Best Standing Desk With Privacy Panel (2021 Review)

Interested in learning about the best standing desk with a privacy panel?

In this product review guide, I will go over some of the best standing desks with privacy panels of 2021. 

Do you have a standing desk and are looking for a little more privacy?

If you work in an office or even at home, you may be wanting some additional privacy.

Either on top of your desk to help cover your screens or even below your desk to help cover cables or even yourself. 

best standing desk with privacy panel

There are many options when it comes to gaining a little extra privacy with your standing desk and luckily these options will work for both a standing desk that adjusts from sitting to standing as well as a standing desk that does not adjust. 

Like with most things, there are pros and cons to everything and we’re going to dive into them in this review. 

In this review, you’ll learn about: 

  • Which standing desk with privacy panels are best?
  • What are the different types of standing desks with privacy panels?
  • Is it worth it to get a standing desk with a privacy panel?

Let’s get started!

What Are Standing Desks with Privacy Panel?

A standing desk offers many benefits but most of them leave much to be desired when it comes to privacy.

A privacy panel can offer a little extra privacy when it comes to hiding cables or hiding your screens.

Some privacy panels may even be able to have an acoustic sound to it which would allow for your sound to bounce back and other sound to be quieted. 

Most privacy panels will clip onto your existing desk. Very few standing desks, or regular desks for that matter, come with any attached privacy panel. 

We’ll talk more about the different types down below.  

What Are The Different Types of Standing Desks with Privacy Panel?

The most common privacy panel is some type of panel that clips onto the back of your desk.

This could extend across the entire back of your desk or it could also extend below your desk, there are even some privacy panels that do both. 

Some privacy panels extend below the desk to hide cables or even your legs. 

Other privacy panels will have an acoustic feature which reduces noise helping you to better focus on your work. 

Some privacy panels are a solid color while other privacy panels are frosted to simply give a little extra privacy or modesty. 

There are even privacy panels that will hide both the top and bottom of your desk. However, depending on your needs, you may need to get two privacy panels that clip to the top and bottom. 

best standing desk with privacy panel

How Does Standing Desks with Privacy Panel Work?

Configure a comfortable, engaging and flexible workspace for your office setting by using a privacy panel. 

You may be in an office setting where you have a standing next right up against someone else.

In order to keep a cohesive workspace, you may opt to get a privacy panel to help keep you and your coworkers focused on their work while allowing for easy interaction whenever needed. 

Privacy panels also work great for covering unsightly cables.

If you want to keep your area looking clean and cohesive to the rest of the area, covering the cables can certainly offer a bit more comfort and organization. 

Privacy panels can also help to reduce noise both from you and your coworkers.

If you’re at a standing desk, you may be hearing things you may never have before, or likewise, others hearing things from you they hadn’t heard before.

A privacy panel can be a great way to help reduce all of the noise. 

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What to Look For In The Best Standing Desks with Privacy Panel?

What type of privacy are you looking for? 

Are you looking for a privacy panel that reduces noise? You’ll want to look for something solid, that isn’t just frosted. It should say that it also helps to reduce noise. 

Are you looking for a privacy panel to cover cables? Many privacy panels can be adjusted upwards or downwards, however, some privacy panels are specifically made to hang below the table to cover cables or maybe your legs.

These can be anything from cloth to a frosted panel. 

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If you’re just looking for some standard privacy then any frosted panel will do great for that purpose. 

There are panels that could do all of these things but it’s really up to you and your needs.

Most panels will attach to your existing desk, be sure to measure your desk against the panel to see if it will fit your desk. 

Best Standing Desks with Privacy Panel Reviewed

 #1  Stand Up Desk Store ReFocus Clamp-on Acoustic Desk Divider Privacy Panel

Stand Up Desk Store ReFocus Clamp-on Acoustic...
  • Acoustic panels enhance privacy and reduce noise while helping foster safe separation between coworkers, students, employees and customers, and more
  • Clamp-on, height-adjustable design, lightweight panels, and sturdy steel hardware make it easy to set up

Comes in a variety of colors and even sizes. This panel reduces noise up to 85% of the sound that passes through it. 

This has three different adjustment heights to fit your exact needs. It works with desktops up to 1.4” thick. 

This panel can also be hung upside down to be a modesty panel instead of a privacy panel. 

