in the overall appearance of your workspace. 

Having a glass top on your standing desk doesn’t make it more fragile.

However They are made extremely sturdy, even your computer or other supplies won’t be sliding around as the glass will usually be tempered and therefore more durable and less likely to crack or slide around. 

What Are The Different Types of Standing Desks with Glass Top?

If you’re looking for a standing desk with a glass top, you’ll find as many options as you would most any other standing desk, however, you’ll be specifically looking for one with a glass top. 

In general, the types and styles can vary widely. Due to the glass top you could have a black top, wood top, white top or even a clear glass top.

Because glass is clear, the options can be endless, but you’ll still experience the durability of any other desk. 

One of the great things about a standing desk with a glass top is the fact that there should be less damage to the top overall.

With wood you’ll experience chipping and breaking regularly. However, glass tops are less prone to damage such as that. 

You can get a standing desk with a glass top as simple or as sophisticated as you’d like. A glass top can add style to any room. 

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How Does Standing Desks with Glass Top Work?

A standing desk with a glass top will work the same way as any other standing desk. However, having a glass top will certainly change the aesthetic. 

A glass top can change the aesthetic from chic to savvy to elegant.

Glass tops tend to be tempered, as well, which makes them overall more durable when it comes to longevity of your standing desk. 

A glass top can easily blend in with its surroundings to create a cohesive space.

A standing desk with a glass top can fit in a home office, at a coworking space, in the office, or even in the kitchen. 

Some may find the benefit of being able to write on the tempered glass with a dry erase marker and being able to easily and quickly erase it.

Being able to quickly jot down notes onto your desk without any paper needed could be a real time saver. 

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What to Look For In The Best Standing Desks with Glass Top?

If you’re already looking into a standing desk with a glass top then chances are you may already have an aesthetic in mind.

Keeping this in mind, look for a standing desk that has the type of glass top that you’re looking for. 

Are you looking for a clear glass top?

Or perhaps a glass top with a specific color underneath, possibly black?

Maybe you’d like your glass top to look like wood, with the benefit of being a tempered glass top?

There are several options to choose from. In addition, don’t forget to look for the type of overall desk features that you’d like.

Standing desks with glass tops will typically come with the same features as most other types of standing desks. These features would include being able to switch between standing and sitting, having a drawer and even having wheels. 

best standing desk with glass top

Best Standing Desks with Glass Top Reviewed

 #1  Flexispot Electric Height Adjustable Standing Deske

FLEXISPOT Electric Glass Standing Desk with...
  • Electric Height Adjustment: Switch from sitting to standing in seconds! Our standing desk features a robust motor that enables smooth, easy transitions from 28.3" to 47.6"(with 2.6” thickness of table top included) with the press of a button, and a weight capacity of up to 110 lbs.
  • Tempered Glass Table Top: Work in style on a modern tempered glass desk top finished with rounded edges for superior safety, comfort, durability, and elegance. Do not use Clamping Monitor Arm on the Glass top.

Flexispot has an electric height adjustment which allows you to switch from sitting to standing in just seconds with the push of a button.

It can adjust from 28.3” to 47.6”. It has a weight capacity of 110lbs. 

The glass top is tempered with rounded edges for comfort and durability. It also features 3 USB ports to charge your devices. 

There’s also a convenient pull out drawer to hold your office supplies. 

Lastly, this can be assembled in less than 5 minutes. 

  • Pros: Adjusts from sitting to standing, pull out drawer, quick setup
  • Cons: Electric adjustment could malfunction in time

#2  Stand Steady Joy Desk

Stand Steady Joy Standing Desk | 43in Large...
  • BEAUTIFUL GLASS DESK: Complete your home office with our sleek glass top standing desk. Featuring a classic wood print overlaid with a smooth glass surface, this stylish stand up desk adds a high-end feel to any room
  • SLEEK & SPACIOUS: Keep your workspace organized while maximizing floor space. Featuring a compact footprint and modern 43” desktop, the Joy standing desk fits your double monitor setup, desk accessories, and more

This standing desk offers a tempered glass top that looks like wood. It has over 7 square feet of surface space, offering plenty of room for all of your supplies and computer. 

