Best Tall Standing Desk Converters (2022 Review)

A standing desk converter is only useful and healthy when it is the right height. 

Sometimes what you need is one of the best tall standing desk converters.

A lot of the options only go up high enough for someone who is of average height or slightly taller.

So what are very tall people supposed to do?

Top 5 Best Tall Standing Desk Risers

This article includes:

  • The top 5 best tall standing desk converters and their pros and cons
  • The different types that you should checkout
  • Things to consider when shopping around for the right product

Let’s get started!

Best Tall Standing Desk Converters

  1. VariDesk Tall 40 by Vari (Best High End)
  2. No products found.

What are Tall Standing Desk Converters?

A standing desk converter rests on your existing desk to change it into a standing desk and you may have heard how healthy that can be.

However, it will only be healthy if you have one that suits your height. For tall people, a desk riser that is too low can cause slouching and muscle tension. It also may hinder the ability to work effectively. 

A standard sitting desk is usually around 29 to 30 inches tall. Standing desk converters range from short to very tall.

For someone over 6 feet, the desk riser needs to extend up from the desktop surface at least 15 inches. For someone over 6 foot 3 inches, that height climbs up to 18 inches.

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If you have already been looking at some desk risers, you have probably noticed that many options max out well before they reach that height. 

You may also find it helpful to watch this video about determining the correct height of a standing desk

What are the Different Types of Tall Standing Desk Converters?

There are some different types of standing desk converters that can offer the right height for a person on the taller side.

There are non-adjustable and adjustable types. In addition, there are wide range, extra tall, dual monitor, and two tier options to keep in mind.

Let’s look at the differences between each of these unique types.

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This type has a fixed height that is suitable for those 6 foot tall or more. However, you do have to make sure that the height is perfect for you since it cannot go up or down any to accommodate.

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Still, these are the cheapest variety of tall desk risers and they can be very stylish and functional as well since many of these products have cubbies, drawers, and other storage spaces. 


Most of the tall standing desk converters on the market are adjustable. This means that it will be able to raise and lower depending on the user’s height.

It is also good for alternating between standing and sitting, which is the best way to utilize a standing desk.

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Adjustable desk risers have different types of mechanisms. Some are manually adjustable, while others use a pneumatic system or electric motor. 

Wide Range

This type of tall standing desk has a wide range of heights that it can adjust to.

This means that it may go up to 18 or 20 inches and down to 1 or 2 inches.

This is great for those who want to adjust between sitting and standing as well as people who will be sharing the desk converter with others. 

Extra Tall

This type is even taller than the other types. This means that it will adjust up to 20 inches or more.

These types are made to accommodate people over 6 foot 2 inches and up to 6 foot 5 inches and even taller in some instances. 

Dual Monitor

This type of tall desk riser has a larger surface area so that it can accommodate more than one monitor.

This is a great option for tall people that use two monitors simultaneously while working.

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Just make sure that your monitors will fit since some only work for smaller monitor screens. Some of them have monitor arms as well. 

Two Tier

This type has two different desktops that are at slightly different heights.

This can be great for tall people so that you can keep your screen slightly below eye level and your hands still rest comfortably on the top of the keyboard.

This can reduce pain caused by tension around the body. 

How Do Tall Standing Desk Converters Work?

Tall standing desk converters work by extending farther off of your existing desk. If you are really tall, you are probably used to looking down at an angle.

However, it should not be like that at work if you want good posture and overall health.

These desk risers will keep the viewing angle at the optimal spot, which is at or slightly below eye level.

In addition, they work to keep your elbow angle correct, which can reduce the likelihood of muscle strain in the neck, back, and shoulders. 

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Top 5 Best Tall Standing Desk Risers

What to Look for in the Best Tall Standing Desk Converters

To make sure that you get the right product, it is important to keep some factors in mind.

You never want to purchase a desk riser just to find out that it does not go high or low enough.


When looking at the height, make sure that you accurately add it to your existing desk height.

Sometimes, people will estimate the height of their standard desk and then find that the desk converter they buy doesn’t work because their desk is taller or shorter than they thought. 

While you are probably most concerned about the desk riser extending high enough, you also want to make sure it goes low enough as well if you plan on sitting.

Also, if you plan on switching between sitting and standing often, you should make sure that the adjustment mechanism is easy to use. 

Weight Limit:

The weight limit should also be a concern. Not only that, but the taller the desk converter, the more likely it is to become top heavy if you place large and heavy items on top of it.

Many desk risers also have a different weight limit for adjustment. 


The sturdiness of the desk converter is a bigger factor for tall desk risers than shorter ones. This is because the frame can wobble more when it is extended farther. 

Some people find that their standing desk converter wobbles too much when they type doesn't seem sturdy enough for comfort.

Make sure that the frame and construction are done well. 

Best Tall Standing Desk Converters

 #1  Mount-It! Electric Standing Desk Converter

Mount-It! Electric Standing Desk Converter,...
  • ELECTRIC HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE DESK - Move from sitting to standing in seconds with our powered desktop standing desk. Improve your posture and create a healthy and comfortable work environment.
  • LET THE MOTOR DO THE LIFTING - Unlike manual standing desks in the market, you do not need to lift your desk. Our powerful motor raise the platform in seconds.