  • Pros: Reduces noise, three adjustments, several color options
  • Cons: Won’t fit desks more than 1.4” thick 

#2  VIVO Black 60 inch Under Desk Privacy

VIVO Black 60 Inch Under Desk Privacy and...
  • Lightweight 60" Desk Skirt - Provides the perfect layer of privacy to make your work area more comfortable throughout the long work day.
  • Cable Management - Keeps your work area clean and organized with two top slots in the screen to keep your computer cords evenly spaced and conveniently hidden.

This is a very basic under desk privacy mesh. It’s more considered a ‘desk skirt’ than a panel.

However, it does hang down from your desk to cover cables. It can not be placed above the desk as a privacy panel. It’s 60” wide and 15” tall. 

This has mesh pockets for additional storage and organization. 

Easy to install with just two screws to secure the fit. 

  • Pros: Extra storage pockets, large desk skirt
  • Cons: Have to screw into table

#3  Stand Steady ClipPanel Desk Mounted Privacy Panel

Stand Steady ClipPanel Desk Mounted Privacy...
  • PROVIDES PRIVACY: The height adjustable ClipPanel provides privacy between desks to minimize visual distractions and reduce ambient noise. Now you can be more focused than ever before!
  • REDUCES NOISE: Your new privacy panel is made from 100% PET materials to reduce 85% of ambient noise – and it’s eco-friendly!

This comes in several different colors, it even offers a multi pack for a special price. 

This privacy panel has five different height settings with pre-drilled holes. This can also be turned upside down to create a modesty panel. The clamps can be secured to most tables. 

This privacy panel is made from 100% PET material which helps to reduce 85% of the noise that comes through. 

This panel has a tackable material which allows you to tack notes, reminders and other things to it. 

  • Pros: Adjust from privacy to modesty panel, reduces noise, tackable material
  • Cons: May be too large for some desks

#4  Vari Acrylic Modesty Panel 60 

Vari Acrylic Modesty Panel 60 - Privacy...
  • Flexible Partition: Can be configured to provide privacy below or above the desktop. Fits Vari Electric Standing Desk 60x30
  • Create Privacy: Easily add privacy to your standing desk or help define your workstation in an open office space

This is an acrylic frosted modesty panel. It measures 12”(H) x 52”(W–Widest point) 50”(W–Slimmest point)” x 1/8”(D) | 30.5cm(H) x 132cm(W–Widest point) 127(W–Slimmest point) x .5cm(D). 

This can provide privacy above or below the desk as needed. This is designed to work exclusively with standing electric desk models. 

It can easily attach to the desk with no extra tools, just clamp on and get to work. 

  • Pros: Can be adjusted above or below desk, no tools required
  • Cons: Works best with electric standing desk models

#5  VaRoom Privacy Partition and Sneeze Guard

VaRoom Privacy Partition and Sneeze Guard,...
  • VISUAL PRIVACY: Frosted acrylic divider panels provide desk privacy, perfect for office, call center, and study carrel for classrooms and libraries. Once clamped on desk is 48” wide and 18” above the desk - 24” total in height. Frosted acrylic provides privacy while still allowing light to filter through.
  • FLEXIBLE FIT: Clamp fits on table or desk top from 3/4” to 2.0” thick with removable and temporary clamps – No damage to desk.

This privacy panel comes in a few different sizes to fit your desk. This frosted acrylic panel provides privacy for your workspace.

The frosted acrylic offers a modern look to your overall desk. 

Easy assembly, there are no tools required, it clamps to your desk. It can fit desks between ¾” to 2.0” thick. Once clamped on the desk it’s 48” wide and 24” in height. 

It can be adjusted above or below the table as needed. You could also purchase additional panels to cover the sides as well as the back. 

  • Pros: Easily clamp to desk, can adjust above or below table
  • Cons: Doesn’t reduce noise 

Final Thoughts On Standing Desks with Privacy Panel

If you’re looking for some additional privacy there are several options to choose from. 

First decide what kind of privacy panel you’re looking for. Do you need one for the top or the bottom?

Very few panels will do both, but depending on the type of panel, you may be able to combine them. Such as having a privacy panel up top and a modesty cloth panel down below. 

Most privacy panels are easy to install and require little or no tools. 

If you’re looking for a privacy panel that will also reduce noise, there are many available and can reduce up to 85% of ambient noise which can be a huge plus in an office setting. 

Since most standing desks don’t come with privacy panels, you’ll have to purchase them separately. Make sure to measure your desk and compare it against the privacy panel to make sure it will fit your desk.

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