It offers sturdy metal legs with crossbars to ensure safety and wobble free while you work. 

This can be assembled in half an hour or less. This is a standing desk only. 

  • Pros: Large surface space, glass top has the appearance of wood
  • Cons: Standing desk only

#3  Jefferson Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk

JAHRSTIM Jefferson Glass Standing Desk with...
  • Spacious Electric Standup Desk: 48" x 24" desktop offers a roomy setup for 2 monitors and 2 laptop,plus enough room for ongoing projects and office supplies so you can spread out and calmly take on the challenges of the work day.
  • Motorized Liftup Adjustable: Height Adjustable Electric Stand up Desk has 4 preset buttons to customize your desired heights from 28" to 47.3" ,at a speed of 1"/second,you can memory your height with 3 seconds pressing. With low noise(under 50 dB) while running.

Smoothly adjust from sitting to standing in seconds with the electric height adjustment. You can easily save your favorite heights by programming them into the preset buttons. 

It offers a large work area measuring 47.37” by 23.75” which allows for plenty of space for all of your supplies in addition to your computer. 

It comes with a steel frame which offers stability and strength and can withstand up to 110lbs. The tempered glass is clear and will last many years when properly taken care of. 

It also offers 2 USB ports and also offers a child lock to keep wandering hands from changing the settings. Lastly, it has a small pull out drawer for extra notebooks and writing utensils. 

  • Pros: Adjustable from sitting to standing, sturdy steel legs
  • Cons: When adjusting the power to the USB ports is turned off

#4  Height Adjustable Sitting or Standing Desk

WWS Height Adjustable Sitting or Standing...
  • Height Adjustable Desktop: This height adjustable sit stand desk can be adjusted from 24" to 34" high and any height between with a manually and secure with the knob for an ergonomic and personalized workspace.
  • Elegant & Stylish Appearances: This Computer desk top made of black tempered glass delivers a beautiful appearance. Besides the black glass top finished with a beveled edge for a charm work surface, as well as anti-scratch and easy to clean.

This desk can be adjusted between 24” to 34” with a manual and secure knob. 

The top is made of black tempered glass to offer an elegant look, it also offers an anti-scratch surface which is easy to clean. 

It features a pull out drawer for some extra storage of some basic office supplies. 

They offer a 100% satisfaction guaranteed. 

  • Pros: Manual height adjustment allows for no electrical failure, has a pull out drawer
  • Cons: Manual height adjustment is not for everyone

#5  Safco Products Xpressions Glass Top

Safco Products Xpressions Stand-Up...
  • Stand-Up Workstation
  • Made from tempered glass

This is made of a steel frame, overall weight is 66lbs. 

This standing desk is not adjustable, it is just a standing desk. It offers a back panel which can be used for storage and also boasts the ability to write on the back panel with a dry erase marker. 

Top is made of tempered glass with dimensions of 35”W by 23”D. 

This standing desk features something unique at the bottom called a swinging pendulum footrest bar which allows you to rest your feet on it and move a bit while using your standing desk. 

  • Pros: Back panel used for writing and storage, sleek design
  • Cons: Swinging bar could be a distraction 

Final Thoughts On Standing Desks with Glass Top

Getting a standing desk for your home, office or school can be a great way to stay active and continue your productivity throughout the day.

Having a standing desk with a glass top is a great option for those who are looking to add a sleek aesthetic to your space, as well as having a durable top which will last many years if properly cared for. 

A tempered glass top is a great choice for those who are looking for something a little different, while also wanting something durable. 

Whether you’re looking for an adjustable standing desk with a glass top or just a standing desk with a glass top, there are many options out there. Find what is going to work best for your budget and your overall space.

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Darryl Higgins

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Darryl Higgins

Darryl Higgins

Hi, I'm Darryl. I made this site to help share information & reviews about ergonomic desks, chairs & accessories to help others who want to work more comfortably. Learn more about my journey by reading my bio here. Enjoy!

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