This electric height adjustable standing desk converter has a platform design unlike most of the competitors.

A single monitor arm sticks up and can fit monitors up to 32 inches.

The platform is 28.3 x 18.9 inches. The desk adjusts from 1.75 inches all the way to 20.75 inches using a smooth, fast electric motor. 


  • Electric adjustment from 1.75 to 20.75 inches
  • Space saving design
  • Sturdy and durable


  • Poor customer service
  • Only fits monitors up to 32 inches
  • No size and color options

#2  ATUMTEK Standing Desk Converter 

ATUMTEK Standing Desk Converter 32 Inch...
  • STURDY DESKTOP: Sturdy X-frame desk with high-quality work surface securely supports up to 33-pounds weight capacity while you're hard at work
  • SMOOTH ADJUSTMENT: High-powered gas springs offer smooth and stable straight up-down operation through a single handle motion; Adjustment: 4.9 to 19.3 inches

This affordable standing desk converter adjusts from 5.1 to 19.5 inches using a pneumatic system.

It has a two tier design with the upper tier measuring over 30 inches in length.

The keyboard tray is also quite large and the frame is made out of durable steel that can support up to 33 pounds on the desktop and 4 pounds on the keyboard tray.

It also comes with a 3 year warranty. 


  • Two tier design and large surface area
  • Affordable
  • Pneumatic adjustment up to 19.5 inches


  • Only lowers to 5.1 inches
  • Very heavy
  • May wobble slightly

#3   VariDesk Tall 40 by Vari

Vari VariDesk Tall 40- 2-Tier Standing Desk...
  • Tall Desktop Converter: Transform your workstation with our tallest two-tier rising desks converter. It offers a large workspace with an upper tier (40” wide x 19.5” length) for up to 2 computer monitors, a laptop, a notebook, or extra hardware, and a lower tier for a standard keyboard, mouse, and accessories!
  • Ergonomic Movement: Our special rowing-lift mechanism with its up-and-back movement allows you to easily adjust the rising desk while maintaining a healthy posture. Go from sitting to standing in seconds using the dual-handle design with a spring-assisted lift, without causing any strain to your back. Whether at home or in the office, this sit to stand desk will help you work comfortably.

This standing desk converter is designed for people 6 foot 1 inch and taller. It has 9 different height settings to accommodate people up to 6 foot 6 inches.

It has a rowing-lift mechanism designed for good posture and does not require assembly.

Finally, it comes with a 30 day risk free guarantee and a 5 year limited warranty. 


  • Accommodates tall people from 6’1” to 6’6”
  • Sturdy and strong
  • Smooth operation


  • 9 height settings to choose from
  • More expensive than other options
  • Keyboard tray doesn't offer much room

#4  VIVO Black Electric Motor Height Adjustable

VIVO 42 inch Electric Height Adjustable Stand...
  • VIVO Desk Riser Solutions - We create affordable ergonomic setups designed with creativity and quality to help transform your unique workspace! DESK-V000VLE is an electric riser that sits on top of your current desk, allowing you to sit or stand on demand. --Patented--
  • Powerful Motor - Go from sitting to standing in one easy motion with a smooth motor for effortless height adjustment. Find your proper comfort level with just the flip of a switch on the elegant control panel (Adjustment Range: 6.4” to 16.7”).

This desk has an adjustment range from 6.4 to 16.7 inches using an electric motor. It adjusts quietly and smoothly and has a two tier design.

It also has a strong frame that can hold up to 33 pounds and does not require assembly. Finally, it is backed by a 3 year warranty from the manufacturer.


  • Two tier design
  • Electric adjustment from 6.4 to 16.7 inches
  • Includes a USB port


  • Only goes down to 6.4 inches
  • May not be great for those taller than 6 foot 2 inches
  • Keyboard tray is not the best quality

#5  No products found.

No products found.

This height adjustable standing desk converter goes from 4.7 to 19.9 inches and is made to save space within your work area.

It has a large keyboard tray that can also be removed. The adjustment goes straight up and down in its own footprint.

Plus, it comes with a 30 day risk free guarantee and a 5 year warranty.


  • Smooth adjustment from 4.7 to 19.9 inches
  • Removable keyboard tray
  • Space-saving design


  • Only lowers to 4.7 inches
  • Wobbles slightly
  • May take effort to lift up heavier items

Final Thoughts on The Best Tall Standing Desk Converters

There are a lot of different standing desk converters that are made to be used by people over 6 foot tall.

In fact, some will work with people over 6 foot five. Just make sure that you take everything about the desk riser into account before deciding which one to buy. 

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Darryl Higgins

Darryl Higgins

Hi, I'm Darryl. I made this site to help share information & reviews about ergonomic desks, chairs & accessories to help others who want to work more comfortably. Learn more about my journey by reading my bio here. Enjoy!

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